Chapter Scholarship Fund Balances

Balances as of May 31, 2023

Chapter Scholarship Funds enable generous Brothers to direct their scholarship assistance to members of their own chapter or any particular chapter. Once fully funded, the Chapter Scholarship fund will award annual scholarships to qualified undergraduates from your chapter each year.

There are several ways to contribute to your Chapter Scholarship Fund:

  1. Direct Donations – CLICK HERE TO DONATE directly to a Chapter Scholarship Fund of your choice, or mail a check to the Kappa Sigma Endowment Fund, 1610 Scottsville Rd Charlottesville, VA 22902 and include the Chapter in the memo line.
  2. Alumni Dues 
  3. Become One of Jackson’s Men

Each Chapter Scholarship Fund, past the $10,000 threshold will distribute 4% of the total fund each year for the Scholarship-Leadership Award program. No award is smaller than $500, and the distribution amount is split between the top applicants of each Chapter.

Top 25 Chapter Scholarship Funds

Chapter NameSchoolCSF 5/31/2023
Delta-Mu University of North Dakota 372783.93
Theta-Zeta Eastern New Mexico University 313572.44
Beta-Xi University of California, Berkeley 306094.72
Beta-Epsilon University of Wisconsin-Madison 247028.08
Epsilon-Mu The University of Tulsa 238851
Gamma-Sigma Oregon State University 205459.26
Beta-Nu University of Kentucky 151218.52
Delta-Delta University of Florida 138317.9
Rho Arizona State University 131537.74
Alpha-Beta Mercer University 108265.03
Xi-Beta Northeastern University 99112.11
Epsilon-Phi Texas Tech University 92526.4
Alpha-Eta The George Washington University 91262.82
Theta-Omicron Muskingum University 88957.16
Beta-Theta Indiana University 88910.74
Gamma-Omicron University of Kansas 86901.41
Kappa Vanderbilt University 85838.9
Xi University of Arkansas 84339.48
Beta-Psi University of Washington 84123.45
Delta-Zeta University of New Mexico 80294.38
Beta-Lambda University of Georgia 78522.62
Theta-Delta Willamette University 76783.59
Gamma Louisiana State University 76451.47
Delta-Eta University of Southern California 75825.82
Delta-Xi University of Mississippi 74250.82

Chapter Scholarship Fund Listing

Chapter NameSchoolCSF 5/31/2023
Alpha Emory University 6116.49
Alpha-Alpha University of Maryland, College Park 29855.06
Alpha-Alpha Prime Johns Hopkins University 246.52
Alpha-Beta Mercer University 108265.03
Alpha-Chi Lake Forest College 2041.2
Alpha-Delta Pennsylvania State University 25758.71
Alpha-Epsilon University of Pennsylvania 11816.25
Alpha-Eta The George Washington University 91262.82
Alpha-Gamma University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 23243.64
Alpha-Iota University of Tennessee at Chattanooga 33882.84
Alpha-Kappa Cornell University 15236.64
Alpha-Lambda University of Vermont 18770.37
Alpha-Mu The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 22461.67
Alpha-Nu Wofford College 29401.68
Alpha-Omicron Transylvania University 114.52
Alpha-Phi Bucknell University 8237.91
Alpha-Pi Wabash College 19249.16
Alpha-Psi University of Nebraska-Lincoln 25588.32
Alpha-Rho Bowdoin College 53.23
Alpha-Sigma The Ohio State University 20646.1
Alpha-Tau Georgia Institute of Technology 37573.12
Alpha-Upsilon Millsaps College 18768.68
Alpha-Zeta University of Michigan 24704.86
Beta The University of Alabama 20350.18
Beta-Alpha Brown University 762.48
Beta-Beta University of Richmond 73198.73
Beta-Chi Missouri University of Science and Technology 62407.01
Beta-Delta Washington & Jefferson College 4281.77
Beta-Epsilon University of Wisconsin-Madison 247028.08
Beta-Eta Auburn University 25238.53
