Alumni Dues are tax-deductible and will cover the current school year (June 1, 2020 through May 31, 2021), donations starting at $50, and just $25 for young alumni. 50% of your annual Alumni Dues are donated directly to your Chapter Scholarship Fund. 

Upon receipt of your Alumni Dues payment, we will send you an official Kappa Sigma Alumni Association Card. It will include your name, chapter and year of initiation. 

Pay Your Annual Alumni Dues:

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You can also donate via check, by mailing it to the Kappa Sigma Endowment Fund at 1610 Scottsville Rd Charlottesville, VA 22902. Use the card to show your fraternal pride and receive special benefits and discounts from our partners.

Lifetime Alumni Dues Members:

Recognition Name Preferred Chapter Preferred University Initiation Year Old
Pranus SebastianAAA Test ChapterAAA Test University
Bruce D. WeseleskeyAlpha-AlphaUniversity of Maryland, College Park1982
Stephen R. DavidsonAlpha-AlphaUniversity of Maryland, College Park1982
Thomas P. Bishop, Esq.Alpha-BetaMercer University1979
William D. Wally, Jr.Alpha-BetaMercer University1972
Richard M. Pankratz, CFP, CEBSAlpha-BetaMercer University1974
John P. Cole, MDAlpha-BetaMercer University1978
Larry B. Weems, IIAlpha-BetaMercer University1983
Thomas F. BishopAlpha-BetaMercer University2001
Frank R. Whiteley, Jr.Alpha-BetaMercer University1957
Morgan S. TempletonAlpha-BetaMercer University1990
Douglas C. PullenAlpha-BetaMercer University1964
Michael W. HarrisAlpha-EpsilonUniversity of Pennsylvania1986
Nathaniel R. MorrisAlpha-EtaThe George Washington University2000
Edward V. KislikAlpha-EtaThe George Washington University1975
Mathew J. McGintyAlpha-EtaThe George Washington University1979
Daniel J. BoylanAlpha-GammaUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign1984
Douglas B. GehrigAlpha-GammaUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign1969
John B. Robertson, Jr.Alpha-IotaUniversity of Tennessee at Chattanooga1979
Charles L. Barndt, Jr.Alpha-KappaCornell University1959
Richard E. HazardAlpha-KappaCornell University1974
Richard B. GoldAlpha-KappaCornell University1972
David A. CadoganAlpha-KappaCornell University2000
William P. BenjaminAlpha-MuThe University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill1973
Daniel E. PerryAlpha-MuThe University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill1950
Jason C. CoxAlpha-NuWofford College2015
Jeremy E. EckenrothAlpha-PhiBucknell University1999
Kevin J. MasurAlpha-PiWabash College1998
Thomas W. BondAlpha-PiWabash College1985
Jeremy M. WalkerAlpha-PiWabash College1989
Kenneth A. HaggeAlpha-PsiUniversity of Nebraska-Lincoln1951
Troy D. MoserAlpha-PsiUniversity of Nebraska-Lincoln1989
James L. SherwoodAlpha-PsiUniversity of Nebraska-Lincoln1976
Matthew T. HendersonAlpha-PsiUniversity of Nebraska-Lincoln1986
William A. HardingAlpha-PsiUniversity of Nebraska-Lincoln1963
Michael J. ClarkAlpha-SigmaThe Ohio State University1979
J. William Goodhew, IIIAlpha-TauGeorgia Institute of Technology1956
B. Steve Pittman, Sr.Alpha-UpsilonMillsaps College2016
Morgan W. MorrisAlpha-UpsilonMillsaps College1984
James L. Roberts, Jr.Alpha-UpsilonMillsaps College1965
John E. MerowAlpha-ZetaUniversity of Michigan1949
Darren A. M. BubaBetaThe University of Alabama1994
Brian G. IveyBeta-BetaUniversity of Richmond1987
Zachary D. ClarkeBeta-BetaUniversity of Richmond2019
Richard A. HeppeBeta-ChiMissouri University of Science and Technology1968
Philip S. RoushBeta-ChiMissouri University of Science and Technology1954
Richard T. Bradley, P.E.Beta-ChiMissouri University of Science and Technology1984
William S. KirchoffBeta-ChiMissouri University of Science and Technology1960
Clay A. McNailBeta-ChiMissouri University of Science and Technology1994
