The year was 1964 when five young men came together on the Eastern New Mexico University Campus at Theta-Zeta Chapter to form a quintet for a school musical called ‘Swanee’. These young men became a success overnight traveled throughout the western United States and were actually featured with the Santa Fe Opera Company and a USO tour of the Far East. These five Brothers were known as “The Easterners.”
The five young men were also invited to perform at the 1965 Grand Conclave of Kappa Sigma Fraternity in Houston, Texas. Their performance was an immediate hit with all Kappa Sigma Brothers and Chapters, and a Kappa Sigma Sing A Long album was produced that undergraduate Brothers and Chapters and Alumni purchased throughout North America. The album was played in chapter houses, at Kappa Sigma gatherings and was utilized to carry the spirit of brotherhood in Kappa Sigma Fraternity both in song and melody. As a pledge of the Beta-Nu Chapter in 1977, I quickly learned the Kappa Sigma Sweetheart song, Brightly Gleams the Star and Crescent and other songs from the album. For many years that would follow, it became a staple in the chapter houses of Kappa Sigma Fraternity.

Be A Part of History!

As a part of the 150th Anniversary Celebration of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity to be held in Charlottesville, Virginia on July 24-28, 2019, the Kappa Sigma Fraternity wishes to put together a special quintet of Brothers to perform at the 72nd Grand Conclave and the 150th Anniversary Celebration. The competition for the quintet is open now, and all Brothers and Pledges are eligible to participate in the competition.
The Kappa Sigma Fraternity is looking to put together a quintet that will be made up of Brothers from various Kappa Sigma Chapters for the following vocal parts:
Lead Vocal – main vocal part of the quintet
First Tenor – Soprano – highest male voice
Second Tenor – Soprano – male voice
Baritone – between tenor and bass voice
Bass – lowest range voice


Here’s How!

Brothers of Kappa Sigma Fraternity Chapters and Colonies who are interested in participating in the competition would need to submit the following in order to be considered in the competition:
1. Submit your voice recording/demo file or youtube link of a song of your choice or of one of the songs provided below to Executive Director Mitchell B. Wilson via email at [email protected] by March 15, 2019.
2. The entry should indicate the particular vocal part for which the Brother or Pledge is auditioning for the Kappa Sigma Quintet.
3. The Brother who is auditioning for the part should include his address, phone number and email address with the material he submits.
4. The competition for each of these parts is for undergraduate Brothers only.
Brothers who are selected for the quintet will have their travel and registration paid to attend the Grand Conclave, and will also have their room and meal costs covered by the Fraternity.
The Fraternity will also provide a voice coach to work with the quintet prior to the Grand Conclave. The members of the quintet would need to arrive in Charlottesville on Saturday, July 20 to practice for the performances.
Brothers, this is a tremendous opportunity for Brothers who have the talent to assist the Fraternity in being a part of this special quintet presentation at the Grand Conclave.
The performance of the quintet will also be utilized to reinvigorate singing in our Chapter houses and among our undergraduate Chapters and Colonies. We look forward to your entry for the song competition.