46 East Lawn Room Residents

On December 10th, 1869, five friends enrolled at the University of Virginia met at 46 East Lawn to draft a constitution and found the Kappa Sigma Fraternity in North America.

In accordance with an act of Grand Conclave (Colorado Springs-1925), a contract was entered into with the University of Virginia for the permanent lease by the Fraternity of 46 East Lawn, the Fraternity to be permitted to decorate and furnish the room suitably and to nominate the student occupant of the room from session to session of the university. The Fraternity’s shrine has been comfortably furnished in colonial style, and on Founders Day 1926, Founder McCormick and Worthy Grand Master W. W. Wychoff visited Zeta Chapter to inspect and approve.

-Kappa Sigma A History 1869-1929-F

All are Kappa Sigmas except those showing an asterisk

1926-27 R.B. Memminger
927-28 R.B. Memminger
1928-29 J.P. Edmondson
1929-30 R.W. Day
1930-31 R.W. Day
1931-32 R.W. Day
*1933-34 Richard Kithill
1934-35 Robert W. Lawson, Jr. (possible records error)
*1935-36 Charles Mel Gordon (possible records error)
1935-36 Thomas N. White, Jr.
1936-37 Richard E. Lankford
1937-38 Camillus S. L’Engle, Jr.
1938-39 Frank A. Thompson, Jr.
1939-40 John H. Davis, Jr.
1940-41 Knox Turnbull
1941-42 William C. Tyler, Jr.
1942-43 Lewis A. Foster, Jr.
1942-43 Thomas Parke Hughes
1946-47 Lewis A. Foster, Jr.
1948-49 William W. Wiese
1949-50 John L. Gunn, Jr.
1950-51 Edwin L. Hansen, Jr.
1950-51 William E. O’Malley, Jr.
1951-52 Fred M. Colmer
1952-53 Robert C. Johnson
1953-54 Ernest Helfenstein
1954-55 Harry J. Hermann, Jr.
1955-56 Barry P; Sebralla
1957-58 Richard M. Messina
1959-60 John M. Baggett
1960-61 Laurence E. MacDonald
1962-63 Roger W. Simmons
1963-64 Carter Fitzhugh Yeatman
1964-65 Douglas S. Jordan
1965-66 Dr. Benjamin W. Foster, Jr.
1966-67 Terral McAteer Jordan
1967-68 Spalding K. Manson, III
1968-69 Bruce A. Frymire
1969-70 William Rives Kurtz
1970-71 Christopher Acheson
1971-72 Wilson R. Trice
1972-73 Beacham 0. Brooker, Jr.
*1973-74 J.G. Young (possible records error)
1974-75 Jon F. Bauer
1975-76 Gregory Mark Bridgeford
1976-77 Radford W. Klotz
1977-78 Anthony W. Alman
1978-79 Benjamin A. Hagood, Jr.
1979-80 Peter Mitchell Stork
1980-81 David Gregory Smith
1981-82 Robert A. Pierce
1982-83 David N. Montague, Jr.
1983-84 Brendan Joseph O’Shea
1984-85 Michael P. Marx
1985-86 Michael S. Denniston
1986-87 Gregory P. Prentiss
1987-88 Franklin D. Cordell, III
1988-89 Joseph Kelly Reid, III
1989-90 Jeffrey Allen Jonas
1990-91 John Eric Osthaus
1991-92 Irving Lee Chapman
1992-93 Thomas Lynch Hassell
1993-94 Charles Addison Zakaib
1994-95 Greyson P. Williams
1995-96 Kenneth C. Jones
1996-97 Jason C. Foster
1997-98 Keith A. Guerrini
1998-99 John B. Waid
1999-00 Richard Carter Ward
2000-01 Stephen M. Myers
2001-02 Kevin Thomas Kennelly, Jr.
2002-03 Edward Miller Collie
2003-04 Luke Henderson Scheuer
2004-05 Andrew Taylor Kingman
2005-06 Michael Richard Bilger
2006-07 Andrew H. Cardwell
2007-08 Allen Brantley Bennett
2008-09 Davis Martin Zaunbracher
2009-10 Gardner Beach Bell
2010-11 Evans Jay Finger
2011-12 Dane Gerard Ferre
2013-14 Scott Gilman Glassman
2014-15 Parker Fleming
2015-16 Kyle Shoebotham
2016-17 Declan Christopher Mawer
2017-18 Hunter Weis
2018-19 Henry Harris, IV
2019-20 Charles Meyer
2020-21 James Sterchi