This week, we continue our celebration of Kappa Sigma’s successes over this biennium with a look back at colony expansion.

Another of this biennium’s goals was to continue Kappa Sigma’s historic expansion with even more colonies to be established at colleges and universities across North America.

No one knew the challenges this biennium would bring when colleges and universities closed their campuses during the pandemic. Many of our competitors significantly scaled back recruitment operations due to COVID…

…but not Kappa Sigma!

Kappa Sigma forged ahead with our colony and expansion program and will end the biennium with 25 colonies started, an astounding and amazing number given the challenges of COVID and campus closures during this period.

Some of this biennium’s highlights in colony expansion include:

Epsilon Phi (Texas Tech University): Kappa Sigma welcomed back this historic chapter from our Epsilon series with August 2020 rechartering with 65 new founding fathers. A model of Champion Quest, the Chapter/Colony recruited 51 pledges this year.

Lambda-Zeta Colony (Virginia Commonwealth University): Kappa Sigma returned to the VCU campus in the Fall 2020 semester with an initial group of 52 men.

Upsilon-Upsilon (Illinois State University): Kappa Sigma’s success brought us to new schools this biennium with Upsilon-Upsilon leading the way, chartering in March 2021 with 104 founding fathers! Upsilon-Upsilon also had a great year in Champion Quest, recruiting 41 pledges this academic year.

University of Guelph Colony: Despite the numerous pandemic restrictions, our Colony at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada, recruited 35 pledges this year and completed its colony roadmap requirements. Kappa Sigma hopes to welcome to see continued success with a potential Fall 2021 chartering possible.