Prominent Alumni

Executive Director Emeritus

Mitchell B. Wilson

Mitchell B. Wilson

Executive Director

Beta-Nu, University of Kentucky, 1978
Charlottesville, Virginia

[email protected]

Brother Mic Wilson was initiated into Kappa Sigma at the University of Kentucky on January 15, 1978. Brother Wilson is a 1980 graduate of the College of Arts and Science at the University of Kentucky and upon his graduation he was employed by the Kappa Sigma Fraternity as a Chapter Consultant at the International Headquarters in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Brother Wilson served in the positions of Executive Assistant, Director of Chapter Operations, Director of Public Relations, served two terms as Acting Executive Director, eleven years as Editor of the Caduceus Magazine of Kappa Sigma Fraternity and served as Executive Director from 1987-2023.

Brother Wilson was appointed as Executive Director at the 56th Grand Conclave in Indianapolis, Indiana in July of 1987. Dr. John W. Ryan, Worthy Grand Master and President of Indiana University announced to the Grand Conclave that Brother Wilson was appointed as Executive Director of Kappa Sigma . He served in that position for 38 years.

Brother Wilson wears Jackson’s Men Pin #5 at the Diamond Level and his son Theodore Mitchell Wilson was initiated into the Beta-Nu Chapter of Kappa Sigma Fraternity at the 2015 Grand Conclave in Las Vegas, Nevada and wears Jackson’s Men Pin #4072.

Brother Wilson was made Executive Director Emeritus in May of 2023. Brother Wilson and his wife Joan make their home in Lexington, Kentucky.He holds a Master of Business Administration Degree from Averett University and is a graduate of the Executive Development Program of the American Society of Association Executives and the University of Maryland.

Brother Wilson has been inducted to the University of Kentucky Fraternity and Sorority Life Hall of Fame, the Beta-Nu Chapter of Kappa Sigma Hall of Fame and was inducted into the Kappa Sigma Hall of Honor in 2013 as the 18th member.


Speaker of the House of Representatives

  • James Michael “Mike” Johnson (Gamma, Louisiana State University, ’91) Congressman from Louisiana, 56th Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. (2023-Present)

Presidential Candidates

  • Robert J. “Bob” Dole (Gamma-Omicron, University of Kansas, 1942), Former Senator, Kansas (1969–1996); 1996 Republican Party Presidential Nominee

Current Office Holders

  • Kenneth D. Helm (Theta-Delta, Willamette University, 1984), Oregon State Representative (2015-present)
  • David A. Buehler (Beta-Gamma, University of Missouri, 1981), Kansas House of Representatives 40th District (2023-present)
  • James V. Canepa (Epsilon-Eta, Bowling Green State University, ’83) Superintendent of the Division of Ohio State Liquor Control (2017-Present) 
  • Brian J. O’Dwyer, Esq. (Alpha-Eta, The George Washington University, ’64) Chair of the New York State Gaming Commission (2022-Present) 
  • Neil J. McDevitt, Jr. (Mu-Iota, Gallaudet University, ’92) Mayor of North Wales, PA (2022 – Present) and the first deaf person elected as mayor of a city in the USA. 


  • Michael P. Guest (Delta-Chi, Mississippi State University, 1989), Congressman, Mississippi (2019-present) Chair of the House Ethics Committee ( 2023 – present) 
  • John N. Boozman (Xi, University of Arkansas, ’15) The Senator from Arkansas ( 2011- Present) Ranking member of the Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry (2021-Present) 

Beauford H. Jester (Tau, The University of Texas at Austin, 1912), Former Governor of Texas (1947–1949)


George “Sonny” Perdue (Beta-Lambda, University of Georgia, 1966), Former Governor of Georgia (2003-2011), former Secretary of Agriculture


Former Governors

  • David M. Beasley (Kappa-Upsilon, Clemson University, 1977), Governor of South Carolina (1995-1999)
  • Lee S. Dreyfus (Beta-Epsilon, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1947), Former Governor of Wisconsin (1979–1983)
  • Frank B. Freyer (Alpha-Tau, Georgia Institute of Technology, 1895), Former Naval Governor of Guam (1910-1911); Chief of Staff of the Peruvian Navy
  • Dwight H. Green (Alpha-Pi, Wabash College, 1916), Former Governor of Illinois (1941–1949)
  • Paul J. Fannin (Gamma-Rho, University of Arizona, 1926), Former Governor of Arizona (1959–1965)
  • Robert Evander McNair (Chi-Omega, University of South Carolina, 1941), Former Governor of South Carolina (1965-1971)
  • Paul E. Patton (Beta-Nu, University of Kentucky, 1956), Former Governor of Kentucky (1995–2003)
  • George C. Peery (Omikron, Emory & Henry College, 1893), Governor of Virginia (1934-1938)
  • Ruffin G. Pleasant (Gamma, Louisiana State University, 1890), Former Governor of Louisiana (1916–1920)
  • James H. Price (Mu, Washington and Lee University, 1908), Governor of Virginia (1938-1942)
  • David C. Treen (Sigma, Tulane University, 1945), Former Governor of Louisiana (1980–1984)

