Master of the Ritual

What Is Master of the Ritual?

The Ritual is the foundation in which the Four Pillars of our Fraternity were built upon. The Brothers on this list have accomplished the highest Ritual goal possible: Master of The Ritual.  Each Brother has shown their diligence and commitment by fully embracing our Ritual.

History Of Master Of The Ritual

Brother Stephen Alonzo Jackson put it best in his apples of gold speech; “Why not put our apples of gold in pictures of silver.” This expression alludes to his desire to incorporate all the great teachings of Bologna into our present-day Ritual.

His true meanings behind these words speak to the Ritual of our Fraternity; the one true bond we all share. Stephen Alonzo Jackson worked on perfecting the Ritual from the day he entered The Order, until his last day.

Brothers, I hope that you will follow the lead of these Brothers and embrace the challenge of becoming a Master of the Ritual. I look forward to welcoming you into this exclusive group, if you have any questions, please reach out to the Ritual Commission.

Masters of the Ritual (Inaugural Class)

Recognition Name Student University Student Chapter Student Initiation Year
William O. WatersMercer UniversityAlpha-Beta1952
Andrew B. TurnerFranklin & Marshall CollegeDelta-Rho1959
Michael P. LangleyUniversity of South AlabamaKappa-Nu1974
Thomas P. Bishop, Esq.Mercer UniversityAlpha-Beta1979
Joe FernandezUniversity of MiamiEpsilon-Beta1986
James F. MillerSan Diego State UniversityEpsilon-Iota1986
Brian F. KellyMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyGamma-Pi1988
Jason B. SmithCarnegie Mellon UniversityDelta-Alpha1988
Brian M. BullardUniversity of North Carolina at WilmingtonMu-Zeta1988
James A. StanglerUniversity of North DakotaDelta-Mu1989
Bryan M. KearneyCarnegie Mellon UniversityDelta-Alpha1990
Michael D. NashLyon CollegeLambda-Iota1990
Donald E. BradfordPennsylvania State UniversityAlpha-Delta1991
Drew L. Mc GillivaryMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyGamma-Pi1991
Chad R. GebhardtEastern New Mexico UniversityTheta-Zeta1992
Phillip J. HaggardSoutheastern Oklahoma State UniversityNu-Rho1992
David B. RobinsonUniversity of Tennessee at ChattanoogaAlpha-Iota1992
Claude "Trae" Grise IIIUniversity of Central ArkansasNu-Kappa1992
Jason D. BothwellEastern New Mexico UniversityTheta-Zeta1993
Roy A. van GelderJacksonville State UniversityLambda-Gamma1993
Justin L. MountsEastern New Mexico UniversityTheta-Zeta1993

Masters of the Ritual

Recognition Name Student University Student Chapter Student Initiation Year
Andrew E. KastnerEmory UniversityAlpha2011
John P. NiesenMercer UniversityAlpha-Beta2012
Harrison W. IvinsMercer UniversityAlpha-Beta2018
Tyler P. BishopMercer UniversityAlpha-Beta2011
Zachary T. LewisMercer UniversityAlpha-Beta1994
Jay F. WrightMercer UniversityAlpha-Beta2001
Tyler J. WhitePennsylvania State UniversityAlpha-Delta2015
Jacob T. WardPennsylvania State UniversityAlpha-Delta2015
Robert T. SearsPennsylvania State UniversityAlpha-Delta2011
Brandon C. FelloPennsylvania State UniversityAlpha-Delta2014
Blake M. MasonPennsylvania State UniversityAlpha-Delta2012
David B. CarabettaThe George Washington UniversityAlpha-Eta1996
William A. SparksThe George Washington UniversityAlpha-Eta1995
Gregory P. LewinThe George Washington UniversityAlpha-Eta2008
Joseph W. PrattThe George Washington UniversityAlpha-Eta2008
Garrett R. AthertonThe George Washington UniversityAlpha-Eta2006
Trevor P. FoleyUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignAlpha-Gamma2011
James L. DickersonUniversity of Tennessee at ChattanoogaAlpha-Iota2002
Craig M. MossUniversity of Tennessee at ChattanoogaAlpha-Iota1994
