Man of the Year

2020 Man of the Year

The Kappa Sigma Fraternity has named United States Senator Robert J. Dole its 2020 Man of the Year, making him the first member of the Fraternity to receive the award twice. The announcement took place this past weekend as part of its 73rd Biennial Grand Conclave held in Nashville, Tenn. Brother Dole was initiated into the Gamma-Omicron Chapter of Kappa Sigma at the University of Kansas on October 4th, 1942.

Brother Dole was decorated as the Kappa Sigma Man of the Year in 1970 and was inducted to the Kappa Sigma Hall of Honor in 2009 as the 14th Brother in the history of Kappa Sigma to be decorated with this significant honor. Brother Dole was named the 2020 Kappa Sigma Man of the Year at the 73rd Biennial Grand Conclave in Nashville, Tennessee, becoming the first Brother ever to win the Man of the Year Award twice.

The 2020 award was accepted on Brother Dole’s behalf by fellow Kappa Sigma Man of the Year Martin C. Petersen, former Executive Director of the Central Intelligence Agency and treasurer of Kappa Sigma’s International Board of Directors, who received the award in 2006. The award was also presented to Dole’s home chapter, the Gamma-Omicron Chapter at the University of Kansas.

“Kappa Sigma has always represented responsibility, kindness and service to others – qualities that have shaped my life in nearly eight decades as a Brother,” Senator Dole said in his acceptance letter. “To have been selected as the Kappa Sigma Fraternity Man of the Year on two separate occasions is a significant honor that means a great deal to me.”

“Brother Dole represents one of the greatest statesmen and public servants that the United States and the State of Kansas have ever known,” said Adam J. Merillat, president of Kappa Sigma’s international board of directors. “Brother Dole has accomplished so much since he was first awarded the Kappa Sigma Man of the Year Award in 1970. Kappa Sigma is grateful for his service and privileged to again honor Brother Dole with this award.”

Brother Dole served in the United States Army during World War II and became a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army’s 10th Mountain Division. In April of 1945, Brother Dole was wounded in combat while engaged with the German Army in the hills of Northern Italy. Brother Dole was decorated three times for heroism, receiving two Purple Hearts for his injuries and the Bronze Star with Combat “V” for valor for his attempt to assist a downed radioman.

Brother Dole represented the State of Kansas in the United States Senate from 1969 to 1996. He was Republican Leader of the United States Senate during the final 11 years of his tenure including three years as Senate Majority Leader. Prior to his service in the Senate, Brother Dole served in the United States House of Representatives from 1961 to 1969. The Robert J. Dole Institute, housed on the University of Kansas Campus in Lawrence, was established to bring bipartisanship back to politics.

President Gerald Ford chose Brother Dole for his running mate as Vice-President in the 1976 election. Brother Dole was also the Republican Nominee for the 1996 presidential election. While on the campaign trail, Brother Dole stopped along the way too many Kappa Sigma Chapter Houses and Chapters to share fellowship and Brotherhood. He was the keynote speaker at the 56th Biennial Grand Conclave of Kappa Sigma in Indianapolis in 1987.

In 2010, Kappa Sigma and the Fisher House Foundation dedicated a Fisher House at the VA Hospital in Washington D.C. in honor of Brother Dole. Brother Dole’s wife, Senator Elizabeth Dole participated and spoke at the groundbreaking and cornerstone dedication ceremony. This was made possible through the hard work and efforts of Chapters of Kappa Sigma Fraternity through the Military Heroes Campaign. This achievement was a most historic moment in the history of the Order and recognized a great patriot and leader in the history of the United States.