Former House of Representatives

  • Dante B. Fascell (Epsilon-Beta, University of Miami, 1939), Former Congressman, Florida (1955–1993); former Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee
  • Frank J. Horton, Jr. (Gamma, Louisiana State University, 1941), Former Congressman, New York (1963-1993)
  • John P. Murtha, Jr. (Beta-Delta, Washington & Jefferson College, 1951), Former Congressman, Pennsylvania (1974–2010)
  • Ernest J. Istook, Jr. (Theta-Psi, Oklahoma City University, 2000), Former Congressman, Oklahoma (1993-2007)
  • Thomas H. Allen (Alpha-Rho, Bowdoin College, 1963), Former Congressman, Maine (1997–2009)
  • Victor F. Snyder (Theta-Delta, Willamette University, 1966), Former Congressman, Arkansas (1997-2011)
  • Kenneth R. Lucas (Beta-Nu, University of Kentucky, 1953), Former Congressman, Kentucky (1999–2005)
  • David “Dan” Boren (Theta, Texas Christian University, 1993), Former Congressman, Oklahoma (2005-2013)
  • Charlie J. Melancon, Sr. (Epsilon-Chi, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, 1968), Former Congressman, Louisiana (2005-2011)
  • William S. Goodwin (Xi, University of Arkansas, 1890), Former Congressman, Arkansas (1911-1921)
  • Samuel B. Hill (Xi, University of Arkansas, 1894), Former Congressman, Washington (1923-1936)
  • John Little McClellan (Xi, University of Arkansas, 1947), Former Congressman, Arkansas (1932-1939)
  • William V. Alexander, Jr. (Xi, University of Arkansas, 1952), Former Congressman, Arkansas (1966-1992)
  • Edwin R. Bethune, Jr. (Xi, University of Arkansas, 1958), Former Congressman, Arkansas (1979 -1985)
  • Harold J. Daub, Jr. Esquire (Beta-Sigma, Washington University in St.Louis, ’60) Former Congressman, Nebraska (1981-1989)  

C. Estes Kefauver (Lambda, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, 1921), Former Congressman, Tennessee (1939–1949); former Chairman of House Select Committee on Small Business

Joe D. Waggonner (Epsilon-Gamma, Louisiana Tech University, 1941), Former Congressman, Louisiana (1961–1978); former Chairman of House Ways and Means Committee

  • Robert Hurt (Upsilon, Hampden-Sydney College, 1989), Congressman, Virginia (2011-2017)

John G. Tower (Iota, Southwestern University, 1943), Former Senator, Texas (1961–1985)

Former Senators

  • John Little McClellan (Xi, University of Arkansas, 1947), Former Senator, Arkansas (1943-1977)
  • C. Estes Kefauver (Lambda, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, 1921), Former Senator, Tennessee (1949–1963); former Chairman of the Senate Antitrust and Monopoly Subcommittee, and Senate Special Committee to Investigate Crime in Interstate Commerce
  • Paul J. Fannin (Gamma-Rho, University of Arizona, 1926), Former Senator, Arizona (1965–1977)
  • Robert J. Dole (Gamma-Omicron, University of Kansas, 1942), Former Senator, Kansas (1969–1996), Served as Minority and Majority Leader
  • Richard M. Burr (Delta-Omega, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, 1975), Senator, North Carolina (2005-2023); former Congressman, North Carolina (1992–2002)

Judges and Justices

  • David L. McCain (Delta-Delta, University of Florida, 1950), Justice of the Supreme Court of Florida (1970-1975)
  • Steven W. Taylor (Gamma-Psi, Oklahoma State University, 1968), Justice of the Supreme Court of Oklahoma (1994-), Chief Justice (2011-2013)
  • Kevin P. Yeary (Lambda-Psi, St. Mary’s University, Texas, 1985), Judge of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals (2015-)
  • Edwin L. Pittman (Epsilon-Nu, University of Southern Mississippi, 1954), Justice of the Supreme Court of Mississippi (1989-2004), Chief Justice (2001-2004)

Martin C. Petersen (Rho, Arizona State University, 1966), Former Deputy Executive Director of the Central Intelligence Agency

Former Officeholders

  • Kevin L. Faulconer (Epsilon-Iota, San Diego State University, 1988), former Mayor of San Diego, California (2014-2020)
  • Eugene P. Campbell (Gamma, Louisiana State University, 1889), Louisiana Sheriff (1908-1940)
  • John W. Greer, Jr. (Alpha, Emory University, 1927), Former member of the Georgia State Senate (1959-1960)
  • Edwin L. Pittman (Epsilon-Nu, University of Southern Mississippi, 1954), Former member of the Mississippi State Senate (1964-1972), Mississippi State Treasurer (1976-1980), Mississippi Secretary of State (1980-1984), Mississippi Attorney General (1984-1988)
  • John “J.C.” Long (Gamma-Omicron, University of Kansas, 1978), Former member of the Kansas House of Representatives (1983-1993)
  • J.E. “Buster” Brown (Theta-Lambda, Texas State University, 1967), Former member of the Texas State Senate (1981-2002)
  • Richard P. Ieyoub (Theta-Rho, McNeese State University, 1990), Louisiana Attorney General (1992-2004)
  • Sam S. Reed (Gamma-Mu, Washington State University, 1960), Washington Secretary of State (2000-2013)
  • Dustin B. McDaniel (Xi, University of Arkansas, 1991), Arkansas Attorney General (2007-2015)
  • Robert W. Patridge (Theta-Delta, Willamette University, 1987), Former member of the Oregon House of Representatives (1999-2005)
  • Gregory S. Lashutka (Alpha-Sigma, The Ohio State University, ’64), former Mayor of Columbus, Ohio
  • Richard P. “Dick” Schafrath (Alpha-Sigma, The Ohio State University, ’58), former member of Ohio State Senate