Brett J. WarrickCornell UniversityAlpha-Kappa1998
David A. CadoganCornell UniversityAlpha-Kappa2000
Kyle W. WashingtonCornell UniversityAlpha-Kappa2006
Colin D. HutchensUniversity of VermontAlpha-Lambda2007
David O'Sullivan-FrostUniversity of VermontAlpha-Lambda2012
Benjamin D. BramhallWofford CollegeAlpha-Nu2011
Marko AgbabaBucknell UniversityAlpha-Phi2010
Terry J. ArchambeaultWabash CollegeAlpha-Pi2002
Ryan Y. BroadstoneUniversity of Nebraska-LincolnAlpha-Psi1998
Michael J. GarrisonUniversity of Nebraska-LincolnAlpha-Psi1990
Patrick J. KrissekThe Ohio State UniversityAlpha-Sigma2008
Matthew D. SchillingThe Ohio State UniversityAlpha-Sigma2004
Elliot J. PalmerThe Ohio State UniversityAlpha-Sigma2008
Chase A. WrightThe Ohio State UniversityAlpha-Sigma2009
Charles B. JonesGeorgia Institute of TechnologyAlpha-Tau1997
George H. Baltz, IIIGeorgia Institute of TechnologyAlpha-Tau1999
Clayton M. CrossGeorgia Institute of TechnologyAlpha-Tau2011
Eric L. JohnstonGeorgia Institute of TechnologyAlpha-Tau2011
Andrew P. WeeksGeorgia Institute of TechnologyAlpha-Tau2004
Marshall J. BrownUniversity of MichiganAlpha-Zeta1994
Timothy J. LilienthalUniversity of MichiganAlpha-Zeta2012
Robert A. LoweUniversity of MichiganAlpha-Zeta1993
Jeffrey C. Davis, Jr.The University of AlabamaBeta2008
Charles M. CampbellMissouri University of Science and TechnologyBeta-Chi2012
Aaron D. McClanahanMissouri University of Science and TechnologyBeta-Chi2008
Andrew W. HennessyMissouri University of Science and TechnologyBeta-Chi2010
Austin J. MehnerMissouri University of Science and TechnologyBeta-Chi2008
Max R. BoehMissouri University of Science and TechnologyBeta-Chi2007
Otha J. Stone, IIIMissouri University of Science and TechnologyBeta-Chi2008
Steven R. SemanWashington & Jefferson CollegeBeta-Delta1995
Jonathan HensleyUniversity of MissouriBeta-Gamma2001
Jeffrey S. VaalaUniversity of Minnesota-Twin CitiesBeta-Mu1993
Michael P. FritzUniversity of Minnesota-Twin CitiesBeta-Mu2006
John E. Ballerstedt, Jr.University of KentuckyBeta-Nu2000
Dominic J. AlvaradoColorado CollegeBeta-Omega2010
Michael A. CooleyColorado CollegeBeta-Omega2009
Blake P. BurwellUniversity of DenverBeta-Omicron2010
Scott R. TollefsonUniversity of WashingtonBeta-Psi2007
Thomas J. BordenUniversity of WashingtonBeta-Psi2009
Trevor D. CraftsIndiana UniversityBeta-Theta2010
Ethan D. CybulskiIndiana UniversityBeta-Theta2009
William E. VanceIndiana UniversityBeta-Theta2008
Alan J. HazzardIndiana UniversityBeta-Theta2001
Erik G. PetersonNorth Carolina State UniversityBeta-Upsilon2004
Gregory S. HuntNorth Carolina State UniversityBeta-Upsilon1979
Christopher J. Hopkins, Jr.North Carolina State UniversityBeta-Upsilon2007
Christopher C. KeoughPurdue UniversityChi2006
Timothy R. BrinkmeyerPurdue UniversityChi2008
James H. KoewlerPurdue UniversityChi2014
John C. EllisCarnegie Mellon UniversityDelta-Alpha2011
Aaron M. ProctorCarnegie Mellon UniversityDelta-Alpha1997
Brent E. CrewsUniversity of FloridaDelta-Delta1994
Craig A. HashbargerUniversity of North DakotaDelta-Mu1997
Ryan S. RigerMichigan State UniversityDelta-Psi2016
David A. TestaMichigan State UniversityDelta-Psi1998
Rafael Reyes, IIIUniversity of New MexicoDelta-Zeta2012
Andrew R. SmithUniversity of New MexicoDelta-Zeta1999
Daniel S. ArchuletaUniversity of New MexicoDelta-Zeta2000
James J. BitakisUniversity of New MexicoDelta-Zeta2004
Scott R. BurksUniversity of New MexicoDelta-Zeta2000
Joseph A. SenaUniversity of New MexicoDelta-Zeta2019
Trevor D. MausUniversity of New MexicoDelta-Zeta2019
Jared H. StrydhorstUniversity of AlbertaEpsilon-Alpha1997
Vincent M. MontaliUniversity of MiamiEpsilon-Beta2007
Michael D. BookmanUniversity of MiamiEpsilon-Beta2005