John J. DowlingBeta-ChiMissouri University of Science and Technology1968
Gary E. RoebkeBeta-ChiMissouri University of Science and Technology1974
Frank P. Allen, IIIBeta-ChiMissouri University of Science and Technology1973
Michael W. FugateBeta-ChiMissouri University of Science and Technology1973
Donald A. Turcke, MDBeta-DeltaWashington & Jefferson College1955
John R. WoodsBeta-EpsilonUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison1953
Douglas A. HamakerBeta-EpsilonUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison2006
John W. Baughman, IIIBeta-EtaAuburn University1956
William W. PetitBeta-EtaAuburn University1985
Batey M. Gresham, Jr.Beta-EtaAuburn University1953
Horace Anthony "Tony" McCullarBeta-EtaAuburn University1966
Lea S. SchultzBeta-EtaAuburn University1958
Henry C. MilfordBeta-GammaUniversity of Missouri1951
Robert R. ChristianBeta-GammaUniversity of Missouri1952
James A. WillinghamBeta-GammaUniversity of Missouri1949
Sam F. HamraBeta-GammaUniversity of Missouri1952
Howard B. FoltzBeta-IotaLehigh University1974
Tyler D. RomanoBeta-KappaUniversity of New Hampshire2014
Thomas P. HayesBeta-KappaUniversity of New Hampshire1984
Michael E. O'MalleyBeta-KappaUniversity of New Hampshire1985
Ward G. GalanisBeta-KappaUniversity of New Hampshire1975
K. Byrom DickensBeta-LambdaUniversity of Georgia1962
James E. ThrowerBeta-LambdaUniversity of Georgia1984
James P. Trotter, Jr.Beta-LambdaUniversity of Georgia1968
Daniel J. Greenwald, IIIBeta-MuUniversity of Minnesota-Twin Cities1968
Paul C. EwertBeta-MuUniversity of Minnesota-Twin Cities1983
Mark T. FarabeeBeta-MuUniversity of Minnesota-Twin Cities1966
Clair R. LarsonBeta-MuUniversity of Minnesota-Twin Cities1952
Jerry FreemanBeta-MuUniversity of Minnesota-Twin Cities1978
Miles W. Van SaunBeta-NuUniversity of Kentucky2014
James W. StuckertBeta-NuUniversity of Kentucky1956
R. Michael GrayBeta-NuUniversity of Kentucky1977
Brian S. MastersBeta-NuUniversity of Kentucky1990
Jonathan S. NalliBeta-NuUniversity of Kentucky1994
Roger D. BairdBeta-NuUniversity of Kentucky1972
James T. GraingerBeta-OmicronUniversity of Denver2006
Norton A. BillingsBeta-OmicronUniversity of Denver1951
Douglas O. StreetBeta-PhiUniversity of California, Davis1968
Charles R. CraigBeta-PiDickinson College1962
John M. Frodesen, Jr.Beta-PsiUniversity of Washington1966
John J. KeltchBeta-PsiUniversity of Washington1984
Jack D. MunterBeta-RhoUniversity of Iowa1973
Alan S. PinsteinBeta-SigmaWashington University in St.Louis1993
Harold J. Daub, Jr., EsquireBeta-SigmaWashington University in St.Louis1960
Alan RobisonBeta-TauBaker University1984
Mark J. SauerBeta-ThetaIndiana University1976
Lee R. Ford, IIIBeta-ThetaIndiana University1965
Charles W. Love, IIBeta-ThetaIndiana University1993
Gregory S. HuntBeta-UpsilonNorth Carolina State University1979
Donald J. CurtisBeta-UpsilonNorth Carolina State University1977
Aaron J. AubrechtBeta-UpsilonNorth Carolina State University1991
Gus G. CortesisBeta-UpsilonNorth Carolina State University1978
John H. MurrayBeta-ZetaStanford University2012
Craig R. BarrettBeta-ZetaStanford University1958
Christian D. ValentineBeta-ZetaStanford University1983
Dan L. KirbyBeta-ZetaStanford University1965
Eugene W. HarrisBeta-ZetaStanford University1983
David W. BlackledgeChiPurdue University1951
Robert B. CovaltChiPurdue University1950
Eric J. MayerChiPurdue University2003
Zachary A. GodsilChiPurdue University2008
Herbert W. CuthbertsonChi-OmegaUniversity of South Carolina1966
John G. LeeChi-OmegaUniversity of South Carolina1985
Frank Calandra, Jr.Delta-AlphaCarnegie Mellon University1956
Scott J. SpectorDelta-AlphaCarnegie Mellon University1971
Brett C. SmithDelta-AlphaCarnegie Mellon University1990
Harry M. Jones, USA(Ret)Delta-BetaLafayette College1963