Other Political Figures

  • Larry M. Speakes (Delta-Xi, University of Mississippi, 1958), Press Secretary for President Ronald Reagan
  • David E. Kendall (Alpha-Pi, Wabash College, 1963), Attorney to President Bill Clinton
  • Richard T. Bradley, P.E. (Beta-Chi, Missouri University of Science and Technology, 1984), President of the Board of Public Service, City of St. Louis
  • Vernon D. Penner (Delta-Tau, Union College, 1961) U.S. Ambassador to Cape Verde 1986-1989

Film and Television


  • Richard D. Crenna (Delta-Eta, University of Southern California, 1948), Actor, Rambo
  • John E. Driscoll (Kappa-Phi, George Mason University, 2000), Actor, Guiding Light, The Young and the Restless
  • Chris B. Harrison (Theta-Psi, Oklahoma City University, 1990), Host, The Bachelor
  • Dennis B. Haskins (Alpha-Iota, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, 1970), Actor, Saved By The Bell
  • Alexander “Gordon” Jump (Gamma-Chi, Kansas State University, 1955), Actor, WKRP, portrayed the Maytag Repairman
  • Winston “Wink” Martindale (Epsilon-Pi, University of Memphis, 1955), TV Game Show Host
  • David O. Nelson (Delta-Eta, University of Southern California, 1956), Actor, Ozzie and Harriet
  • Robert Redford (Gamma-Tau, University of Colorado Boulder, 1956), Academy Award-Winning Actor, Director, Founder of the Sundance Film Festival
  • Gailard L. Sartain (Epsilon-Mu, The University of Tulsa, 1964), Actor
  • Gregory T. Smith (Theta-Beta, California State University, Long Beach, 2001), Actor, Everwood
  • Kerr V. Smith (Alpha-Lambda, University of Vermont, 1991), Actor, Dawson’s Creek
  • Michael C. Williams (Xi-Gamma, State University of New York at New Paltz, 1995), Actor, The Blair Witch Project
  • Donnie L. Jeffcoat, Jr. (Mu-Delta, University of California, Irvine, 1994), Actor, Wild and Crazy Kids
  • Johnny Mack Brown (Beta, The University of Alabama, 1923), Actor, Billy the Kid, many cowboy, and western movies
  • William “Bill” Wittliff (Tau, The University of Texas at Austin, 1959), Screenwriter, The Perfect Storm
  • Mark B. Neveldine (Delta-Phi, Hobart and William Smith Colleges, 1993), Director, Screenwriter, Producer, Actor, Crank
  • Chip C. Gaines (Lambda-Tau, Baylor University, 1995), Host, Talent, Fixer Upper
  • Joshua R. Shalikar (Pi-Nu, Ramapo College of New Jersey, 2008), Actor, Honey, I Blew Up The Kid
  • Daniel R. Shalikar (Pi-Nu, Ramapo College of New Jersey, 2008), Actor, Honey, I Blew Up The Kid
  • Dwier R. Brown (Theta-Nu, Ashland University, ’78), Actor, Field of Dreams


Michael E. O’Malley (Beta-Kappa, University of New Hampshire, 1985), Actor, Yes Dear, Nickelodeon GUTS, Glee, Sully

Craig D. Melvin (Alpha-Nu, Wofford College, 1998), Journalist and Broadcaster at NBC


  • Edward R. Murrow (Gamma-Mu, Washington State University, 1927), Broadcasting Legend
  • Stephen F. Kroft (Gamma-Iota, Syracuse University, 1964), Journalist at 60 Minutes
  • Samuel Donaldson (Epsilon-Xi, The University of Texas at El Paso, 1952), Journalist at ABC News
  • Daniel L. Dierdorf (Beta-Gamma, University of Missouri, 1979), Sports Commentator and Former NFL Player
  • Stewart L. Mandel (Epsilon-Delta, Northwestern University, 1995), Journalist at Sports Illustrated
  • Charles E. Richardson (Delta-Gamma, University of Wyoming, 1953), Wyoming Newspaper Publisher
  • Lowell J. Thomas (Beta-Omicron, University of Denver, 1912), Journalist and Commentator
  • Richard Allin, III (Omega, Sewanee: The University of the South, 1949), Author and Journalist at Arkansas Gazette
  • John H. Ward (Lambda, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, 1948), Sports Commentator for the University of Tennessee
  • Jeffrey A. Forgeron (Theta-Iota, San Jose State University, 2008) Meteorologist at KPTV Fox 12 Oregon.