Beta-Gamma University of Missouri 24531.04
Beta-Iota Lehigh University 27903.77
Beta-Kappa University of New Hampshire 29232.94
Beta-Lambda University of Georgia 78522.62
Beta-Mu University of Minnesota-Twin Cities 66903.93
Beta-Nu University of Kentucky 151218.52
Beta-Omega Colorado College 9342.43
Beta-Omicron University of Denver 12179.78
Beta-Phi University of California, Davis 7501.59
Beta-Pi Dickinson College 6130.11
Beta-Psi University of Washington 84123.45
Beta-Rho University of Iowa 5626.8
Beta-Sigma Washington University in St.Louis 22397.47
Beta-Tau Baker University 10836.25
Beta-Theta Indiana University 88910.74
Beta-Upsilon North Carolina State University 20999.32
Beta-Xi University of California, Berkeley 306094.72
Beta-Zeta Stanford University 56194.12
Chi Purdue University 59200.01
Chi-Omega University of South Carolina 29623.95
Delta Davidson College 8938.16
Delta-Alpha Carnegie Mellon University 19781.5
Delta-Beta Lafayette College 3737.76
Delta-Chi Mississippi State University 50077.42
Delta-Delta University of Florida 138317.9
Delta-Epsilon University of Toronto 1100.7
Delta-Eta University of Southern California 75825.82
Delta-Gamma University of Wyoming 37303.92
Delta-Kappa Ohio Wesleyan University 1722.46
Delta-Lambda Montana State University 16047.86
Delta-Mu University of North Dakota 372783.93
Delta-Nu University of California, Los Angeles 12108.96
Delta-Omega Winston-Salem, North Carolina 9763.78
Delta-Omicron University of Montana 5826.56
Delta-Phi Hobart and William Smith Colleges 8986.28
Delta-Pi Southern Methodist University 62968.34
Delta-Psi Michigan State University 20044.53
Delta-Rho Franklin & Marshall College 39699.05
Delta-Sigma The University of Utah 51033.28
Delta-Tau Union College 7531.09
Delta-Upsilon Occidental College 1139.29
Delta-Xi University of Mississippi 74250.82
Delta-Zeta University of New Mexico 80294.38
Epsilon Centenary College of Louisiana 14363.45
Epsilon-Alpha University of Alberta 25006.08
Epsilon-Beta University of Miami 65305.52
Epsilon-Chi University of Louisiana at Lafayette 11675.14
Epsilon-Delta Northwestern University 5094.22
Epsilon-Epsilon The University of British Columbia 10219.04
Epsilon-Eta Bowling Green State University 28890
Epsilon-Gamma Louisiana Tech University 32208.92
Epsilon-Iota San Diego State University 45080.41
Epsilon-Kappa Utah State University 172.31
Epsilon-Lambda University of Puget Sound 3081.38
Epsilon-Mu The University of Tulsa 238851
Epsilon-Nu University of Southern Mississippi 29507.88
Epsilon-Omega Georgia State University 30975.73
Epsilon-Omicron Butler University 3403.55
Epsilon-Phi Texas Tech University 92526.4
Epsilon-Pi University of Memphis 41145.4
Epsilon-Psi The University of Memphis Lambuth 32180.96
Epsilon-Rho Kent State University 45735.96
Epsilon-Sigma Florida State University 29460.71
Epsilon-Tau California State University, Fresno 14995.72
Epsilon-Theta University of California, Santa Barbara 8604.07
Epsilon-Upsilon University of North Texas 24407.52
Epsilon-Xi The University of Texas at El Paso 11292.13
Epsilon-Zeta University of Connecticut 18050.25
Eta Randolph-Macon College 32860.23
Eta Prime Duke University 8322.71
Gamma Louisiana State University 76451.47
Gamma-Alpha University of Oregon 25481.56
Gamma-Beta The University of Chicago 12215.72
Gamma-Beta Prime Millikin University 2626.49
Gamma-Chi Kansas State University 29536.89
Gamma-Delta University of Massachusetts Amherst 12318.99
Gamma-Epsilon Dartmouth College 2706.2
Gamma-Eta Harvard University 614.56
Gamma-Gamma Colorado School of Mines 35457.67