Past Kappa Sigma Man of the Year

Recognition Name Student University Student Chapter Award Date
Honorable Robert J. DoleUniversity of KansasGamma-Omicron2021-07-12
James W. StuckertUniversity of KentuckyBeta-Nu2019-12-22
Chris B. HarrisonOklahoma City UniversityTheta-Psi2018-12-22
Bert B. BeveridgeThe University of Texas at AustinTau2017-12-22
Michael E. O'MalleyUniversity of New HampshireBeta-Kappa2016-11-16
Robert D. BurckThe University of Texas at AustinTau2015-01-01
Craig R. BarrettStanford UniversityBeta-Zeta2014-01-01
William E. Gortney, USNElon UniversityLambda-Lambda2013-07-01
William D. WittliffThe University of Texas at AustinTau2012-07-01
Brian J. O'Dwyer, Esq.The George Washington UniversityAlpha-Eta2011-01-01
James T. MorrisIndiana UniversityBeta-Theta2010-01-01
Gary D. ForseeMissouri University of Science and TechnologyBeta-Chi2009-01-01
Richard M. BurrWinston-Salem, North CarolinaDelta-Omega2008-01-01
Alan R. MulallyUniversity of KansasGamma-Omicron2007-01-01
Martin C. PetersenArizona State UniversityRho2006-01-01
George E. PerdueUniversity of GeorgiaBeta-Lambda2005-01-01
Michael L. EskewPurdue UniversityChi2004-01-01
Todd R. WagnerIndiana UniversityBeta-Theta2003-01-01
Paul V. HesterUniversity of MississippiDelta-Xi2002-01-01
Paul E. PattonUniversity of KentuckyBeta-Nu2001-01-01
Raymond J. Lane, Jr.West Virginia UniversityGamma-Phi2000-01-01
Col. Ronald J. Webb, USAF (Ret.)Indiana UniversityBeta-Theta1999-01-01
Philip S. Anderson, Jr.University of ArkansasXi1998-01-01
Pierson M. Grieve, Jr.Northwestern UniversityEpsilon-Delta1997-01-01
Richard E. RainwaterThe University of Texas at AustinTau1996-01-01
Robert D. KrebsStanford UniversityBeta-Zeta1995-01-01
John F. Smith, Jr.University of Massachusetts AmherstGamma-Delta1994-01-01
Robert J. EatonUniversity of KansasGamma-Omicron1994-01-01
Jerral W. JonesUniversity of ArkansasXi1993-01-01
Samuel DonaldsonThe University of Texas at El PasoEpsilon-Xi1992-01-01
Dr. Russel L. WienerRhodes CollegePhi1991-01-01
Euine F. Jones, Jr.University of ArkansasXi1990-01-01
Dante B. FascellUniversity of MiamiEpsilon-Beta1989-01-01
Addison M. WalkerUniversity of MissouriBeta-Gamma1988-01-01
Robert W. LundeenOregon State UniversityGamma-Sigma1987-01-01
Paul H. HensonUniversity of Nebraska-LincolnAlpha-Psi1986-01-01
Lewis W. LehrUniversity of Nebraska-LincolnAlpha-Psi1985-01-01
Charles L. Massey, Jr.University of ArkansasXi1984-01-01
Fred M. RussellVanderbilt UniversityKappa1983-01-01
Larry M. SpeakesUniversity of MississippiDelta-Xi1982-01-01
John M. Allin, Sr.Sewanee: The University of the SouthOmega1981-01-01
David C. TreenTulane UniversitySigma1980-01-01
Lee S. DreyfusUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonBeta-Epsilon1979-01-01
William R. HewlettStanford UniversityBeta-Zeta1978-01-01
Richard F. Barry, IIIUniversity of MiamiEpsilon-Beta1977-01-01
Ardeshir ZahediUtah State UniversityEpsilon-Kappa1976-01-01
Dr. John W. RyanThe University of UtahDelta-Sigma1975-01-01
John B. Kelly, Jr.University of PennsylvaniaAlpha-Epsilon1974-01-01
Joseph D. Waggonner, Jr.Louisiana Tech UniversityEpsilon-Gamma1973-01-01
Lamar HuntSouthern Methodist UniversityDelta-Pi1972-01-01
Edgar D. MitchellCarnegie Mellon UniversityDelta-Alpha1971-01-01
Honorable Robert J. DoleUniversity of KansasGamma-Omicron1970-01-01
Samuel C. Phillips, USAFUniversity of WyomingDelta-Gamma1969-01-01
James H. BinnsUniversity of DenverBeta-Omicron1968-01-01
Benjamin S. GilmerAuburn UniversityBeta-Eta1967-01-01
William A. WhitfieldIowa State UniversityGamma-Lambda1966-01-01
Reno OdlinUniversity of WashingtonBeta-Psi1965-01-01
Denton A. CooleyThe University of Texas at AustinTau1964-01-01
James B. FiskMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyGamma-Pi1963-01-01
Paul J. FanninUniversity of ArizonaGamma-Rho1962-01-01
John G. TowerSouthwestern UniversityIota1961-01-01
John M. OlinCornell UniversityAlpha-Kappa1960-01-01
Spencer T. OlinCornell UniversityAlpha-Kappa1960-01-01
Emmett B. Mc CrackenIndiana UniversityBeta-Theta1959-01-01
Willard F. Rockwell, Jr.Pennsylvania State UniversityAlpha-Delta1958-01-01
Francis S. Van DerburUniversity of DenverBeta-Omicron1957-01-01
Henry G. SymondsStanford UniversityBeta-Zeta1956-01-01
Arnold M. JohnsonThe University of ChicagoGamma-Beta1955-01-01
Thomas J. WilliamsUniversity of ArkansasXi1954-01-01
Hoagland H. CarmichaelIndiana UniversityBeta-Theta1953-01-01
Donald R. Mc LaughlinUniversity of California, Los AngelesDelta-Nu1952-01-01
Carey E. KefauverThe University of Tennessee, KnoxvilleLambda1951-01-01
Fred P. Corson, RetDickinson CollegeBeta-Pi1950-01-01
Cason J. CallawayUniversity of VirginiaZeta1949-01-01
Edwin P. HubbleThe University of ChicagoGamma-Beta1948-01-01
Beauford H. JesterThe University of Texas at AustinTau1947-01-01
Ernest W. GoodpastureVanderbilt UniversityKappa1946-01-01
Clinton A. PierceUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignAlpha-Gamma1945-01-01
Dwight H. GreenWabash CollegeAlpha-Pi1944-01-01
Roy C. OsgoodThe George Washington UniversityAlpha-Eta1943-01-01
Jack E. ManchHampden-Sydney CollegeUpsilon1942-01-01
James H. Macia, Jr.University of ArizonaGamma-Rho1942-01-01
Edward R. MurrowWashington State UniversityGamma-Mu1941-01-01
Frederick H. AlbeeBowdoin CollegeAlpha-Rho1940-01-01
Warren R. Austin, Jr.University of VermontAlpha-Lambda1939-01-01
Lowell J. ThomasUniversity of DenverBeta-Omicron1938-01-01
Cyrus R. SmithThe University of Texas at AustinTau1937-01-01