James “Jimmy” Buffett (Epsilon-Nu, University of Southern Mississippi, 1967), Singer and Songwriter

Arthur “AJ” Castillo (Xi-Delta, The University of Texas at San Antonio, 2004), Tejano Recording Artist, Accordionist, Singer, Performer, and Producer


  • James “Bill” Anderson (Beta-Lambda, University of Georgia, 1956), Singer and Songwriter
  • Hoagland “Hoagy” Carmichael (Beta-Theta, Indiana University, 1922), Composer and Movie Star
  • Kevin M. Griffin (Gamma, Louisiana State University, ’86), Lead Singer and Musician, Better Than Ezra
  • Joshua “Josh” Kelley (Delta-Xi, University of Mississippi, 2002), Musician
  • Paul “P.H.” Naffah (Rho, Arizona State University, 1989), Drummer, The Refreshments, Roger Clyne and Peacemakers
  • Jose “Bobby” Pulido, Jr. (Lambda-Psi, St. Mary’s University, Texas, 1992), Musician, Tejano Recording Artist
  • Derek J. Andersen (Mu-Delta, University of California, Irvine, ’10), EDM DJ and producer, part of the duo Slander
  • Scott Land (Mu-Delta, University of California, Irvine, ’07), EDM DJ and producer, part of the duo Slander

Visual Arts

Addison “Mort” Walker (Beta-Gamma, University of Missouri, 1942), Cartoonist, Beetle Bailey


  • Andrew T. Daniel (Theta-Upsilon, Miami University, 2001), Winner of Big Brother Season 5, Model
  • Gregory P.  Raymer (Beta-Chi, Missouri University of Science and Technology, 1983), Winner of the World Series of Poker 2004
  • Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger (Theta-Zeta, Eastern New Mexico University, 2009), Motivational Speaker, best known for the movie Rudy
  • Nicolas J. Wilson (Beta-Nu, University of Kentucky, 2011), Winner of Survivor Season 37: David vs Goliath
  • Eric J. Howard (Omicron-Epsilon, Adelphi University, 2008), Finalist on MasterChef Season 7

Jonathan Holloway (Theta-Upsilon, Miami University ’00), Entertainment Personality – Arena Host for the Detroit Pistons, Contestant on ABC’s The Bachelorette in Paradise

Anthony A. Sadler (Nu-Lambda, California State University, Sacramento, ’14) Golden Heart Award recipient on September 26, 2015, portrayed himself in the Clint Eastwood movie The 15:17 to Paris


David “Boo” Ferriss (Delta-Chi, Mississippi State University, 1940), Pitcher (1945-1950)


  • Fred L. Beebe (Alpha-Gamma, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1902), Pitcher (1906-1916)
  • Charles “Chuck” Dobson (Gamma-Omicron, University of Kansas, 1963), Pitcher (1966-1975) 
  • Lawrence “Larry” Jackson (Gamma-Theta, University of Idaho, 1952), Major League Pitcher, Five-time All-Star, and 1964 MLB Wins Leaders
  • Carl L. Lundgren (Alpha-Gamma, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1899), Picher (1902-1909)
  • Frank “Big Jeff” Pfeffer (Alpha-Gamma, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1903), Pitcher (1905-1911) No-Hitter 1907 – Boston Doves
  • Stephen “Steve” Rogers (Epsilon-Mu, The University of Tulsa, 1970), Pitcher (1973-1985)
  • Cecil L. Upshaw, Jr. (Epsilon, Centenary College of Louisiana, 1962), Pitcher (1966-1975)





  • Tommy Kron ( Beta-Nu, University of Kentucky, 1963), St. Louis Hawks, Seattle Supersonics, Kentucky Colonels – “Rupp’s Runts” NCAA Runner-up 1966
  • Jack Marin (Eta Prime, Duke University, 1963), Baltimore Bullets, Houston Rockets, Buffalo Braves, Chicago Bulls – 2 time NBA All-Star, All-American
  • Lee Huber (Beta-Nu, University of Kentucky, 1938), All American Basketball Player
  • Dick Snyder (Delta, Davidson College, 1964), St. Louis Hawks, Phoenix Suns, Seattle Supersonics, Cleveland Cavaliers, Second Team All-American, NBA Champion 1979, SoCon Player of the Year 1966
  • Fred Hetzel (Delta, Davidson College, 1962), Philadelphia 76ers, Los Angeles Lakers, Milwaukee Bucks, Cincinnati Royals, San Francisco Warriors
  • Basil Hayden (Beta-Nu, University of Kentucky, 1920), First All-American Basketball Player University of Kentucky, Second Head Coach University of Kentucky


Richard “Rick” Barry, III (Epsilon-Beta, University of Miami, 1962), Forward (1965–1980) and Hall of Fame Inductee.

