Since 2003 the Kappa Sigma Fraternity has been dominant in the area of recruitment, building our presence on the 307 college and university campuses where we are represented today. Our success in recruitment has resulted in the Kappa Sigma Fraternity becoming the largest college fraternity in North America in all areas of undergraduate membership categories. That includes pledges, initiates, number of chapters, and total undergraduate members. Our membership on an annual basis approaches 20,000 undergraduate members.

Our success has not been achieved by accident or as a matter of luck. Instead, it is a well-planned, goal-and-objective-oriented, and thorough commitment for chapters and colonies of Kappa Sigma Fraternity to gain the best possible pledge classes for each and every semester.

As this spring semester begins, your priorities should be on recruitment. Here are some successful tips as you begin your recruitment activities:

  1. Establish a goal for the number of men you wish to pledge: Have a well-planned and thought out recruitment period with all events properly planned and organized. Do not rest until you hit your target goal.
  2. 100% commitment of the members of the chapter: Our success in Rush is directly attributed to the percentage of our members who are actively participating in the Rush process and putting Kappa Sigma’s good name forward to the students for whom we are recruiting. Every member of your chapter or colony has something to offer in the Rush process. Make sure that 100% are engaged.
  3. Developing Proper Rush Skills: Prior to the beginning of your recruitment period. Please make sure that all Brothers in your chapter have sharpened their skills in the art of conversation and putting their best foot forward to meet candidates for your pledge class, and that they are well versed on the many benefits and opportunities that are provided in membership in Kappa Sigma Fraternity.
  4. Reporting pledges and initiates: Please remember that all pledges must be reported to the International Headquarters as soon as possible. All pledges need to be reported to Kappasigma.net within three (3) calendar days from the ceremony date of pledging. If the chapter fails to submit the pledge report or if it is late, the chapter can receive significant fines. It is extremely important that we get each of the men properly enrolled in Kappa Sigma Fraternity so that we have a record of their pledging and for their initiation, which must be conducted within 60-days from the date of pledging.
  5. Utilize your resources: Reach out to your District Grand Master, Alumnus Advisor, and Area Recruitment Manager for assistance. Those Brothers are important resources to assure your success.

Best of luck for great success! Let’s Go, Brothers!

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