Tip JohnstonDelta-ChiMississippi State University1996
J. Haynie StringerDelta-ChiMississippi State University1966
Robert D. MiddletonDelta-ChiMississippi State University1957
Wilton T. Sanders, Jr.Delta-ChiMississippi State University1943
Richard E. ShapleyDelta-ChiMississippi State University1997
John D. Davis, IVDelta-ChiMississippi State University1985
Matthew B. NoblesDelta-DeltaUniversity of Florida2007
Robert M. Quinlan, IIIDelta-DeltaUniversity of Florida1965
Ralph M. StevensDelta-DeltaUniversity of Florida1982
Kenneth L. GrovesDelta-DeltaUniversity of Florida1969
Norris W. WalkerDelta-EpsilonUniversity of Toronto1953
Kenneth H. Hunter, IIIDelta-EtaUniversity of Southern California1965
Harlan D. WilliamsDelta-EtaUniversity of Southern California1956
Patrick F. LeeDelta-EtaUniversity of Southern California1996
Robert H. GrantDelta-EtaUniversity of Southern California1977
Patrick S. YoungDelta-EtaUniversity of Southern California1997
Bradford G. HughesDelta-EtaUniversity of Southern California2000
Dann V. AngeloffDelta-EtaUniversity of Southern California1954
Michael D. HaneyDelta-EtaUniversity of Southern California1972
John M. Hobble, IIDelta-GammaUniversity of Wyoming1972
Bruce WahlborgDelta-GammaUniversity of Wyoming1973
Damon E. AndersonDelta-MuUniversity of North Dakota1990
John R. Klai, IIDelta-MuUniversity of North Dakota1971
Jeffrey J. FraneDelta-MuUniversity of North Dakota1983
Hugh S. StoudtDelta-MuUniversity of North Dakota1998
Daniel W. PattersonDelta-MuUniversity of North Dakota1967
John A. Lohse, USAFDelta-MuUniversity of North Dakota1965
Charles R. WilliamsDelta-NuUniversity of California, Los Angeles1953
David W. PerskyDelta-PiSouthern Methodist University1969
Mitchell MaddenDelta-PiSouthern Methodist University1978
Brett E. GrossmanDelta-PiSouthern Methodist University1991
Michael H. GarciaDelta-PiSouthern Methodist University1975
Garry W. KohlDelta-PsiMichigan State University1986
Michael J. WolthuisDelta-PsiMichigan State University1998
David L. SlagleDelta-RhoFranklin & Marshall College1974
Charles K. MonfortDelta-SigmaThe University of Utah1978
Philip M. SalemiDelta-XiUniversity of Mississippi1978
William F. JohnsonDelta-XiUniversity of Mississippi1957
Brian J. BauerDelta-ZetaUniversity of New Mexico2002
Mark A. GreveEpsilonCentenary College of Louisiana1971
Matthew G. StonebrakerEpsilon-BetaUniversity of Miami2013
Adam S. ApatoffEpsilon-BetaUniversity of Miami1990
William A. KeatyEpsilon-ChiUniversity of Louisiana at Lafayette1965
Patrick D. WebbEpsilon-DeltaNorthwestern University1997
Frederick W. Walker, MDEpsilon-EtaBowling Green State University1966
Terry T. Bromell, IIEpsilon-GammaLouisiana Tech University1988
Travis L. DeFreeseEpsilon-GammaLouisiana Tech University1951
Randle R. HodgesEpsilon-GammaLouisiana Tech University1965
David L. WattersEpsilon-GammaLouisiana Tech University2006
David L. BradleyEpsilon-IotaSan Diego State University1982
Thomas C. RomineEpsilon-IotaSan Diego State University1989
Peter D. WagenerEpsilon-IotaSan Diego State University1989
Robert C. Nightingale, Jr.Epsilon-IotaSan Diego State University1970
Brett A. JonesEpsilon-IotaSan Diego State University1979
Huel J. Oldham, USAF (Ret)Epsilon-IotaSan Diego State University1957
Jonathan B. DetwilerEpsilon-MuThe University of Tulsa1950
Michael I. ColbyEpsilon-MuThe University of Tulsa1989
Hugh M. Robert, Esq.Epsilon-MuThe University of Tulsa1995
Stuart W. GhanEpsilon-MuThe University of Tulsa2003
Adam J. MerillatEpsilon-MuThe University of Tulsa2002
Christopher L. ArmstrongEpsilon-MuThe University of Tulsa1996
Gregory A. HopemanEpsilon-MuThe University of Tulsa1972
Richard H. "Dicky" LairdEpsilon-NuUniversity of Southern Mississippi1969
Guy V. WinsteadEpsilon-NuUniversity of Southern Mississippi1989