Matt Corral (Delta-Xi, University of Mississippi, 2018) Quarterback ( 2022 – Present) 

Daniel “Dan” Dierdorf (Beta-Gamma, University of Missouri, 1979), Offensive Lineman (1971–1983) Pro Football Hall of Fame Inductee 

Steve E. Owens (Gamma-Kappa, The University of Oklahoma, 1967), Running Back (1970–1974) and 1969 Heisman Trophy Winner, All-Pro Detroit Lions



  • Tay Gowan (Lambda-Epsilon, University of Central Florida, 2019) Cornerback (2021 – Present) 
  • Thomas “Tommy” Casanova, III (Gamma, Louisiana State University, 1970), Safety (1974–1977) and Pro Bowl Athlete
  • Richard “Richie” Cunningham (Epsilon-Chi, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, 1991), Kicker (1997–2002) and Pro Bowl Athlete
  • Howard Harpster (Delta-Alpha, Carnegie Mellon University, 1926), Quarterback (1926-1928) College Football Hall of Fame Inductee
  • Theodore P. Hendricks (Epsilon-Beta, University of Miami, 1968), Defensive End (1969–1983) Pro Football Hall of Fame Inductee
  • James K. Hull (Delta-Chi, Mississippi State University, 1982), Center (1983–1996) and Pro Bowl Athlete
  • Bert Jones (Gamma, Louisiana State University, 1970), Quarterback (1973–1982), Pro Bowl Athlete, College Football Hall of Fame, and NFL MVP (1976)
  • Gregory P. Landry (Gamma-Delta, University of Massachusetts Amherst, 1965), All-Pro Detroit Lions
  • Richard “Dick” Schafrath (Alpha-Sigma, The Ohio State University, 1958), Offensive Lineman (1959–1971) and Pro Bowl Athlete
  • Brian W. Sipe (Epsilon-Iota, San Diego State University, 1968), Quarterback (1974–1983) and 1980 NFL MVP
  • Jerry L. Stovall (Gamma, Louisiana State University, 1993), Running Back (1963–1971), Pro Bowl Athlete, and Head Coach of LSU (1980–1983)
  • John Michelosen (Gamma-Omega, University of Pittsburgh, 1935), Quarterback (1933-1937), Head Coach of Pittsburgh Steelers (1948-1951), and Head Coach of University of Pittsburgh (1955-1965)
  • Richard K. Cunningham (Xi, University of Arkansas, 1965), Linebacker, Center and Offensive Tackle (1967–1973)
  • Clyde L. Scott (Xi, University of Arkansas, 1947), All-American Half-Back, College Football Hall of Fame, Olympic Silver Medalist in the 1948 Summer Olympics. The 8th player overall chosen in the1948 NFL Draft, Scott played five seasons in the National Football League for the Philadelphia Eagles and the Detroit Lions, appearing on two NFL championship teams.
  • James “Jim” Lindsey (Xi, University of Arkansas, 1963), Half-Back, played for the Minnesota Vikings from 1966-1972, including Super Bowl IV against the Kansas City Chiefs
  • James W. Benton (Xi, University of Arkansas, 1936), Wide Receiver, played 9 years for the Cleveland Rams and Chicago Bears. All-America in 1937, he was a member of the NFL 1940s All-Decade Team. Benton was the first NFL receiver to gain more than 300 yards in a game, a record that stood for 40 years.
  • Mike Renfro (Theta, Texas Christian University, 1976,) Dallas Cowboys, Houston Oilers, All SWC and All-American
  • Lyle Blackwood (Theta, Texas Christian University, 2006), Cincinnati Bengals, Seattle Seahawks, Baltimore Colts, Miami Dolphins
  • Guy Morriss (Theta, Texas Christian University, 1971), New England Patriots, Philadelphia Eagles, Head Coach Baylor University and University of Kentucky
  • Norm VanBrocklin (Gamma-Alpha, University of Oregon, 1946), Philadelphia Eagles, Los Angeles Rams, NFL Hall of Fame – 1971, Head Coach Minnesota Vikings and Atlanta Falcons


  • Jay D. Haas (Delta-Omega, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, 1973), Professional Golfer (1976-Present)
  • Peter E. Jacobsen (Gamma-Alpha, University of Oregon, 1973), Professional Golfer (1976-Present)
  • Robert B. Wrenn, Jr. (Delta-Omega, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, 1978), Professional Golfer (1982-1998) and 1987 Buick Open Winner
  • Jerry “Lanny” Wadkins, Jr. (Delta-Omega, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, 1970), Professional Golfer (1971-Present) and a World Golf Hall of Fame Inductee

Curtis N. Strange (Delta-Omega, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, 1975), Professional Golfer (1976-Present) and a World Golf Hall of Fame Inductee

Kappa Sigma Fraternity sponsored NASCAR car driven by Brother Ryan Ellis in 2013 at the Richmond International Raceway.