Nicholas E. SaabUniversity of MiamiEpsilon-Beta2004
Alexander T. HautotUniversity of Louisiana at LafayetteEpsilon-Chi2009
Ross P. EasonUniversity of Louisiana at LafayetteEpsilon-Chi2007
Jon G. StephensonUniversity of Louisiana at LafayetteEpsilon-Chi2007
Kyubin B. LeeThe University of British ColumbiaEpsilon-Epsilon2014
Anthony B. EppThe University of British ColumbiaEpsilon-Epsilon1992
Christopher P. BentlageBowling Green State UniversityEpsilon-Eta1996
Christopher W. CartwrightBowling Green State UniversityEpsilon-Eta2008
Stephen T. SamuelLouisiana Tech UniversityEpsilon-Gamma2015
Patrick A. LarkinLouisiana Tech UniversityEpsilon-Gamma2005
Brad A. PowellLouisiana Tech UniversityEpsilon-Gamma1992
Michael S. YaoSan Diego State UniversityEpsilon-Iota2014
Glenn A. CallaghanThe University of TulsaEpsilon-Mu2004
Ted J. SherwoodThe University of TulsaEpsilon-Mu2008
Stephen C. KleinheiderThe University of TulsaEpsilon-Mu2011
Eric W. WeidemannThe University of TulsaEpsilon-Mu2008
Christopher L. AllenThe University of TulsaEpsilon-Mu2010
John S. AcklandThe University of TulsaEpsilon-Mu1994
John A. GaroffoloThe University of TulsaEpsilon-Mu2014
Matthew P. MarraThe University of TulsaEpsilon-Mu2015
Paul J. SobczykThe University of TulsaEpsilon-Mu2011
Brady D. WiltonThe University of TulsaEpsilon-Mu2012
Anthony R. MooreThe University of TulsaEpsilon-Mu2008
Jeffrey T. KucirekThe University of TulsaEpsilon-Mu2006
David M. AurichUniversity of Southern MississippiEpsilon-Nu1999
Billy M. HoustonGeorgia State UniversityEpsilon-Omega2002
Michael E. NoelTexas Tech UniversityEpsilon-Phi1995
Toby H. TaylorThe University of Memphis LambuthEpsilon-Psi1995
Brendin T. TuptaKent State UniversityEpsilon-Rho2014
Eli D. WeikartKent State UniversityEpsilon-Rho2010
Jonathan E. BenjaminKent State UniversityEpsilon-Rho2014
Alexander T. LongwellKent State UniversityEpsilon-Rho2014
Steven L. RomoKent State UniversityEpsilon-Rho2014
Brandon D. BoundsKent State UniversityEpsilon-Rho2016
Conrad J. SwartzKent State UniversityEpsilon-Rho2011
Michael K. HushionKent State UniversityEpsilon-Rho2012
Kalpesh S. PatelFlorida State UniversityEpsilon-Sigma1996
Cody E. GraggCalifornia State University, FresnoEpsilon-Tau2008
John M. HerreraCalifornia State University, FresnoEpsilon-Tau2004
Brandon R. NoggleUniversity of California, Santa BarbaraEpsilon-Theta2015
Rene A. RomeroThe University of Texas at El PasoEpsilon-Xi2008
Ivan RangelThe University of Texas at El PasoEpsilon-Xi2004
Bradley J. WarnerUniversity of ConnecticutEpsilon-Zeta1999
Joshua A. AnoffRandolph-Macon CollegeEta2011
Kristian L. SpencerRandolph-Macon CollegeEta2012
Bora GunerDurham, NCEta Prime2014
Anthony B. O'ConnorLouisiana State UniversityGamma2002
Brian S. WalkerMillikin UniversityGamma-Beta Prime1994
Jason E. LeachKansas State UniversityGamma-Chi1997
Andrew F. GundalUniversity of Massachusetts AmherstGamma-Delta2017
Jake I. VitrofskyUniversity of Massachusetts AmherstGamma-Delta2011
Joel D. ZehrColorado School of MinesGamma-Gamma2001
Grant BirminghamColorado School of MinesGamma-Gamma2004
Vincent A. RignolColorado School of MinesGamma-Gamma2012
Dan B. TophamColorado School of MinesGamma-Gamma2017
Michael A. AtkinsonColorado School of MinesGamma-Gamma2008
Stephen D. DowneyColorado School of MinesGamma-Gamma1999
Adam BrownThe University of OklahomaGamma-Kappa2000
Andrew P. YoungThe University of OklahomaGamma-Kappa2012
Steven R. Clarke, Jr.Iowa State UniversityGamma-Lambda2004
Peter J. SchmickIowa State UniversityGamma-Lambda2001
Connor R. HamiltonWashington State UniversityGamma-Mu2014
Daniel W. AlbertsonWashburn UniversityGamma-Nu2017
Ben L. AlbertsonWashburn UniversityGamma-Nu2014