Gamma-Iota Syracuse University 5645.82
Gamma-Kappa The University of Oklahoma 45775.1
Gamma-Lambda Iowa State University 29243.27
Gamma-Mu Washington State University 13207.88
Gamma-Nu Washburn University 22173.85
Gamma-Omega University of Pittsburgh 3896.21
Gamma-Omicron University of Kansas 86901.41
Gamma-Phi West Virginia University 3203.54
Gamma-Pi Massachusetts Institute of Technology 11180.55
Gamma-Psi Oklahoma State University 50934.8
Gamma-Rho University of Arizona 70047.58
Gamma-Sigma Oregon State University 205459.26
Gamma-Tau University of Colorado Boulder 59030.8
Gamma-Theta University of Idaho 18736.38
Gamma-Upsilon Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey 51784.42
Gamma-Xi Denison University 41665.51
Gamma-Zeta New York University 12485.08
Iota Southwestern University 19057.36
Kappa Vanderbilt University 85838.9
Kappa-Alpha University of Nevada, Las Vegas 21773.88
Kappa-Beta Indiana State University 19046.15
Kappa-Chi College of Charleston 6371.56
Kappa-Delta University of South Florida 34027.03
Kappa-Epsilon The University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley 12121
Kappa-Eta Widener University 66070.94
Kappa-Gamma Northern Arizona University 15810.46
Kappa-Iota Middle Tennessee State University 25892.06
Kappa-Kappa Georgia Southwestern State University 22384.77
Kappa-Lambda Shippensburg University 20654.44
Kappa-Mu Tennessee Technological University 36383.49
Kappa-Nu University of South Alabama 9732.67
Kappa-Omega University of North Carolina at Charlotte 16898.83
Kappa-Omicron LaGrange College 1745.26
Kappa-Phi George Mason University 13225.12
Kappa-Pi University of Central Oklahoma 2454.12
Kappa-Psi Villanova University 22.91
Kappa-Rho Boise State University 20684.25
Kappa-Tau Youngstown State University 140.84
Kappa-Theta Indiana University of Pennsylvania 27163.79
Kappa-Upsilon Clemson University 11022.15
Kappa-Zeta Georgia Southern University 14893.44
Lambda The University of Tennessee, Knoxville 55693.25
Lambda-Alpha Northern Michigan University 5.8
Lambda-Beta East Tennessee State University 8188.98
Lambda-Chi College of Idaho 1903.14
Lambda-Delta University of West Georgia 13828.54
Lambda-Epsilon University of Central Florida 44730.72
Lambda-Eta Lamar University 2335.1
Lambda-Gamma Jacksonville State University 37581.39
Lambda-Iota Lyon College 2585.13
Lambda-Kappa Montana State University Billings 3017.97
Lambda-Lambda Elon University 18422.66
Lambda-Mu Southern New Hampshire University 3035.7
Lambda-Nu Appalachian State University 4483.47
Lambda-Omega Lander University 574.99
Lambda-Omicron University of North Alabama 7090.55
Lambda-Pi Delta State University 44262.02
Lambda-Psi St. Mary's University, Texas 8450.76
Lambda-Rho Nathaniel Hawthorne College 32.47
Lambda-Sigma James Madison University 9902.48
Lambda-Tau Baylor University 4245.6
Lambda-Theta Dallas Baptist University 319.01
Lambda-Upsilon Emporia State University 517.79
Lambda-Xi Georgia College and State University 59816.23
Lambda-Zeta Virginia Commonwealth University 13539.99
Mu Washington and Lee University 10862.71
Mu-Alpha Colorado State University-Pueblo 1232.9
Mu-Beta Huntingdon College 1675.47
Mu-Delta University of California, Irvine 13799.04
Mu-Epsilon Linfield College 7084.07
Mu-Eta University of Louisville 14585.54
Mu-Gamma Texas A&M University 37203.67
Mu-Iota Gallaudet University 39151.48
Mu-Kappa University at Buffalo, The State University of New York 64.94
Mu-Lambda University of Calgary 15552.37
Mu-Omega Southeastern Louisiana University 9281
Mu-Omicron Louisiana State University in Shreveport 9158.18
Mu-Psi Boston University 19494.65