  • Philip T. Hill, Jr. (Delta-Eta, University of Southern California, 1946), Formula One Driver
  • Christopher J. Festa (Epsilon-Sigma, Florida State University, 2005), Firestone Indy Light Driver
  • Ryan J. Ellis (Kappa-Phi, George Mason University, 2008), NASCAR Nationwide Series Driver
  • Kevin M. Madsen (Mu-Delta, University of California, Irvine, ’02), National Champion Road Racer

Coaches, Executives, and Owners

  • William A. Alexander (Alpha-Tau, Georgia Institute of Technology, 1910), Head Football Coach Georgia Tech (1920–1944)
  • Malcolm “Cam” Cameron (Beta-Theta, Indiana University, 1980), Head NFL Football coach (2007) and Head Football Coach at Indiana University (1997–2001)
  • Lloyd H. Carr, Jr. (Beta-Gamma, University of Missouri, 1965), Head Football Coach at the University of Michigan (1995–2007)
  • James “Fisher” DeBerry (Alpha-Nu, Wofford College, 1957), Head Football Coach at the Air Force Academy (1984–2006)
  • Ronald E. Guenther (Alpha-Gamma, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1966), Former Athletic Director at the University of Illinois (1992-2011)
  • George A. Huff (Alpha-Gamma, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1892), Manager of Boston Red Sox (1907) and the Athletic Director at the University of Illinois (1901–1935)
  • Jimmye M. Laycock (Nu, College of William and Mary, 1967), Head Football Coach at the College of William & Mary (1980-Present)
  • George J. Maloof (Kappa-Alpha, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, 1986), Former Co-Owner of the Sacramento Kings and Palms Hotel and Casino
  • Roland “Rollie” Massimino (Alpha-Lambda, University of Vermont, 1954), Head Basketball Coach at Villanova University (1969–1971; 1973-Present)
  • Andrew B. Mac Phail (Beta-Pi, Dickinson College, 1974) President of Baseball Operations (2007-Present)
  • Branch McCracken (Beta-Theta, Indiana University, 1927), Head Basketball Coach at Indiana University, Basketball Hall of Fame Inductee, and NCAA Championship Coach (1940 and 1943)
  • Charles “Charlie” Monfort (Delta-Sigma, The University of Utah, 1978), Owner of the Colorado Rockies
  • Erskine Russell (Beta-Eta, Auburn University, 1946), Head Football Coach University of Georgia (1964–1969) and Georgia Southern University
  • Stephen D. Sabol (Beta-Omega, Colorado College, 1961), President of NFL Films
  • Bob Zuppke (Alpha-Gamma, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1936), Head Football Coach at the University of Illinois (1913-1941) and a College Football Hall of Fame Inductee
  • Donald “Ray” Tanner (Chi-Omega, University of South Carolina, 2010), Head Baseball Coach at the University of South Carolina (1997-2012) and Director of Athletics at the University of South Carolina (2012-Present)
  • Dwight V. Beede (Delta-Alpha, Carnegie Mellon University, 1923), First Head Football Coach at Youngstown State University (1937-1972) and invented the penalty flag
  • James “Jim” Morris (Beta-Theta, Indiana University, ’62) Vice-Chairman of Pacers Sports and Entertainment, 2010 Kappa Sigma Man of the Year

Lamar Hunt (Delta-Pi, Southern Methodist University, 1952), Owner of the Kansas City Chiefs, Columbus Crew, Kansas City Wizards, and F.C. Dallas Soccer Club; Founder of the American Football League; Co-Founder of the North American Soccer League; Major League Soccer Pro Football Hall of Fame

Jerral “Jerry” Jones (Xi, University of Arkansas, 1963), Owner of the Dallas Cowboys

Sean M. McDermott (Nu, College of William and Mary, 1994) Head Coach of the Buffalo Bills. 

Louis S. Zamperini (Delta-Eta, University of Southern California, 1946), Olympic Runner, WWII POW, and Inspirational Speaker


  • Scott M. Davidson (Xi-Lambda, University of Delaware, 2007), Professional Table Tennis Player
  • Dr. Robert D. Steadward (Epsilon-Alpha, University of Alberta, 1967), Founding President of the International Paralympic Committee and Officer of the Order of Canada
  • Eriq A. Zavaleta (Beta-Theta, Indiana University, 2012), Soccer player for the Seattle Sounders (2013-Present)


  • General Burwell B. Bell, III (USA, Ret.) (Alpha-Iota, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, 1966), U.S. Army
  • Lt. General Michael D. Lundy (Theta-Rho, McNeese State University, 1982), U.S. Army
  • Captain Frank B. Freyer (Alpha-Tau, Georgia Institute of Technology, 1895), 14th Naval Governor of Guam; Chief of Staff of the Peruvian Navy
  • General Paul V. Hester (Delta-Xi, University of Mississippi, 1966), Commander in the Pacific Air Forces
  • General Samuel C. Phillips, USAF (Delta-Gamma, University of Wyoming, 1940), Commander in the Air Force Systems Command from 1973 to 1975
  • United States Federal Marshal Tim R. Weintraub (Epsilon-Eta, Bowling Green State University, 2001), Former Lt. U.S. Army
  • Lieutenant Douglas B. Fournet (Theta-Rho, McNeese State University, 2009), Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient
  • Justin Constantine (Lambda-Sigma, James Madison University, 1990), Leader Private and Non-Profit Sectors, Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel, and Author of My Battlefield, Your Office
  • General Buford “Buff” C. Blount, III (Epsilon-Nu, University of Southern Mississippi, 1967), Major General United States Army – Operation Iraqi Freedom
  • James D. Olson II (Epsilon-Sigma Florida State ’66) RADM, USN (Retired) Retired Rear Admiral United States Navy. Last Command All Reserve Aviation
  • Lt. Commander John H. Dalton (’60, Gamma, Louisiana State University, 70th Secretary of the Navy

