The Kappa Sigma Fraternity International Headquarters Summer Internship Program offers an opportunity for our undergraduate members to share their talents and explore their interests with our Headquarters Staff while receiving an inside look into the day to day operations of the organization.

Hometown: Kent Island, Maryland

Projected Graduation Date: December 2020, Psychology Major with a concentration in Clinical Counseling.

Why did you join Kappa Sigma? – With Kappa Sigma at Washington College being the number one fraternity on campus, it was no question which fraternity I should join. The brothers at Omicron-Phi defined what it meant to be a Leader at WC while also excelling in academics and philanthropy. On a warm October day at their Biannual Pancake Breakfast to raise money for the Military Heroes Campaign and UVA Prostate Cancer Research, I knew immediately I wanted to be a part of this Number One Fraternity.
What is your best Kappa Sigma memory? – My best Kappa Sigma memory was being able to be one of the four Summer Interns during the 150th celebration in Charlottesville for the order. My favorite part of the 72nd Grand Conclave was brothers who were Jackson’s Men gathered at Montalto for a night of celebration. The views were amazing but the company of my fellow brothers was even better. Last summer was a phenomenal experience to attend this great event with brothers from all over North America as HQ’s Summer Intern.
What are your plans after graduation? – I want to pursue a career as a School Psychologist in a public school system working with K-12 children with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Hometown: Chantilly, Virginia

Projected Graduation Date: December 2020, Financial Management Major with a concentration in Corporate Finance.

Why did you join Kappa Sigma? – I joined Kappa Sigma seeking a Brotherhood unlike any other where I could grow as a leader and a gentleman. Kappa Sigma was the best fraternity on campus to accomplish that goal.
What is your best Kappa Sigma memory? – Attending and working at the 150th Sesquicentennial Anniversary in Charlottesville, VA this last summer. My favorite event at Conclave by far was the Finest Hour Banquet where I escorted Hall of Honor Inductee Col. Ronald J. Webb’s family with Brandon Gross.
What are your plans after graduation? – I would like to build a career around providing financial services for those who are in countries with rapidly changing economic conditions which make it difficult to provide financial normalcy.

Hometown: Fort Mill, South Carolina

Projected Graduation Date: May 2021, Physics and Business Management.

Why did you join Kappa Sigma? – I joined Kappa Sigma because of the men who originally invited me. They are a group of well put together men, and I looked up to them. I wanted to mature as a man and become a better leader. Kappa Sigma was the best option for doing so.
What is your best Kappa Sigma memory? – My favorite Kappa Sigma memory is the day we rechartered the Omikron chapter. I was the youngest brother in the Founding Father class. Watching the older brother’s dreams come true is something I will never forget.
What are your plans after graduation? – I have interests in the business, finance, and management/planning career paths. I would like to learn and be able to provide financial help to those who do not know how to properly take care of their money.

Hometown: Glastonbury, Connecticut

Projected Graduation Date: Spring 2021, Majoring in Political Science.

Why did you join Kappa Sigma? – I wanted to join Kappa Sigma because my hero growing up was the Grand Master at Beta-Iota Chapter at Lehigh University. He would always speak about how great it was to be a Kappa Sigma. That left a lasting impression on me. When I arrived at Washington College, I knew that Kappa Sigma O-Phi was the home for me.
What is your best Kappa Sigma memory? – The best Kappa Sigma memory I’ve had was going on Spring Break with a few Chapter Brothers. We traveled down to Orlando, FL on a road trip, and stayed at many camping spots. On our return to Washington College, we stopped at Cumberland Island, where we hiked the island and explored the ruins of old buildings. The trip was a great bonding experience and made us closer as Brothers.
What are your plans after graduation?– My plan for after graduation is to attend graduate school to pursue my Masters in Political Science and work for the United Nations.