Warren L. Reuther, Jr.Epsilon-NuUniversity of Southern Mississippi1964
R. Karl Langenbach IIIEpsilon-NuUniversity of Southern Mississippi1957
Caesar A. LamonacaEpsilon-NuUniversity of Southern Mississippi1969
Buford C. Blount, IIIEpsilon-NuUniversity of Southern Mississippi1967
R. William MurrayEpsilon-OmegaGeorgia State University1966
Michael E. NoelEpsilon-PhiTexas Tech University1995
James E. RiveraEpsilon-PhiTexas Tech University1979
Derek WalekoEpsilon-PhiTexas Tech University2001
Joseph D. GrahamEpsilon-PhiTexas Tech University2008
Truett W. Poer, Jr.Epsilon-PhiTexas Tech University1961
John D. JohnstonEpsilon-PhiTexas Tech University1960
Warren J. DavisEpsilon-PiUniversity of Memphis1991
Charles E. CloudEpsilon-PiUniversity of Memphis1991
Toby H. TaylorEpsilon-PsiThe University of Memphis Lambuth1995
Cary E. VaughnEpsilon-PsiThe University of Memphis Lambuth1991
Ernest L. Betz, Jr.Epsilon-PsiThe University of Memphis Lambuth1967
Cliff A. HughesEpsilon-PsiThe University of Memphis Lambuth2002
Zachary L. CoxEpsilon-RhoKent State University2011
Ronald W. BurnetteEpsilon-SigmaFlorida State University1981
Mark R. ArrigoEpsilon-SigmaFlorida State University1987
Christopher A. CooleyEpsilon-TauCalifornia State University, Fresno1989
David J. BarnettEpsilon-TauCalifornia State University, Fresno1981
James R. GansonEpsilon-TauCalifornia State University, Fresno1988
Charles A. KirschenmannEpsilon-TauCalifornia State University, Fresno1965
James T. ClarkeEpsilon-ThetaUniversity of California, Santa Barbara1961
Mark J. GallardoEpsilon-XiThe University of Texas at El Paso1993
Frank C. Bartlett, Jr.Epsilon-ZetaUniversity of Connecticut1997
Jonathan J. Piazza-HarperEpsilon-ZetaUniversity of Connecticut2004
Scott F. Bobbitt, USAFEpsilon-ZetaUniversity of Connecticut1982
Christopher J. LafondEpsilon-ZetaUniversity of Connecticut1984
Alexander K. AsbellEtaRandolph-Macon College2012
Donal L. McClamroch, Jr.EtaRandolph-Macon College1974
Cory D. ForeEtaRandolph-Macon College2013
Thomas P. GraingerEta PrimeDurham, NC1971
Larry K. PageGammaLouisiana State University1952
Billy J. SneedGammaLouisiana State University1977
Gregory T. BolanGammaLouisiana State University1971
Michael J. BusadaGammaLouisiana State University2002
Charles W. "Wally" McMakinGammaLouisiana State University1973
Patrick J. KilkennyGamma-AlphaUniversity of Oregon1972
Richard W. KoeGamma-AlphaUniversity of Oregon1977
Waldon B. ByersGamma-AlphaUniversity of Oregon1950
David K. LowGamma-AlphaUniversity of Oregon1987
C. Thomas HarringtonGamma-Beta PrimeMillikin University1967
Frederick J. WulffGamma-ChiKansas State University1964
Benjamin C. BluntGamma-ChiKansas State University2009
Michael E. GardnerGamma-ChiKansas State University1982
E. Andrew Wilde, Jr.Gamma-EpsilonDartmouth College1947
Gregory W. Hudnall, Jr.Gamma-GammaColorado School of Mines2004
Michael M. BlakeGamma-GammaColorado School of Mines1985
William S. BaylisGamma-IotaSyracuse University1966
Barry C. McNeillGamma-KappaThe University of Oklahoma1961
Alva V. Jones, Jr.Gamma-KappaThe University of Oklahoma1950
Jon R. JonesGamma-KappaThe University of Oklahoma1954
Jeffrey F. SiegristGamma-KappaThe University of Oklahoma1981
Adam N. BushGamma-KappaThe University of Oklahoma2000
C. Thomas KnottsGamma-KappaThe University of Oklahoma1967
Christopher N. BrownGamma-KappaThe University of Oklahoma1990
Derek A. CampGamma-LambdaIowa State University2013
Jeremiah L. SouthardGamma-LambdaIowa State University1986
Brian R. TetmeyerGamma-LambdaIowa State University1988
Lanny R. PattenGamma-LambdaIowa State University1953
Harold M. MathesonGamma-LambdaIowa State University1951
James L. CorlissGamma-MuWashington State University1964
Charles B. Axton, II, Ph.D.Gamma-NuWashburn University1951
Walter T. BerryGamma-NuWashburn University1979
