Kappa Sigma Military Heroes Campaign

The Kappa Sigma Military Heroes Campaign is committed to supporting ongoing care for our military veterans and their families. We aggressively pursue opportunities to assist our nation’s veterans with financial and organizational support to help them overcome the battles they fight every day.

The Military Heroes Campaign is rooted in the idea that every veteran deserves a stable life and an active community of supporters. We do this through the generous donations of thousands of donors just like you and work with trustworthy organizations to ensure that donations go directly to those veterans who need it most.

Xi-Beta Chapter at Northeastern University’s annual Military Heroes 5K
A Greater Cause Commissioner, Michael Hall participating in the Homes For Our Troops Golf Tournament.

A Mission Of Giving Back

Since 2007, the Kappa Sigma Military Heroes Campaign has raised over $2 million dollars to aid our veterans across North America. The Military Heroes Campaign is an initiative that consists of organizations focused on providing care for veterans and their families.

The Military Heroes Campaign is primarily funded through donations and philanthropic fundraising from local Kappa Sigma Fraternity undergraduate chapters. We also accept direct donations from the public in support of the campaign and chapter efforts. Through these gifts, our organization continues to provide the support needed to make the lives of veterans and their families better.

Veterans Need Your Support

We take pride in working with our community to provide opportunities for our servicemen and women. Your donations are sent to a select group of organizations who advocate on behalf of wounded veterans. We won’t stop supporting our heroic combat veterans, and we ask that you help us in the mission to provide the care that they deserve.

Military Heroes Campaign In Action

The Kappa Sigma Military Heroes Campaign is rooted in finding new and effective methods to help our military veterans and their families. Since veterans and their families face a wide range of challenges, we partner with several leading and trustworthy organizations to provide the financial support they need to drive change for our veteran community.

The Military Heroes Campaign thoroughly researches each organization we partner with to ensure your donations will be used to support our veterans in the best way possible. Since our organization is operated by volunteers and the Kappa Sigma Fraternity covers all overhead, you can be assured that 100% of your generous donations to the Military Heroes Campaign will go to our partners and our veterans. None of your donations will be applied to administrative or other costs unless specifically noted.

Once a year we challenge our chapters and colonies from across North America to compete in our Annual Military Heroes Month Competition. Together, we showcase our support as Kappa Sigmas for those that put their lives on the line to keep us safe and guarantee our freedoms.

The competition runs for the month of November and points are awarded to chapters and colonies based on achievements in these three categories:

  • Social Media
  • Dollars Per Man
  • Hours Per Man

Your Donations Support Our Partners

SEAL Legacy Foundation


Veterans Moving Forward


Homes For Our Troops


Veteran Success Resource Group


Warriors & Quiet Waters Foundation


The Catch A Lift Fund



Minority Veterans of America


True Patriot Love