Dear Esteemed Members of Kappa Sigma,
I am constantly reminded of the dedication to service, tremendous, leadership, and compassion to others that lives within your brotherhood.  I see it every day in my husband.  This past year, I have had the joy of seeing you even more so as men of action.
When the bombs went off in Boston, myself and an extraordinary group of women wanted to show those impacted the communal spirit of America: resilience, strength, and compassion.  That idea birthed the America 4 Boston Prayer Canvas.  What started with one canvas painted with well wishes and prayers soon grew to more than 20,000 square feet in size with remarks from more than 150,000 people with Kappa Sigma leading the charge.
Once I reached out to Executive Director, Mitchell Wilson, the response was overwhelming.  Not only did your members create canvases filled with hope and support for Boston, within the city limits members such as Rob Ranley, JJ Alkattan, Justin Hansen, Derald Dryman, and a host of others helped us with the Memorial display.  They worked through the wind, snow, and rain…early in the morning until dark on the Marathon Finish Line, Boston Medical Center, Fenway Park and the Boston Common.  They carried hundreds of pounds of sandbags in freezing temperatures.  Some of their thumbs split open from driving stakes into the ground.  But they never complained.
These young men were prioritized, kind and inspirational.  We couldn’t have rolled out the hundreds of canvases without them.  It was that dedication, executed through the brothers of Kappa Sigma that touched hundreds of thousands of lives globally.
I am honored to have worked with them and humbled by your recognition.  You are truly an organization of honor and service and I am beyond thrilled that one day our son will be one of you.
Kari Wagner
America 4 Boston Prayer Canvas, Founder
Read more about Kappa Sigma’s involvement with the America 4 Boston Prayer Canvas project in the summer 2014 issue of The Caduceus.