Admiral William E. Gortney, USN (Lambda-Lambda, Elon University, 1974), Former Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Central Command

Rear Admiral Gregory J. Slavonic (’69, Gamma-Psi, Oklahoma State University), Acting Under Secretary of the Navy

Corporal William “Kyle” Carpenter (Chi-Omega, University of South Carolina, 2013), U.S. Marine Corps and Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient


Todd R. Wagner (Beta-Theta, Indiana University, 1980), Broadcast.com Co-Founder, 2003 Kappa Sigma Man of the Year, CEO of 2929 Entertainment, Founder and CEO of Charity Network

Alan R. Mulally (Gamma-Omicron, University of Kansas, 1964), President and CEO of Ford Motor Company

Robert “Ted” Turner (Beta-Alpha, Brown University, 1957), Media Mogul (TNT, TBS, CNN, Atlanta Braves)


  • Craig R. Barrett (Beta-Zeta, Stanford University, 1958), Chairman and Former CEO of Intel
  • James P. Morley (Epsilon-Rho, Kent State University, 1967), Past CEO of Igloo Coolers
  • Albert B. Lambert (Zeta, University of Virginia, 1894), Early Aviator, Sponsor of The Spirit of St. Louis, namesake of Lambert International Airport
  • Robert J. Eaton (Gamma-Omicron, University of Kansas, 1959), Former Chairman of DaimlerChrysler AG
  • John M. Olin (Alpha-Kappa, Cornell University, 1910), Former Chairman of Olin Corporation
  • Spencer T. Olin (Alpha-Kappa, Cornell University, 1917), Executive Olin Corporation, Philanthropist
  • Dr. Russel L. Wiener (Phi, Rhodes College, 1939), Co-founder Donruss Baseball Cards, Super Bubble Bubble Gum
  • William R. Johnston (Mu, Washington and Lee University, 1958), Former President of the New York Stock Exchange
  • Michael L. Eskew (Chi, Purdue University, 1968), CEO of UPS
  • William R. Hewlett (Beta-Zeta, Stanford University, 1931), Founder of Hewlett Packard
  • Thomas P. Hayes (Beta-Kappa, University of New Hampshire, ’84) CEO of OceanSpray, and former CEO of Tyson
  • Clinton A. Clark (Beta-Chi, Missouri University of Science and Technology, ’60) CEO of Long John Silvers 1990 – 1993
  • Gary D. Forsee (Beta-Chi, Missouri University of Science and Technology, 1969), President and CEO of Sprint Nextel
  • John C. Compton (Lambda, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, 1980), Former President of Pepsi and CEO of Pilot Flying J
  • Howard H. Hyle (Nu, College of William and Mary, 1943), Former Vice President of Coca-Cola
  • Cyrus R. Smith (Tau, The University of Texas at Austin, 1924), Former President of American Airlines
  • Willard F. Rockwell, Jr. (Alpha-Delta, Pennsylvania State University, 1932), Founder of Rockwell International
  • Richard E. Rainwater (Tau, The University of Texas at Austin, 1963), Financier, owner of the Texas Rangers Baseball Team
  • Benjamin S. Gilmer (Beta-Eta, Auburn University, 1922), CEO of AT&T
  • Robert W. Lundeen (Gamma-Sigma, Oregon State University, 1939), Chairman of the Board of Dow Chemical
  • Allen F. Jacobson (Gamma-Lambda, Iowa State University, 1946), CEO of the 3M Company
  • James “J.T.” Wilson (Delta-Beta, Lafayette College, 1950), Chairman of the RJR Nabisco
  • Pierson M. Grieve, Jr. (Epsilon-Delta, Northwestern University, 1948), CEO of Ecolab, Inc.
  • John P. Surma, Jr. (Alpha-Delta, Pennsylvania State University, 1973), Chairman and CEO of US Steel
  • Robert D. Krebs (Beta-Zeta, Stanford University, 1961), Former CEO of Burlington Northern
  • Paul H. Henson (Alpha-Psi, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 1943), Chairman of the Board of United Telecom
  • John F. Smith, Jr. (Gamma-Delta, University of Massachusetts Amherst, 1957), President of General Motors
  • Charles “Scottie” Mayfield, Jr. (Alpha-Tau, Georgia Institute of Technology, 1969), President of Mayfield Dairy Farms
  • Richard C. Johnson (Alpha-Phi, Bucknell University, 1954), Founder and President of HotJobs
  • John R. Patrick (Beta-Iota, Lehigh University, 1964), Former IBM Vice President and innovative leader in the information technology industry
  • John M. Starcher Jr. ( Epsilon-Eta, Bowling Green State University), current CEO of Bon Secours Mercy Health
  • William P. Hinson, IV (Alpha-Tau, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2002), Owner of WPHinson Trading
  • Carroll M. Gantz (Delta-Alpha, Carnegie Mellon University, 1950), Inventor of Hoover’s iconic Dustbuster
  • John P. Laborde (Gamma, Louisiana State University, 1942), Co-Founder of Tidewater, Inc.
  • Frank R. Brown (Beta-Zeta, Stanford University, 2009) , Co-Founder of Snapchat
  • Robert “Bobby” Murphy (Beta-Zeta, Stanford University, 2007), Co-Founder of Snapchat
  • Evan T. Spiegel (Beta-Zeta, Stanford University, 2009), Co-Founder and CEO of Snapchat
  • Talmage N. Cooley (Zeta, University of Virginia, 1947), Founder and CEO of Democracy.com
  • W. Edwards Deming (Delta-Gamma, University of Wyoming, 1921), The W. Edwards Deming Institute and The Father of Quality Evolution
  • Lyle R. Stevens (Xi-Beta, Northeastern University, ’05), CEO of Mavrck
  • Nathaniel R. Morris (Alpha-Eta, The George Washington University, ’00), Founder, former CEO, and Chairman of Rubicon
  • Nicholas E. Snowberger (Theta-Zeta, Eastern New Mexico University, ’01) Owner of seven McDonald’s franchises throughout New Mexico
  • John M. Starcher Jr. (Epsilon-Eta, Bowling Green State University, 1991), current CEO of Bon Secours Mercy Health.