Brian C. CasebeerGamma-NuWashburn University1992
William H. HelsperGamma-NuWashburn University1965
Jeffrey R. FryeGamma-NuWashburn University1986
John W. Hovorka, MDGamma-NuWashburn University1986
Lloyd B. HanahanGamma-OmicronUniversity of Kansas1956
Honorable Robert J. DoleGamma-OmicronUniversity of Kansas1942
E. Rod RossGamma-OmicronUniversity of Kansas1968
Ronald G. MorrisonGamma-OmicronUniversity of Kansas1983
David A. Van EekerenGamma-OmicronUniversity of Kansas1988
Jonathan W. McConnellGamma-OmicronUniversity of Kansas2002
Daniel J. D'ArrigoGamma-PhiWest Virginia University1989
George A. FlumeGamma-PiMassachusetts Institute of Technology1943
Joshua B. LuceroGamma-PsiOklahoma State University2005
C. Eugene BrockGamma-PsiOklahoma State University1954
Cecil P. Baker, Jr.Gamma-PsiOklahoma State University1964
Andrew E. HelmsGamma-PsiOklahoma State University1949
Gary R. JonesGamma-PsiOklahoma State University1968
John A. ThomasGamma-PsiOklahoma State University1988
Craig T. IrelandGamma-PsiOklahoma State University1998
David P. LambertGamma-PsiOklahoma State University1958
William S. BivinGamma-PsiOklahoma State University1968
John C. LinehanGamma-PsiOklahoma State University1958
Craig A. CarrollGamma-PsiOklahoma State University1978
Jeffrey M. KlingerGamma-RhoUniversity of Arizona1994
Frank M. Hall, Jr.Gamma-SigmaOregon State University1982
Steven G. KunkleGamma-SigmaOregon State University1977
Philip H. PaaschGamma-SigmaOregon State University1962
Oliver W. BurnsGamma-TauUniversity of Colorado Boulder2010
Richard G. WalkerGamma-TauUniversity of Colorado Boulder1983
Robert A. O'NeilGamma-TauUniversity of Colorado Boulder2007
Scott A. HebeisenGamma-ThetaUniversity of Idaho1994
Craig A. LandronGamma-ThetaUniversity of Idaho1989
Brandon Y. LeungGamma-UpsilonRutgers, The State University of New Jersey2011
Frank W. WynnGamma-UpsilonRutgers, The State University of New Jersey1967
Alfred B. Dayton, Jr.Gamma-UpsilonRutgers, The State University of New Jersey1951
Raymond T. KishGamma-UpsilonRutgers, The State University of New Jersey1964
John Cannon, IIIGamma-XiDenison University1973
Brooks W. GarrisonGamma-XiDenison University1985
Julius B. YoungIotaSouthwestern University2011
James L. GraceIotaSouthwestern University1995
Gerald W. SylvesterIotaSouthwestern University1959
Lee R. BergerKappaVanderbilt University1985
Robert G. Burton, Jr.KappaVanderbilt University1994
Dwight I. ArnesenKappaVanderbilt University1974
Terrance S. LynnKappaVanderbilt University1992
Peter D. KinnearKappaVanderbilt University1966
Kenneth D. GoodrichKappa-AlphaUniversity of Nevada, Las Vegas1980
Gregory A. MarshKappa-BetaIndiana State University1979
Keith W. BurksKappa-BetaIndiana State University1977
Thomas R. HewlettKappa-BetaIndiana State University1969
John P. Gaillard, IVKappa-ChiCollege of Charleston1992
Austin K. LassiterKappa-ChiCollege of Charleston1994
Troy T. DunmireKappa-DeltaUniversity of South Florida1995
Pedro A. GalvanKappa-EpsilonThe University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley2014
Ben Cantu, IIKappa-EpsilonThe University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley2001
S. Christian NascimentoKappa-EtaWidener University1993
Sperry J. Van LangeveldKappa-EtaWidener University1968
John W. Hlywak, Jr.Kappa-EtaWidener University1968
James Scott HendrickKappa-GammaNorthern Arizona University1968
John Glen WhitleyKappa-GammaNorthern Arizona University1968
Robert L. O'BrienKappa-GammaNorthern Arizona University1972
Jason F. WilliamsKappa-KappaGeorgia Southwestern State University2000
William H. KingKappa-KappaGeorgia Southwestern State University1978
Keith James RussellKappa-LambdaShippensburg University2014
Adam T. PoeKappa-MuTennessee Technological University2006