Kevin P. LeaverWashburn UniversityGamma-Nu1994
William S. ClausenUniversity of KansasGamma-Omicron2005
Sean C. TytlerMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyGamma-Pi1995
Timothy R. SchoenMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyGamma-Pi2007
Marc G. GlickMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyGamma-Pi1994
Christopher J. PeikertMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyGamma-Pi1997
Gregory N. PalMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyGamma-Pi1993
Eugene C. GloverMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyGamma-Pi1994
Gary J. SwantnerOklahoma State UniversityGamma-Psi2000
Donald E. StrasbaughOklahoma State UniversityGamma-Psi1997
James S. ThayerOklahoma State UniversityGamma-Psi1985
Jack C. LarsonOregon State UniversityGamma-Sigma2018
Kyle R. VogeOregon State UniversityGamma-Sigma1999
Joshua D. GallowayOregon State UniversityGamma-Sigma1999
Nicholas C. PoppeUniversity of Colorado BoulderGamma-Tau2007
Darrell A. KilgoreUniversity of IdahoGamma-Theta1987
Skyler G. GehringerRutgers, The State University of New JerseyGamma-Upsilon2013
Bryan J. OyolaRutgers, The State University of New JerseyGamma-Upsilon2013
Brandon Y. LeungRutgers, The State University of New JerseyGamma-Upsilon2011
Christopher N. OkonmahRutgers, The State University of New JerseyGamma-Upsilon2014
Kyle Tan-KyiNew York UniversityGamma-Zeta2017
Scott W. TrenchVanderbilt UniversityKappa2010
Eric W. SmithUniversity of Nevada, Las VegasKappa-Alpha2007
Hogan M. MeyerUniversity of Nevada, Las VegasKappa-Alpha2007
Christopher D. SanchezUniversity of Nevada, Las VegasKappa-Alpha2018
Brandon J. GrantUniversity of Nevada, Las VegasKappa-Alpha2016
Gil C. Vander VoortCollege of CharlestonKappa-Chi1996
Andrew K. RobillardUniversity of South FloridaKappa-Delta2007
Sean P. SlusarWidener UniversityKappa-Eta2014
Michael D. Preston, Jr.Widener UniversityKappa-Eta1992
Steven D. CrocchiNorthern Arizona UniversityKappa-Gamma2007
Michael G. ScholtenNorthern Arizona UniversityKappa-Gamma2009
Elliott B. HopperMiddle Tennessee State UniversityKappa-Iota1991
Justin R. McNeeseMiddle Tennessee State UniversityKappa-Iota2010
Carl C. StinnettTennessee Technological UniversityKappa-Mu2000
Brett A. StortsTennessee Technological UniversityKappa-Mu2007
Zachari N. BasshamTennessee Technological UniversityKappa-Mu2013
Hunter G. SurlesTennessee Technological UniversityKappa-Mu2011
Richard D. BradshawTennessee Technological UniversityKappa-Mu2011
Adam T. PoeTennessee Technological UniversityKappa-Mu2006
Jefferson R. LackeyTennessee Technological UniversityKappa-Mu2011
Steven C. GoodmanTennessee Technological UniversityKappa-Mu2007
Nathan L. BatesTennessee Technological UniversityKappa-Mu2010
James B. HannahTennessee Technological UniversityKappa-Mu2003
William A. Craig, IIITennessee Technological UniversityKappa-Mu2006
Matthew A. BarrancoTennessee Technological UniversityKappa-Mu2012
Kyle M. EnglandTennessee Technological UniversityKappa-Mu2013
Robert W. Abercrombie, Jr.Tennessee Technological UniversityKappa-Mu2017
William T. HarrisTennessee Technological UniversityKappa-Mu2004
Cody L. SnyderTennessee Technological UniversityKappa-Mu2017
Joshua L. HoganTennessee Technological UniversityKappa-Mu2004
Jonathan W. TomlinsonTennessee Technological UniversityKappa-Mu2003
Steve C. PerkinsUniversity of South AlabamaKappa-Nu2008
Sean T. HickeyUniversity of North Carolina at CharlotteKappa-Omega2007
David V. PezzellaUniversity of North Carolina at CharlotteKappa-Omega2008
Alexander R. HaltUniversity of North Carolina at CharlotteKappa-Omega2011
Brian A. FredriksonGeorge Mason UniversityKappa-Phi2017
Harpreet SinghGeorge Mason UniversityKappa-Phi2016