Mu-Rho Missouri State University 17873.02
Mu-Sigma Towson University 2576.78
Mu-Theta Davis & Elkins College 22.91
Mu-Upsilon University of Northern Iowa 6130.06
Mu-Xi California State University, Fullerton 1157.63
Mu-Zeta University of North Carolina at Wilmington 27815.6
Nu College of William and Mary 8653.78
Nu Prime Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University 22748.96
Nu-Alpha California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo 12422.92
Nu-Beta Northern Illinois University 928.01
Nu-Delta University of Alabama at Birmingham 319.2
Nu-Epsilon New Mexico State University 53794.13
Nu-Eta Hofstra University 337.27
Nu-Gamma Pratt Institute 9249.86
Nu-Iota Rowan University 13381.3
Nu-Kappa University of Central Arkansas 10402.55
Nu-Lambda California State University, Sacramento 34662.91
Nu-Omega University of Tampa 2188.68
Nu-Omicron The University of Texas at Dallas 13768.79
Nu-Phi Northeastern State University 17521.26
Nu-Psi University of Cincinnati 18019.65
Nu-Rho Southeastern Oklahoma State University 1247.27
Nu-Sigma Radford University 691.95
Nu-Tau Stephen F. Austin State University 6940.57
Nu-Theta Morehead State University 957.63
Nu-Upsilon Winthrop University 3493.36
Nu-Xi Alfred University 231.68
Nu-Zeta University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh 130.15
Omega Sewanee: The University of the South 2673.95
Omicron-Alpha Rochester Institute of Technology 4124.05
Omicron-Beta Long Island University-Post 16.25
Omicron-Chi Nicholls State University 12885.23
Omicron-Epsilon Adelphi University 6277.35
Omicron-Eta Nova Southeastern University 5447.06
Omicron-Gamma Arkansas Tech University 2828.82
Omicron-Iota Armstrong State University 6306.73
Omicron-Kappa Kennesaw State University 6882.44
Omicron-Lambda Southern Polytechnic State University 269.8
Omicron-Mu California State University, Bakersfield 5342.29
Omicron-Nu Murray State University 76.67
Omicron-Omega California State University, Stanislaus 27037.15
Omicron-Omicron Kutztown, PA 6118.75
Omicron-Phi Washington College 32248.96
Omicron-Pi Carleton University 4645.71
Omicron-Psi Bloomsburg University Of Pennsylvania 5358.71
Omicron-Rho University of Michigan-Flint 40756.22
Omicron-Sigma Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania 6215.34
Omicron-Tau University of Arkansas-Fort Smith 5538.18
Omicron-Theta Thompson Rivers University 10593.52
Omicron-Upsilon Temple University 8329.23
Omicron-Xi University of Lethbridge 3910.84
Omicron-Zeta The University of Hawai'i at Mānoa 37454.9
Omikron Emory & Henry College 8589.3
Orange CA Colony Orange California 1088.13
Phi Rhodes College 11417.56
Phi-Alpha Ewing Township NJ 2640.77
Phi-Beta Western New England University 818.49
Phi-Delta Penn State Behrend 1033.03
Phi-Gamma Cameron University 1890.26
Pi Swarthmore College 84.65
Pi-Alpha Louisiana State University of Alexandria 848.37
Pi-Beta Loyola Marymount University 5757.05
Pi-Chi Lake Erie College 1357.87
Pi-Delta The University of Virginia's College at Wise 172.86
Pi-Epsilon University of Houston 1800.58
Pi-Eta Missouri Southern State University 20700.53
Pi-Gamma Johnson & Wales University-North Miami 4812.53
Pi-Iota California State University, Chico 10062.59
Pi-Kappa Bentley University 2322.83
Pi-Lambda Pennsylvania State University Harrisburg 116.96
Pi-Mu Methodist University 866
Pi-Nu Ramapo College of New Jersey 6036.27
Pi-Omega Sacred Heart University 6549.66
Pi-Omicron University of Colorado Colorado Springs 8598.17
Pi-Phi Brooklyn College 5465.79
Pi-Psi University of California, San Diego 9044.67