  • Lee R. Berger (Kappa, Vanderbilt University, 1985), Paleoanthropologist and National Geographic Explorer, awarded the First National Geographic Prize for Research and Exploration
  • John Covert Boyd (Zeta, University of Virginia, 1869), Designated by President Theodore Roosevelt to incorporate the American National Red Cross and one of original five members and founding fathers of Kappa Sigma
  • Denton A. Cooley (Tau, The University of Texas at Austin, 1938), Founder of the Texas Heart Institute and performed the first heart transplant in the United States
  • Irvine W. Grote (Alpha-Iota, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, 1949), Noted Chemist and inventor of Rolaids
  • Edgar D. Mitchell (Delta-Alpha, Carnegie Mellon University, 1950), Astronaut and Lunar Module Pilot on Apollo 14
  • General Samuel C. Phillips, USAF (Delta-Gamma, University of Wyoming, 1940), NASA Apollo Program Director
  • Lore A. Rogers (Psi, University of Maine, 1892), USDA Dairy Scientist and Bacteriologist
  • E. Blair Holladay, PhD. (Kappa-Chi, College of Charleston, ’81) PhD., MASCP, SCT(ASCP) CEO, American Society for Clinical Pathology

Edwin P. Hubble (Gamma-Beta, The University of Chicago, 1907), Astronomer and namesake of Hubble Space Telescope


Dr. John W. Ryan (Delta-Sigma, The University of Utah, 1950), President Emeritus of Indiana University, Chancellor State University of New York System, 1975 Kappa Sigma Man of the Year

Charles Richardson (Omikron, Emory & Henry College, 1883), Founder of the Chi Omega Fraternity for Collegiate Women

  • Steven C. Beering (Chi, Purdue University, 1985), Former President of Purdue University
  • Thomas J. Clifford (Delta-Mu, University of North Dakota, 1939), Former President of the University of North Dakota
  • Arthur H. DeRosier Jr. (Epsilon-Nu, University of Southern Mississippi, 1953), Former President of Rocky Mountain College
  • John G. Johnson (Delta-Alpha, Carnegie Mellon University, 1943), President of Butler University
  • Robert “Dan” Burck (Tau, The University of Texas at Austin, 1951), Chancellor, University of Texas System, University of Texas, Founder ESPN
  • Theron Montgomery Jr. (Alpha-Nu, Wofford College, 1946), President of Jacksonville State University
  • Dr. William N. Ruud, Ph.D. (Delta-Mu, University of North Dakota, 1971), President of Marietta College
  • William H. Cade (Tau, The University of Texas at Austin, 1966), President of University of Lethbridge and a Behavioral Ecologist
  • Ralph Gallucci (Epsilon-Theta, University of California, Santa Barbara, 1993), Department Chair of Classics at the University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Gary D. Forsee (Beta-Chi, Missouri University of Science and Technology, 1969), President of Missouri System
  • Dr. E. Joseph Savoie (Epsilon-Chi, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, 1973), President of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette
  • Frank C. Erwin, Jr. (Tau, The University of Texas at Austin, 1938), Chair of the Board of Regents at the University of Texas
  • Ralph N. Tirey (Beta-Theta, Indiana University, 1902), Past President of Indiana State University
  • Houston Davis (Epsilon-Pi, University of Memphis, 1992) President University of Central Arkansas
  • C. Scott Green (Gamma-Theta, University of Idaho, 1981) President University of Idaho
  • D. M. “Doc” Smith (Kappa, Vanderbuilt, 1901), Chair of the Mathematics Department at the Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Ernest Hartsock (Alpha, Emory University, 1925), Former Professor of Poetics at Oglethorpe University
  • Dr. Gary L. Miller (Nu, College of William and Mary, ’73), President of The University of Akron