Ryan D. JaquesGeorge Mason UniversityKappa-Phi2012
Donald R. PenaGeorge Mason UniversityKappa-Phi2010
Chris M. StilesUniversity of Central OklahomaKappa-Pi2009
Nathan D. StewartUniversity of Central OklahomaKappa-Pi2001
Michael P. KernenUniversity of Central OklahomaKappa-Pi2003
Jarrod A. GregoryUniversity of Central OklahomaKappa-Pi1996
Timothy R. HuckebyUniversity of Central OklahomaKappa-Pi2006
Christopher A. AltonUniversity of Central OklahomaKappa-Pi1994
Corinthian McCutcheonUniversity of Central OklahomaKappa-Pi2002
Joseph A. Rohner, IVBoise State UniversityKappa-Rho1998
Brian V. LawatchBoise State UniversityKappa-Rho2005
Russell C. O'LearyBoise State UniversityKappa-Rho2000
Nicholas L. LeonardsonBoise State UniversityKappa-Rho1999
Brian T. JankowskiBoise State UniversityKappa-Rho1992
Craig P. WhittenBoise State UniversityKappa-Rho2004
Marcus A. LyonsBoise State UniversityKappa-Rho2006
Kelly S. HagansBoise State UniversityKappa-Rho1997
Matthew B. BottBoise State UniversityKappa-Rho1996
Tyler P. UndereinerIndiana University of PennsylvaniaKappa-Theta2007
Robert S. Wrinkle, IIIThe University of Tennessee, KnoxvilleLambda2012
Travis D. WarwickCollege of IdahoLambda-Chi1991
Francisco DavilaCollege of IdahoLambda-Chi2001
John C. BraggUniversity of Central FloridaLambda-Epsilon1998
Robert H. Tessmer, Jr.University of Central FloridaLambda-Epsilon1996
John J. AlettiUniversity of Central FloridaLambda-Epsilon2008
John C. HowardUniversity of Central FloridaLambda-Epsilon1996
Michael T. VanderlindeUniversity of Central FloridaLambda-Epsilon1997
Naresh K. KeswaniUniversity of Central FloridaLambda-Epsilon1995
Brandon SchwabUniversity of Central FloridaLambda-Epsilon2012
Alex R. WoodsJacksonville State UniversityLambda-Gamma2016
Thomas P. LambJacksonville State UniversityLambda-Gamma1994
Daniel R. HaneyLyon CollegeLambda-Iota2005
John D. VentreSouthern New Hampshire UniversityLambda-Mu1997
Daniel T. BeckhamAppalachian State UniversityLambda-Nu1995
John M. RichardsonUniversity of North AlabamaLambda-Omicron2000
Drew E. HunnicuttSam Houston State UniversityLambda-Phi2010
Ryan P. RowlandSam Houston State UniversityLambda-Phi2010
Logan H. KrickDelta State UniversityLambda-Pi2018
Michael K. AdamsDelta State UniversityLambda-Pi1991
Stephen S. StraussDelta State UniversityLambda-Pi2010
Carlos J. EhlerSt. Mary's University, TexasLambda-Psi1998
Brian D. WilsonGeorgia College and State UniversityLambda-Xi2003
John M. StockstillGeorgia College and State UniversityLambda-Xi2003
Charles R. ManningGeorgia College and State UniversityLambda-Xi1995
Coy C. WatkinsGeorgia College and State UniversityLambda-Xi2001
Stephen L. CoxenGeorgia College and State UniversityLambda-Xi1996
Richard N. WhirleyGeorgia College and State UniversityLambda-Xi2003
David S. Varnedoe, Jr.Georgia College and State UniversityLambda-Xi1995
Derek L. MarchmanGeorgia College and State UniversityLambda-Xi1985
William C. FolsomGeorgia College and State UniversityLambda-Xi2002
Josh L. BoutwellGeorgia College and State UniversityLambda-Xi1999
Jonathan D. MurrayHuntingdon CollegeMu-Beta2002
Jeremy W. SallesUniversity of California, IrvineMu-Delta2000
Harry N. EpplyLinfield CollegeMu-Epsilon2006
Huy T. LeUniversity of LouisvilleMu-Eta2004
Dale A. CarricoUniversity of LouisvilleMu-Eta2001
Gary M. LivingstonTexas A&M UniversityMu-Gamma1999
Danny J. HoltzclawTexas A&M UniversityMu-Gamma1994
Andrew M. WidmerTexas A&M UniversityMu-Gamma2000
Jarret H. StuartUniversity of CalgaryMu-Lambda1995
Darin W. PhalenUniversity of CalgaryMu-Lambda1984
Kevin L. MantlerUniversity of CalgaryMu-Lambda2002
Timothy M. PettitBoston UniversityMu-Psi1999
Aaron M. PlittBoston UniversityMu-Psi1998
