Man of the Year

Emmy Award-winning television anchor Brother Craig D. Melvin Named Man of the Year!

The Supreme Executive Committee is excited to announce that Emmy Award-winning television anchor Brother Craig D. Melvin (Alpha-Nu, Wofford College, ‘98) has been selected as Kappa Sigma’s 2023 Man of the Year. He is the 90th member of Kappa Sigma to receive this distinguished honor, which is presented annually in recognition of extraordinary professional success and societal impact.

Prior to his current role as news anchor on NBC News’ TODAY, co-host of the 3rd Hour of TODAY, and a host of syndicated “Dateline NBC” broadcasts, Melvin spent more than a decade as a correspondent and show host for NBC and MSNBC, covering breaking news, human interest and political stories, including Election Night Coverage, the Rio Olympics, the George Zimmerman Trial, and Republican and Democratic Conventions.

 “Brother Melvin sets a wonderful example for the undergraduate Brothers of Kappa Sigma,” said Worthy Grand Master Burt Trembly, “Through his achievements, they are inspired to follow their passions and are reminded that, with diligence and hard work, they too can reach the pinnacle of their profession. He exemplifies the values of our organization and brings honor to himself, his family, and all of us as members of Kappa Sigma.”

Melvin is a 1998 initiate of the Alpha-Nu Chapter of Kappa Sigma at Wofford College, where he was an undergraduate officer and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2001. 

 In 2019, his inspirational video about his membership in Kappa Sigma was a highlight of the organization’s 150th-anniversary celebration and 72nd Biennial Grand Conclave.

He is the author of a memoir called Pops: Learning to Be a Son and a Father, which explores his relationship with his dad and his own experience as a parent. In 2021, the Colorectal Cancer Alliance, a national non-profit charitable organization, announced Melvin’s appointment to its Board of Directors.

We will announce the details for the Man of the Year Banquet to honor Brother Melvin shortly. 

The Kappa Sigma Man of the Year Award has been awarded annually since 1939. The award recognizes a Brother who has set an example which some may equal but none excel in his personal and professional life. The achievement of such success by Kappa Sigmas brings glory to the Order and demonstrates the enduring impact of the Kappa Sigma experience. Recipients of the Man of the Year award and their Chapters each receive a special plaque and are recognized at Kappa Sigma International Headquarters.


