Kappa Sigma joins in commemorating Black History Month this February. As part of this celebration, we are shining a Volunteer Spotlight on several of our distinguished African-American alumni volunteers, Kappa Sigmas, in successful careers who also give their time to help mentor undergraduates and continue to serve our Order:

Maurice M. Comer, Jr. (Sigma-Mu, Colorado Mesa University, ’14)

Business Systems Specialist, WellBiz Brands Inc.
District Grand Master – Rocky Mountain 

 “I volunteer for Kappa Sigma because it changed my life. I would not be the leader I am, in my career or personal life, if it weren’t for the opportunities I had in Kappa Sigma. I want to continue to share that, and help others grow. My best advice is to make sure everyone is involved. EC officers need to be leaders, but you don’t need to be an EC officer to make a difference in your chapter. Also, follow the structure that has been put into place for you. There is no need to search for “the secret recipe” when this has been developed, and proven time and time again. Last, utilize your resources. Communicate often with alumni volunteers, area recruitment managers, and local alumni.”


Isaac Lipscomb (Omicron-Zeta, University of Hawaii at Manoa, ’10)
National Account Manager for Blue Sky, the Color of Imaginations LLC
Owner and Founder of IEL Properties
District Grand Master – Southern California
Brotherhood Is Inclusive Commissioner

“I volunteer because I have always felt the need to give back to my community. It’s not all fun and games, but I find joy in the ability to be a guide to the undergraduate brothers and volunteers in my district whenever I can. More importantly, I have the opportunity to work with our Undergraduate Brothers and help prepare them for what happens in life after college. I implore everyone to remember that our commitment to the Fraternity is not for a day, an hour, or a college term only…but for life.”

Mark A. Bershell, Jr. (Rho-Gamma, Texas Woman’s University, ’13)
Claims Care Representative – Water Mitigation at Liberty Mutual Insurance
District Grand Master – Northeast Texas 

“I am a Kappa Sigma volunteer because I knew that I had more to give beyond my time as an undergraduate. I know that Kappa Sigma is a catalyst for the dynamic growth of young men when we cultivate an environment for members to be positively challenged to open their perspectives and allow the diversity of the Order to help them become a well-rounded gentleman. I choose to be an active force in creating that space by sharing my knowledge and experience to ensure that Kappa Sigma remains a presence that continues to bring a positive change to the communities we inhabit along with the fraternal world at large.”


Mark K. Higgins, II (Gamma, Louisiana State University, ’02)
Director, Motor Carrier Experience; The Port of Virginia
Alumnus Advisor – Sigma-Theta, Old Dominion University
Brotherhood Is Inclusive Commission Member

“I volunteer because Leadership development was foundational to my undergraduate experience. The opportunity to work with, mold and guide today’s collegiate leaders is incredibly rewarding.  My best advice for Chapters is to play the long game, build for more than just this semester; let sustainability be your new watchword. Recruit leaders, and be unapologetic about it.”

Zanas D. Talley (Sigma-Psi, Catholic University of America, ’15)
Associate, Roth Jackson PLC
Alumnus Advisor – Lambda-Zeta Colony, Virginia Commonwealth University
Assistant Alumnus Advisor – Beta-Beta, University of Richmond
Deputy Commissioner – Brotherhood is Inclusive Commission

“I volunteer for Kappa Sigma to give back to the Brotherhood that has given me so much.
Be there for your Brothers–not for a day, or an hour, or a college term only, but for life.”


Tyron J. McLemore (Mu-Omega, Southeastern Louisiana University, ’16)
Graduate Assistant – Southeastern Louisiana University  Alumnus Advisor – Mu-Omega, Southeastern Louisiana University

“The reason I volunteer for Kappa Sigma is simply because Kappa Sigma has given so much to me as a college student. Kappa Sigma has given me the tools of marketing, business, finance, and much more to be successful in my daily life today. Kappa Sigma is for life and being a volunteer is a special addition to the brotherhood.”

“My best advice for Kappa Sigma chapters is to portray why Kappa Sigma is Number One, Second to None. There’s going to be roadblocks that you will face, but you have to be patient and persistent to overcome those barriers.
Be Great.”