Bruce S. SneadKappa-NuUniversity of South Alabama1974
Steve G. SewardKappa-NuUniversity of South Alabama1971
Mark C. IsaacsKappa-OmegaUniversity of North Carolina at Charlotte1977
David M. SuscoKappa-OmegaUniversity of North Carolina at Charlotte1987
William A. KiserKappa-OmicronLaGrange College1969
Brolin D. WaltersKappa-PhiGeorge Mason University2006
Adrian D. HodgeKappa-PhiGeorge Mason University1985
Brent L. WillisKappa-RhoBoise State University1993
Jason H. GruberKappa-ThetaIndiana University of Pennsylvania2007
Michael A. JacobKappa-UpsilonClemson University1976
James C. Hopke, Jr.Kappa-UpsilonClemson University1982
Jason B. FieldsKappa-ZetaGeorgia Southern University1988
Bobby W. Gaston, Jr.Kappa-ZetaGeorgia Southern University1974
Joseph M. McDermottLambdaThe University of Tennessee, Knoxville1991
John D. HawkinsLambdaThe University of Tennessee, Knoxville1983
Gregory L. SmithLambdaThe University of Tennessee, Knoxville1982
William B. Stokely, IIILambdaThe University of Tennessee, Knoxville1960
James A. KrugLambdaThe University of Tennessee, Knoxville1958
Edward L. ShobeLambdaThe University of Tennessee, Knoxville1961
James B. PayneLambda-BetaEast Tennessee State University1971
Brandon L. TriplettLambda-BetaEast Tennessee State University2006
Wesley P. SimonsLambda-DeltaUniversity of West Georgia1991
Gregory D. WatkinsLambda-DeltaUniversity of West Georgia1983
Aaron C. Van TasselLambda-EpsilonUniversity of Central Florida1993
Jeffery W. LairdLambda-EtaLamar University1985
Jacob C. ShaverLambda-GammaJacksonville State University2008
Brett O. SochaLambda-GammaJacksonville State University2008
Frank R. SpencerLambda-GammaJacksonville State University1971
Glenn A. CraigLambda-LambdaElon University1983
James H. SealLambda-OmicronUniversity of North Alabama1989
Ronald A. LuehrsLambda-PhiSam Houston State University1984
J. Chris JohnsonLambda-PiDelta State University2004
W. Laird HamberlinLambda-PiDelta State University1984
Jason C. HawthorneLambda-PiDelta State University1993
Henry D. StantonLambda-PiDelta State University2012
John H. GravesLambda-SigmaJames Madison University1981
Robert J. GusellaLambda-SigmaJames Madison University1983
Gregory C. MooreLambda-TauBaylor University2012
Derek L. MarchmanLambda-XiGeorgia College and State University1985
Shane W. JamisonLambda-ZetaVirginia Commonwealth University1997
William T. Basham, Jr.Lambda-ZetaVirginia Commonwealth University1999
John M. Hines, Sr.Lambda-ZetaVirginia Commonwealth University1971
Blake M. BaxterMu-DeltaUniversity of California, Irvine2000
Phillip R. WellsMu-DeltaUniversity of California, Irvine1982
William L. PopeMu-GammaTexas A&M University1986
David A. Morgan, IIMu-IotaGallaudet University2007
Robert J. KerganMu-LambdaUniversity of Calgary1990
James R. MugfordMu-LambdaUniversity of Calgary1987
John M. LapsleyMu-LambdaUniversity of Calgary1984
T. Mace LangstonMu-TauAustin Peay State University2001
J. Evan OttingerMu-TauAustin Peay State University2010
Neil A. RuddMu-UpsilonUniversity of Northern Iowa1985
Jonathan R. ScholtenMu-ZetaUniversity of North Carolina at Wilmington2001
Noah K. ScribnerMu-ZetaUniversity of North Carolina at Wilmington1999
Howard H. HyleNuCollege of William and Mary1943
Timothy S. HamiltonNuCollege of William and Mary1993
Mark W. FralinNu PrimeVirginia Polytechnic Institute & State University1978
Kevin B. BallanceNu PrimeVirginia Polytechnic Institute & State University1985
Brandon N. HaNu-AlphaCalifornia Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo2000
Gerard R. MagnoNu-AlphaCalifornia Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo1993
Philip J. HetuNu-EpsilonNew Mexico State University2003
Jaraun K. WrightNu-GammaPratt Institute2005
Kevin A. BollNu-LambdaCalifornia State University, Sacramento1992