Past Kappa Sigma Man of the Year

Recognition NameStudent UniversityStudent ChapterAward Date
Jerry L. Wadkins, Jr. Winston-Salem, North Carolina Delta-Omega 2022-03-21
James F. DeBerry Wofford College Alpha-Nu 2021-07-12
Lloyd H. Carr, Jr. University of Missouri Beta-Gamma 2021-07-12
Honorable Robert J. Dole University of Kansas Gamma-Omicron 2020-07-12
James W. Stuckert University of Kentucky Beta-Nu 2019-12-22
Chris B. Harrison Oklahoma City University Theta-Psi 2018-12-22
Bert B. Beveridge The University of Texas at Austin Tau 2017-12-22
Michael E. O'Malley University of New Hampshire Beta-Kappa 2016-11-16
Robert D. Burck The University of Texas at Austin Tau 2015-01-01
Craig R. Barrett Stanford University Beta-Zeta 2014-01-01
William E. Gortney, USN Elon University Lambda-Lambda 2013-07-01
William D. Wittliff The University of Texas at Austin Tau 2012-07-01
Brian J. O'Dwyer, Esq. The George Washington University Alpha-Eta 2011-01-01
James T. Morris Indiana University Beta-Theta 2010-01-01
Gary D. Forsee Missouri University of Science and Technology Beta-Chi 2009-01-01
Richard M. Burr Winston-Salem, North Carolina Delta-Omega 2008-01-01
Alan R. Mulally University of Kansas Gamma-Omicron 2007-01-01
Martin C. Petersen Arizona State University Rho 2006-01-01
George E. Perdue University of Georgia Beta-Lambda 2005-01-01
Michael L. Eskew Purdue University Chi 2004-01-01
Todd R. Wagner Indiana University Beta-Theta 2003-01-01
Paul V. Hester University of Mississippi Delta-Xi 2002-01-01
Paul E. Patton University of Kentucky Beta-Nu 2001-01-01
Raymond J. Lane, Jr. West Virginia University Gamma-Phi 2000-01-01
Col. Ronald J. Webb, USAF (Ret.) Indiana University Beta-Theta 1999-01-01
Philip S. Anderson, Jr. University of Arkansas Xi 1998-01-01
Pierson M. Grieve, Jr. Northwestern University Epsilon-Delta 1997-01-01
Richard E. Rainwater The University of Texas at Austin Tau 1996-01-01
Robert D. Krebs Stanford University Beta-Zeta 1995-01-01
Robert J. Eaton University of Kansas Gamma-Omicron 1994-01-01
John F. Smith, Jr. University of Massachusetts Amherst Gamma-Delta 1994-01-01
Jerral W. Jones University of Arkansas Xi 1993-01-01
Samuel Donaldson The University of Texas at El Paso Epsilon-Xi 1992-01-01
Dr. Russel L. Wiener Rhodes College Phi 1991-01-01
Euine F. Jones, Jr. University of Arkansas Xi 1990-01-01
Dante B. Fascell University of Miami Epsilon-Beta 1989-01-01
Addison M. Walker University of Missouri Beta-Gamma 1988-01-01
Robert W. Lundeen Oregon State University Gamma-Sigma 1987-01-01
Paul H. Henson University of Nebraska-Lincoln Alpha-Psi 1986-01-01
Lewis W. Lehr University of Nebraska-Lincoln Alpha-Psi 1985-01-01
Charles L. Massey, Jr. University of Arkansas Xi 1984-01-01
Fred M. Russell Vanderbilt University Kappa 1983-01-01
Larry M. Speakes University of Mississippi Delta-Xi 1982-01-01
John M. Allin, Sr. Sewanee: The University of the South Omega 1981-01-01
David C. Treen Tulane University Sigma 1980-01-01
Lee S. Dreyfus University of Wisconsin-Madison Beta-Epsilon 1979-01-01
William R. Hewlett Stanford University Beta-Zeta 1978-01-01
Richard F. Barry, III University of Miami Epsilon-Beta 1977-01-01
Ardeshir Zahedi Utah State University Epsilon-Kappa 1976-01-01
Dr. John W. Ryan The University of Utah Delta-Sigma 1975-01-01
John B. Kelly, Jr. University of Pennsylvania Alpha-Epsilon 1974-01-01
Joseph D. Waggonner, Jr. Louisiana Tech University Epsilon-Gamma 1973-01-01
Lamar Hunt Southern Methodist University Delta-Pi 1972-01-01
Edgar D. Mitchell Carnegie Mellon University Delta-Alpha 1971-01-01
Honorable Robert J. Dole University of Kansas Gamma-Omicron 1970-01-01
Samuel C. Phillips, USAF University of Wyoming Delta-Gamma 1969-01-01
James H. Binns University of Denver Beta-Omicron 1968-01-01
Benjamin S. Gilmer Auburn University Beta-Eta 1967-01-01
William A. Whitfield Iowa State University Gamma-Lambda 1966-01-01
Reno Odlin University of Washington Beta-Psi 1965-01-01
Denton A. Cooley The University of Texas at Austin Tau 1964-01-01
James B. Fisk Massachusetts Institute of Technology Gamma-Pi 1963-01-01
Paul J. Fannin University of Arizona Gamma-Rho 1962-01-01
John G. Tower Southwestern University Iota 1961-01-01
Spencer T. Olin Cornell University Alpha-Kappa 1960-01-01
John M. Olin Cornell University Alpha-Kappa 1960-01-01
Emmett B. McCracken Indiana University Beta-Theta 1959-01-01
Willard F. Rockwell, Jr. Pennsylvania State University Alpha-Delta 1958-01-01
Francis S. Van Derbur University of Denver Beta-Omicron 1957-01-01
Henry G. Symonds Stanford University Beta-Zeta 1956-01-01
Arnold M. Johnson The University of Chicago Gamma-Beta 1955-01-01
Thomas J. Williams University of Arkansas Xi 1954-01-01
Hoagland H. Carmichael Indiana University Beta-Theta 1953-01-01
Donald R. Mc Laughlin University of California, Los Angeles Delta-Nu 1952-01-01
Carey E. Kefauver The University of Tennessee, Knoxville Lambda 1951-01-01
Fred P. Corson, Ret Dickinson College Beta-Pi 1950-01-01
Cason J. Callaway University of Virginia Zeta 1949-01-01
Edwin P. Hubble The University of Chicago Gamma-Beta 1948-01-01
Beauford H. Jester The University of Texas at Austin Tau 1947-01-01
Ernest W. Goodpasture Vanderbilt University Kappa 1946-01-01
Clinton A. Pierce University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Alpha-Gamma 1945-01-01
Dwight H. Green Wabash College Alpha-Pi 1944-01-01
Roy C. Osgood The George Washington University Alpha-Eta 1943-01-01
James H. Macia, Jr. University of Arizona Gamma-Rho 1942-01-01
Jack E. Manch Hampden-Sydney College Upsilon 1942-01-01
Edward R. Murrow Washington State University Gamma-Mu 1941-01-01
Frederick H. Albee Bowdoin College Alpha-Rho 1940-01-01
Warren R. Austin, Jr. University of Vermont Alpha-Lambda 1939-01-01
Lowell J. Thomas University of Denver Beta-Omicron 1938-01-01
Cyrus R. Smith The University of Texas at Austin Tau 1937-01-01