Kevin M. CusickMissouri State UniversityMu-Rho2001
Dewain S. RiddleMissouri State UniversityMu-Rho1996
Roy M. Brock, Jr.Austin Peay State UniversityMu-Tau1994
Brenton J. NairUniversity of Northern IowaMu-Upsilon1985
Ewart J. De VisserUniversity of North Carolina at WilmingtonMu-Zeta2003
Benjamin E. NetterUniversity of North Carolina at WilmingtonMu-Zeta2004
Ricky T. TrotmanCollege of William and MaryNu2006
Kyle A. MilgramCalifornia Polytechnic State University, San Luis ObispoNu-Alpha2016
Alex P. RemiticadoCalifornia Polytechnic State University, San Luis ObispoNu-Alpha2015
Jorge A. De LeonCalifornia Polytechnic State University, San Luis ObispoNu-Alpha1992
Matthew F. MillerNorthern Illinois UniversityNu-Beta1989
Tyson G. JaquezNew Mexico State UniversityNu-Epsilon2003
David C. MaestasNew Mexico State UniversityNu-Epsilon2011
Kevin P. GabellNew Mexico State UniversityNu-Epsilon2008
Edward R. KellumNew Mexico State UniversityNu-Epsilon2002
Brandon J. KlukNew Mexico State UniversityNu-Epsilon2002
Emilio C. MondragonNew Mexico State UniversityNu-Epsilon2010
Steven TripariPratt InstituteNu-Gamma2010
Steven MorinPratt InstituteNu-Gamma2014
Suraj S. GandhiPratt InstituteNu-Gamma2006
Raymond A. PalkoRowan UniversityNu-Iota1999
David I. GrayRowan UniversityNu-Iota1993
Christopher A. DurhamUniversity of Central ArkansasNu-Kappa1993
William R. WilsonUniversity of Central ArkansasNu-Kappa2007
Daniel S. MayorgaCalifornia State University, SacramentoNu-Lambda1997
Charles J. VayianosUniversity of TampaNu-Omega1994
Britain C. FassettThe University of Texas at DallasNu-Omicron1997
Thomas B. FarquharsonThe University of Texas at DallasNu-Omicron2000
James R. AllenThe University of Texas at DallasNu-Omicron2001
Jeffrey A. WhiteThe University of Texas at DallasNu-Omicron2002
David I. BindelThe University of Texas at DallasNu-Omicron2006
Enrique Q. Echaniz, Jr.The University of Texas at DallasNu-Omicron1996
William C. SherrodThe University of Texas at DallasNu-Omicron2003
Sean D. CarverThe University of Texas at DallasNu-Omicron1999
Garrett H. DimonThe University of Texas at DallasNu-Omicron1997
Brandon H. BuiThe University of Texas at DallasNu-Omicron2013
Minh N. MatherThe University of Texas at DallasNu-Omicron2018
Juan F. VargasThe University of Texas at DallasNu-Omicron1999
Jared B. PughThe University of Texas at DallasNu-Omicron2018
Christopher A. HuntThe University of Texas at DallasNu-Omicron1995
Keith R. CannizzaroThe University of Texas at DallasNu-Omicron1997
Andrew N. TranThe University of Texas at DallasNu-Omicron2001
Frederic A. CooperThe University of Texas at DallasNu-Omicron2000
Matthew B. MorganThe University of Texas at DallasNu-Omicron1998
Cody P. McCullarThe University of Texas at DallasNu-Omicron1998
Edward F. BerbarieThe University of Texas at DallasNu-Omicron1995
Zachary N. RenfroThe University of Texas at DallasNu-Omicron2000
Eric D. LewisThe University of Texas at DallasNu-Omicron2008
Zachary R. LairThe University of Texas at DallasNu-Omicron2013
Jason M. Marchetti, MDThe University of Texas at DallasNu-Omicron1993
David A. Mc CoyThe University of Texas at DallasNu-Omicron2002
Jimmy LyThe University of Texas at DallasNu-Omicron2001
ClintThe University of Texas at DallasNu-Omicron1996
Steven D. HughesThe University of Texas at DallasNu-Omicron2003
John W. StadlerThe University of Texas at DallasNu-Omicron2002
Kevin A. BurchThe University of Texas at DallasNu-Omicron2011
David A. ShipleyThe University of Texas at DallasNu-Omicron2001
John S. GrahamNortheastern State UniversityNu-Phi2011
Jesse D. WeylNortheastern State UniversityNu-Phi2010
Cameron M. WrightNortheastern State UniversityNu-Phi2011