Mark C. LoftinNu-LambdaCalifornia State University, Sacramento1991
Scott A. WaltonNu-LambdaCalifornia State University, Sacramento2001
Richard D. EddeNu-LambdaCalifornia State University, Sacramento1991
Thomas B. FarquharsonNu-OmicronThe University of Texas at Dallas2000
Jason M. Marchetti, MDNu-OmicronThe University of Texas at Dallas1993
Adam R. BishopNu-OmicronThe University of Texas at Dallas1995
Eric D. FischerNu-OmicronThe University of Texas at Dallas1993
John P. SchererNu-PhiNortheastern State University1995
James T. O'CasekNu-PsiUniversity of Cincinnati1997
Darren L. WitterNu-PsiUniversity of Cincinnati1994
Jeffrey B. KirklandNu-UpsilonWinthrop University1994
Shubhaganth VamadevanOmicron-AlphaRochester Institute of Technology2004
Anthony J. BufiOmicron-EtaNova Southeastern University2013
Michael MorrisOmicron-OmegaCalifornia State University, Stanislaus2016
Brian L. JansenOmicron-OmicronKutztown, PA2007
Christopher W. TinsmanOmicron-PhiWashington College2007
Leung T. Lee-WilsonOmicron-ZetaUniversity of Hawaii at Manoa2007
Michael J. TheuneOmicron-ZetaUniversity of Hawaii at Manoa2005
William H. Davis, Jr.PhiRhodes College1966
William P. LynchPi-EtaMissouri Southern State University2008
Marcel R. KydPi-KappaBentley University2008
Louis M. Di MeglioPi-PhiBrooklyn College2006
Howard CaiPi-PsiUniversity of California, San Diego2009
Ashish AroraPi-ZetaJohnson & Wales University-Charlotte2014
David L. RayPsiUniversity of Maine1981
Lawrence John LloydPsiUniversity of Maine1987
Robert M. PastorelliPsiUniversity of Maine1983
Bryant Wangard, Jr.RhoArizona State University2006
Martin C. PetersenRhoArizona State University1966
Nery Rosa-BeltranRho-DeltaCalifornia State University, Northridge2014
Brett E. GradyRho-MuCentral Washington University2010
Spencer LinRho-OmegaStevens Institute of Technology2013
Price B. HuRho-OmegaStevens Institute of Technology2012
Alexandro Perez-TovarRho-OmicronUniversity of California, Merced2011
Gabriel F. RodriguezRho-OmicronUniversity of California, Merced2011
William A. GiddensRho-TauQueens College2012
Ross H. SchwalenbergRho-ThetaUniversity of New Orleans2010
John J. Green, IIIRho-UpsilonUniversity of the Incarnate Word2011
Murat M. AkaydinSigma-EpsilonHunter College2013
Ian D. AndersonSigma-LambdaChristopher Newport University2016
Zackery A. NealSigma-MuColorado Mesa University2014
Micah A. D. CaroonSigma-PhiCampbell University2014
Michael B. SharpeTauThe University of Texas at Austin1979
George R. CoxTauThe University of Texas at Austin1970
Robert E. WhiteTauThe University of Texas at Austin1977
E. Douglas McLeodTauThe University of Texas at Austin1960
Kristopher M. StephensonTau-GammaUniversity of Nevada, Reno2014
Donald H. HengleinTau-LambdaProvidence, Rhode Island2015
Jason V. BeyerTau-OmicronCalifornia State University San Marcos2015
Edward M. BoschiniThetaTexas Christian University2012
Thaddeus L. TeafordThetaTexas Christian University1995
Connor Wright Patman, Jr.ThetaTexas Christian University1971
Douglas S. KingThetaTexas Christian University1976
Lincoln C. ArgoTheta PrimeCumberland University2002
Phillip R. McCoyTheta PrimeCumberland University2013
Jon D. StorbeckTheta-BetaCalifornia State University, Long Beach1978
Robert L. PatchaTheta-BetaCalifornia State University, Long Beach1960
Steven L. FishTheta-BetaCalifornia State University, Long Beach1969
Ed D. Martinet, IITheta-BetaCalifornia State University, Long Beach1975
Thomas W. CorbettTheta-BetaCalifornia State University, Long Beach1965
Gino P. AngeliciTheta-BetaCalifornia State University, Long Beach1985
Steven R. RabagoTheta-BetaCalifornia State University, Long Beach1974
Kelly R. Smith, Sr.Theta-BetaCalifornia State University, Long Beach1974
Teddy R. PriceTheta-ChiUniversity of Louisiana at Monroe1983
Herbert E. Hamilton, MDTheta-ChiUniversity of Louisiana at Monroe1979