Pi-Rho The University of Akron 16793.11
Pi-Sigma Salisbury University 5205.35
Pi-Tau New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology 3851.44
Pi-Theta Coastal Carolina University 1800.54
Pi-Upsilon Academy of Art University 4710.09
Pi-Xi Colorado State University 20049.84
Pi-Zeta Johnson & Wales University-Charlotte 9659.82
Psi University of Maine 17679.44
Rho Arizona State University 131537.74
Rho Prime University of North Georgia 8834.47
Rho-Alpha University of Pittsburgh at Bradford 4123.38
Rho-Beta St. John's University 238.02
Rho-Chi University of Mary Washington 2598.1
Rho-Delta California State University, Northridge 9564.75
Rho-Epsilon University of Alaska Anchorage 63.39
Rho-Eta High Point University 2870.16
Rho-Gamma Texas Woman's University 6734.94
Rho-Iota State University of New York at Cortland 999.79
Rho-Kappa California State University, Monterey Bay 4484.63
Rho-Lambda Belmont Abbey College 3331.66
Rho-Mu Central Washington University 5363.43
Rho-Nu The University of Texas at Tyler 620.93
Rho-Omega Stevens Institute of Technology 43200
Rho-Omicron University of California, Merced 37705.74
Rho-Pi Young Harris College 5700.19
Rho-Psi Corpus Christi TX 168.5
Rho-Rho Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College 4332.22
Rho-Sigma St. John's University-Staten Island 21103.97
Rho-Tau Queens College 5251.48
Rho-Theta University of New Orleans 6717.3
Rho-Upsilon University of the Incarnate Word 1637.37
Rho-Xi Eastern Kentucky University 3492.84
Rho-Zeta Florida Gulf Coast University 10817.61
Sigma Tulane University 8313.35
Sigma-Alpha Trinity College 3489.27
Sigma-Beta Oglethorpe University 54.59
Sigma-Delta Stony Brook University 2421.57
Sigma-Epsilon Hunter College 8366.35
Sigma-Eta Central Michigan University 11242.54
Sigma-Gamma Henderson State University 2782.34
Sigma-Iota St. Norbert College 2094.92
Sigma-Kappa Grand Valley State University 1594.32
Sigma-Lambda Christopher Newport University 3326.57
Sigma-Mu Colorado Mesa University 25705.24
Sigma-Nu Binghamton University-State University of New York 86.61
Sigma-Omega Santa Clara University 5078.83
Sigma-Omicron Furman University 16.66
Sigma-Phi Campbell University 6116.5
Sigma-Pi University at Albany-State University of New York 921.51
Sigma-Psi Catholic University of America 9668.91
Sigma-Rho Southern Illinois University Edwardsville 7470.53
Sigma-Tau Western Oregon University 3635.72
Sigma-Theta Old Dominion University 9705.9
Sigma-Upsilon University of California, Riverside 13716.33
Sigma-Xi West Florida 9703.31
Sigma-Zeta Northwood University 14126.76
Tau The University of Texas at Austin 64877.16
Tau-Alpha State University of New York Geneseo 2124.96
Tau-Beta Humboldt State University 10114.33
Tau-Chi Fairleigh Dickinson University 7574.21
Tau-Delta Pace University 3783.68
Tau-Epsilon Gonzaga University 3771.77
Tau-Eta University of Rhode Island 11459.93
Tau-Gamma University of Nevada, Reno 13084.03
Tau-Iota Farmingdale State College-State University of New York 3184.55
Tau-Kappa Indiana University Southeast 4818.16
Tau-Lambda Providence, Rhode Island 4184.64
Tau-Mu Capital University 11909.54
Tau-Nu Marshall University 11828.43
Tau-Omega Montclair State University 8610.71
Tau-Omicron California State University San Marcos 19915.9
Tau-Phi Hartwick College 3458.2
Tau-Pi San Francisco State University 3813.43
Tau-Psi State University of New York at Fredonia 2038.54
Tau-Rho Ithaca College 1428.95
Tau-Sigma Angelo State University 10486.51
Tau-Tau University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 3591.71
Tau-Theta West Chester University 4522.1
