A Tradition of Excellence

The Epsilon-Sigma Chapter of Kappa Sigma at Florida State University hosted the Florida Conclave during the weekend of February 10-12, 2017. The event drew together 250 brothers from across the entire state and featured Brother Jon Costello (Epsilon-Sigma, 2000). During his keynote address, Brother Costello provided valuable career advice for undergraduates seeking success after college, speaking about his experiences as an undergraduate, his background in politics working with various entities including Florida Governor Rick Scott, and his love for The Order.

Learning & Brotherhood

This year’s Florida Conclave proved a dynamic experience for undergraduates and alumni volunteers alike. The morning started out with an interactive training session called “Who’s Code of Conduct Is It Anyway?” This session was an engaging approach to help undergraduates identify situations that are contrary to the Kappa Sigma Code of Conduct. Through entertaining role playing and discussion, attendees learned how to manage the processes involved in situations they might encounter in the daily life of a fraternity man.
Brother Mason Mueller, Grand Master of Epsilon-Sigma (Epsilon-Sigma, 2014) remarked “Our chapter was honored to host brothers from across the state for this year’s Florida Conclave. I believe events like this show Kappa Sigma’s dedication to the ongoing education and growth of all members.
Brother Patrick Nurse, Alumnus Advisor of Lambda-Epsilon (Lambda-Epsilon, 1991) explained “This year’s Florida Conclave was a great success because of the strong showing of our alumni and volunteers. It is through the ongoing support from our alumni that undergraduates can really see that membership in Kappa Sigma is for life.”

Undergraduate Commitment to the Endowment Fund

The Florida Conclave also celebrated the Scholarship achievements of the undergraduates over the past year. Brother Logan Johnson, Assistant Alumnus Advisor of Rho-Zeta (Rho-Zeta, 2010) highlighted the numerous 2016 Scholarship-Leadership Award recipients during his Endowment Fund presentation. After the presentation, the undergraduates led the way with six undergraduates becoming the newest Jackson’s Men.

Awards Across The State

After a day full of breakout sessions and brotherhood building exercises, the chapters in attendance gathered together for the awards ceremony. During this time District Grand Masters Paul Gamble (Lambda-Epsilon, 1990) and Adam Brown (Gamma-Kappa, 2000) presented awards to outstanding chapters for their respective districts.

North Florida District Award Recipients

Mid-Term F.A.C.E. Award = Xi-Psi
Most A Greater Cause Dollars = Lambda-Epsilon
Most A Greater Cause Hours = Lambda-Epsilon
Best Ritual Proficiency for 1 Certificate = Sigma-Xi
Best Ritual Proficiency for 2 Certificates = Sigma-Xi
Best Overall GPA = Delta-Delta
Best Champion Quest Chapter = Delta-Delta and Epsilon-Sigma

South Florida District Award Recipients

Mid-Term F.A.C.E. Award = Omicron-Eta
Most A Greater Cause Dollars = Epsilon-Beta
Most A Greater Cause Hours = Pi-Gamma
Best Ritual Proficiency for 1 Certificate = Rho-Zeta
Best Ritual Proficiency for 2 Certificates = Pi-Gamma
Best Overall GPA = Epsilon-Beta
Best Champion Quest Chapter = Rho-Zeta

Looking Forward And Growing Stronger

All chapters and colonies across Florida have stepped up and shown that they are committed the success of Kappa Sigma during this upcoming year and beyond. Through ongoing chapter leadership and a deep appreciation of The Order, these chapters and colonies will continue to exemplify the best of Kappa Sigma!