Eric R. KnittelNortheastern State UniversityNu-Phi1994
Ryan E. LeCroneNortheastern State UniversityNu-Phi2016
Alexander E. BreedloveNortheastern State UniversityNu-Phi2016
Craig S. HenryNortheastern State UniversityNu-Phi1995
Mitchell E. GrahamNortheastern State UniversityNu-Phi2012
Jose A. CortesSoutheastern Oklahoma State UniversityNu-Rho1998
Stephen A. Cantrell, Jr.Southeastern Oklahoma State UniversityNu-Rho1997
Cody D. CommanderSoutheastern Oklahoma State UniversityNu-Rho1999
Jon B. LewisSoutheastern Oklahoma State UniversityNu-Rho1996
Joseph M. TerantinoWinthrop UniversityNu-Upsilon1996
Peter R. OlingerWinthrop UniversityNu-Upsilon1999
Henry P. ShookWinthrop UniversityNu-Upsilon1994
Christopher D. KietzmanWinthrop UniversityNu-Upsilon1999
Matthew D. PhillipsWinthrop UniversityNu-Upsilon2002
Paul G. VanaWinthrop UniversityNu-Upsilon2004
Christopher D. BradyWinthrop UniversityNu-Upsilon2004
John D. RoudaWinthrop UniversityNu-Upsilon1998
Sean P. BondWinthrop UniversityNu-Upsilon2001
Christopher A. ChandlerWinthrop UniversityNu-Upsilon1999
Zachary P. RingleinWinthrop UniversityNu-Upsilon2011
Jason J. DeyUniversity of Wisconsin-OshkoshNu-Zeta2000
Cole Byron LeGrangeNicholls State UniversityOmicron-Chi2016
Wesam I. ReemawiNicholls State UniversityOmicron-Chi2018
Joshua J. BoudreauxNicholls State UniversityOmicron-Chi2007
Luke HardcastleAdelphi UniversityOmicron-Epsilon2006
Peter MonahanAdelphi UniversityOmicron-Epsilon2006
Philip F. Di SantoAdelphi UniversityOmicron-Epsilon2009
Adam R. SchoepflinAdelphi UniversityOmicron-Epsilon2006
Robert M. CarrollAdelphi UniversityOmicron-Epsilon2010
Hernan RicoNova Southeastern UniversityOmicron-Eta2005
Matthew H. MercilNova Southeastern UniversityOmicron-Eta2006
Spencer B. RibaArkansas Tech UniversityOmicron-Gamma2006
Logan J. LanterArmstrong State UniversityOmicron-Iota2011
Guilherme M. LimaArmstrong State UniversityOmicron-Iota2012
Wesley D. Wells, Jr.Armstrong State UniversityOmicron-Iota2011
William B. McCartyArmstrong State UniversityOmicron-Iota2012
Nicholas E. SandersArmstrong State UniversityOmicron-Iota2012
Shaun A. BlumArmstrong State UniversityOmicron-Iota2012
Rob C. QuatelaKennesaw State UniversityOmicron-Kappa2008
Nathan M. AttallaKennesaw State UniversityOmicron-Kappa2009
Edward S. ByerleyKennesaw State UniversityOmicron-Kappa2012
Samuel M. VaseekaranKennesaw State UniversityOmicron-Kappa2006
Victor L. WardKennesaw State UniversityOmicron-Kappa2006
Brandon L. ParrishSouthern Polytechnic State UniversityOmicron-Lambda2010
Trey E. MathewsSouthern Polytechnic State UniversityOmicron-Lambda2009
Michael J. MontgomerySouthern Polytechnic State UniversityOmicron-Lambda2010
Daren B. HigginbothamSouthern Polytechnic State UniversityOmicron-Lambda2006
Jeremy R. ByessSouthern Polytechnic State UniversityOmicron-Lambda2011
Spencer CordovaCalifornia State University, BakersfieldOmicron-Mu2016
Benjamin L. RussellCalifornia State University, BakersfieldOmicron-Mu2008
Michael MorrisCalifornia State University, StanislausOmicron-Omega2016
Dustin P. WrightCalifornia State University, StanislausOmicron-Omega2007
Bradley J. WilkersonCalifornia State University, StanislausOmicron-Omega2013
Nicholas G. HernandezCalifornia State University, StanislausOmicron-Omega2009
Kirk C. MeyerCalifornia State University, StanislausOmicron-Omega2012
Jeffrey A. VigilCalifornia State University, StanislausOmicron-Omega2009
Matthew A. EichsteadtCalifornia State University, StanislausOmicron-Omega2011
Morgan M. RobertsCalifornia State University, StanislausOmicron-Omega2014
Gaven J. BlundonWashington CollegeOmicron-Phi2008
Jack T. NevinsWashington CollegeOmicron-Phi2016
Matthew T. GibsonWashington CollegeOmicron-Phi2009