Tau-Upsilon York University 3858.28
Tau-Xi Bethel University 7710.42
Tau-Zeta Arkansas State University 17442.64
Theta Texas Christian University 41598.31
Theta Prime Cumberland University 21259.69
Theta-Alpha Florida Southern College 290.74
Theta-Beta California State University, Long Beach 52412.82
Theta-Chi University of Louisiana at Monroe 18007.3
Theta-Delta Willamette University 76783.59
Theta-Epsilon Portland State University 11263.69
Theta-Eta University of Arkansas at Little Rock 18348.41
Theta-Gamma Midwestern State University 29062.38
Theta-Iota San Jose State University 18307.03
Theta-Kappa Texas A&M University-Kingsville 26140.08
Theta-Lambda Texas State University 30901.56
Theta-Mu Northwestern State University of Louisiana 23276.9
Theta-Nu Ashland University 51278.22
Theta-Omega The University of Texas at Arlington 67910.64
Theta-Omicron Muskingum University 88957.16
Theta-Phi Wichita State University 4612.54
Theta-Pi East Carolina University 57508.46
Theta-Psi Oklahoma City University 29444.35
Theta-Rho McNeese State University 61189.88
Theta-Tau California State University, Los Angeles 2132.71
Theta-Theta Western Kentucky University 54809.24
Theta-Upsilon Miami University 58121.9
Theta-Xi Trine University 43245.3
Theta-Zeta Eastern New Mexico University 313572.44
Upsilon Hampden-Sydney College 56100.07
Upsilon-Alpha Reinhardt University 5020.56
Upsilon-Beta California State University, San Bernardino 6154.5
Upsilon-Chi Gramercy University 1447.79
Upsilon-Delta Cheney, Washington 11988.29
Upsilon-Epsilon Marist College 3158.98
Upsilon-Eta University of Wisconsin Green Bay 689.29
Upsilon-Gamma College of Staten Island 13851.83
Upsilon-Iota Boca Raton, Florida 5100.31
Upsilon-Kappa Monmouth University 13662.45
Upsilon-Lambda State University of New York-Oneonta 2069.38
Upsilon-Mu City College of New York 4614.54
Upsilon-Nu Willimantic CT 6893.85
Upsilon-Omega Tarleton State University 2137.13
Upsilon-Omicron West Haven, Connecticut 5676.01
Upsilon-Phi University of Guelph 67.55
Upsilon-Pi State University of New York at Oswego 2159.06
Upsilon-Psi University of Missouri- Kansas City 577.96
Upsilon-Rho Channel Islands, California 1630.76
Upsilon-Sigma University of Massachusetts Boston 6943.37
Upsilon-Tau Merrimack College 3578.01
Upsilon-Theta Saint Leo University 3617.49
Upsilon-Upsilon Illinois State University 2619.11
Upsilon-Xi Rutgers University-Newark 15503.36
Upsilon-Zeta Middle Georgia State University 6974.09
Xi University of Arkansas 84339.48
Xi (VMI) Virginia Military Institute 122.1
Xi-Alpha Minnesota State University, Mankato 1522.41
Xi-Beta Northeastern University 99112.11
Xi-Chi University of Northern Colorado 2390.95
Xi-Delta The University of Texas at San Antonio 14188.19
Xi-Epsilon Thiel College 25710.82
Xi-Eta Christian Brothers University 13800.64
Xi-Gamma State University of New York at New Paltz 732.39
Xi-Iota Columbus State University 5493.91
Xi-Kappa Florida International University 687.58
Xi-Lambda University of Delaware 13614.17
Xi-Mu West Texas A&M University 3025.67
Xi-Nu University of Western Ontario 981.46
Xi-Omega Idaho State University 5809.71
Xi-Omicron Eastern Michigan University 82.02
Xi-Phi University of South Carolina Upstate 4.41
Xi-Psi University of North Florida 2741.38
Xi-Rho Stockton University 31114.79
Xi-Sigma Western Carolina University 1724.82
Xi-Tau John Carroll University 114.93
Xi-Theta Valdosta State University 5543.93
Xi-Upsilon Texas A&M University-Commerce 23480.63
Xi-Xi Marquette University 5131.18
Xi-Zeta Northwest Missouri State University 2710
Zeta University of Virginia 7837.5