David G. Baughman DDS, MDTheta-ChiUniversity of Louisiana at Monroe1985
Robert N. McFarlandTheta-ChiUniversity of Louisiana at Monroe1969
Eric W. PaulsonTheta-DeltaWillamette University1981
Timothy W. BeggsTheta-DeltaWillamette University1996
Joe T. BarronTheta-EtaUniversity of Arkansas at Little Rock1967
George Thomas DuffyTheta-GammaMidwestern State University1972
Andrew C. LittlejohnTheta-GammaMidwestern State University1997
Matthew C. HinsleyTheta-IotaSan Jose State University2005
Christopher M. PerryTheta-LambdaTexas State University2007
Brett W. BuffTheta-LambdaTexas State University1990
Jim Turk BrownTheta-LambdaTexas State University1966
J. Darron GrossTheta-LambdaTexas State University1990
Robert C. SpeerTheta-LambdaTexas State University1980
Michael E. BowmanTheta-LambdaTexas State University1974
Tye R. FaselerTheta-LambdaTexas State University1995
Kevin L. PetersTheta-MuNorthwestern State University of Louisiana1985
G. Randolph HayesTheta-MuNorthwestern State University of Louisiana1985
Allen L. EvansTheta-MuNorthwestern State University of Louisiana1987
Randall A. WigginsTheta-MuNorthwestern State University of Louisiana1975
John A. Manno, Jr.Theta-MuNorthwestern State University of Louisiana1976
John S. Martin, IIITheta-NuAshland University1978
Daniel J. TierneyTheta-NuAshland University1999
Thomas H. KennedyTheta-NuAshland University1966
Kevin K. AmburgyTheta-NuAshland University1997
Jay E. ChathamTheta-OmegaThe University of Texas at Arlington1968
Bishop J. Allen, IIITheta-OmegaThe University of Texas at Arlington1967
James T. Doughtie, IIITheta-OmegaThe University of Texas at Arlington1990
Darrell T. HerringtonTheta-OmegaThe University of Texas at Arlington1970
George L. DicksonTheta-OmicronMuskingum University1989
Howard S. PerlmanTheta-OmicronMuskingum University1973
Joseph T. MaggardTheta-PhiWichita State University2002
Anthony E. SzambeckiTheta-PhiWichita State University1967
William J. Price, Jr.Theta-PiEast Carolina University1972
Ken D. AdamsTheta-PiEast Carolina University1976
Christopher K. JohnsonTheta-PsiOklahoma City University1984
Daniel T. MillerTheta-PsiOklahoma City University1999
John M. Kessinger, M.D.Theta-PsiOklahoma City University1967
James R. HockerTheta-PsiOklahoma City University1985
Paul E. McLaughlinTheta-PsiOklahoma City University1973
Benjamin A. TuetyTheta-RhoMcNeese State University1989
D. Gregory DukeTheta-ThetaWestern Kentucky University1973
James A. LewisTheta-UpsilonMiami University1974
Gregory J. IlkoTheta-XiTrine University1990
Kelly V. ArcherTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University1986
LTC Jonathan L. HarveyTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University1995
Burton R. TremblyTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University1998
Kevin S. KaplanTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University1982
Jody L. BaileyTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University1987
Douglas J. ShawTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University1986
George J. GarroTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University1969
Joe C. ZuerkerTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University1974
David W. McDanielTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University1983
Nicholas E. SnowbergerTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2001
Thomas N. AllenUpsilonHampden-Sydney College1957
Seth M. JohnsXiUniversity of Arkansas2001
Caleb T. MarconiXiUniversity of Arkansas2015
Lonnie B. WrightXiUniversity of Arkansas1992
C. Cole Jeffries, Jr.XiUniversity of Arkansas1967
S. David Alphin, Jr.XiUniversity of Arkansas1966
Andrew P. HensonXiUniversity of Arkansas2003
Paul B. TelanderXi-AlphaMinnesota State University, Mankato1999