Zameer MasjedeeCarleton UniversityOmicron-Pi2012
Christian J. CalpitoCarleton UniversityOmicron-Pi2016
Rares N. NeculaCarleton UniversityOmicron-Pi2010
Joseph CiraoloBloomsburg University Of PennsylvaniaOmicron-Psi2014
Jesse S. McClainBloomsburg University Of PennsylvaniaOmicron-Psi2007
Joseph W. WrightBloomsburg University Of PennsylvaniaOmicron-Psi2008
Christopher M. DuaneBloomsburg University Of PennsylvaniaOmicron-Psi2009
Troy E. Gibson, Jr.Bloomsburg University Of PennsylvaniaOmicron-Psi2011
James O. SaglBloomsburg University Of PennsylvaniaOmicron-Psi2007
Daniel J. StohlinUniversity of Michigan-FlintOmicron-Rho2013
Andrew D. FinkUniversity of Michigan-FlintOmicron-Rho2008
Dre L. LeslieUniversity of Michigan-FlintOmicron-Rho2009
Oliver A. DarziUniversity of Michigan-FlintOmicron-Rho2009
Jared A. ArnoldUniversity of Michigan-FlintOmicron-Rho2008
Christopher D. DeSantiSlippery Rock University of PennsylvaniaOmicron-Sigma2014
Joseph N. LukasTemple UniversityOmicron-Upsilon2007
Steven M. RitchieTemple UniversityOmicron-Upsilon2012
Ryan J. NovakUniversity of LethbridgeOmicron-Xi2011
Dwane I. TegmanUniversity of Hawaii at ManoaOmicron-Zeta2011
Joshua S. FriedmanUniversity of Hawaii at ManoaOmicron-Zeta2016
Jashua-Lee M. WalkerUniversity of Hawaii at ManoaOmicron-Zeta2012
Leung T. Lee-WilsonUniversity of Hawaii at ManoaOmicron-Zeta2007
Keoni K. MonizUniversity of Hawaii at ManoaOmicron-Zeta2009
Brent W. MorganRhodes CollegePhi1999
William A. StetzlerRhodes CollegePhi1995
Brandon G. WaggonerRhodes CollegePhi1997
Noah HembreeMissouri Southern State UniversityPi-Eta2016
William P. LynchMissouri Southern State UniversityPi-Eta2008
Luis F. AcostaJohnson & Wales University-North MiamiPi-Gamma2013
Juan G. MejiaJohnson & Wales University-North MiamiPi-Gamma2015
Joseph J. LouisJohnson & Wales University-North MiamiPi-Gamma2013
Gregory T. FrisoliRamapo College of New JerseyPi-Nu2012
Anthony J. McMahonSacred Heart UniversityPi-Omega2009
Casey R. ChalifourUniversity of Colorado Colorado SpringsPi-Omicron2010
Eugene C. EvansUniversity of Colorado Colorado SpringsPi-Omicron2009
Jack E. DeLorenzoBrooklyn CollegePi-Phi2009
Adrian A. MartinezNew Mexico Institute of Mining and TechnologyPi-Tau2009
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Jesse A. WeaverStevens Institute of TechnologyRho-Omega2013
Joseph E. HoganStevens Institute of TechnologyRho-Omega2012
Paul R. RochetteStevens Institute of TechnologyRho-Omega2012
Sawyer I. ColemanStevens Institute of TechnologyRho-Omega2014
Nicholas C. LavigneStevens Institute of TechnologyRho-Omega2018
Ryan W. LudemannStevens Institute of TechnologyRho-Omega2019
Edward D. ValdezStevens Institute of TechnologyRho-Omega2018
Daniel J. RosenbergerStevens Institute of TechnologyRho-Omega2017
Gabriel F. RodriguezUniversity of California, MercedRho-Omicron2011
Trevor BailonUniversity of California, MercedRho-Omicron2015
Alexandro Perez-TovarUniversity of California, MercedRho-Omicron2011
Joseph G. McCorkleYoung Harris CollegeRho-Pi2016
Fernando SerranoYoung Harris CollegeRho-Pi2012
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Daniel CisnerosHunter CollegeSigma-Epsilon2012
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Jared B. BiunnoBinghamton University-State University of New YorkSigma-Nu2013
Caleb C. AveryFurman UniversitySigma-Omicron2013
Michael C. ToddOld Dominion UniversitySigma-Theta2012
Bartek SzymanskiPace UniversityTau-Delta2015
Michael J. UngUniversity of Nevada, RenoTau-Gamma2016
Nicholas J. VerschleiserMontclair State UniversityTau-Omega2019
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Jonathan D. WebbCumberland UniversityTheta Prime2012
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