This past Friday, May 3rd, Kappa Sigma Fraternity honored our 90th Man of the Year, Brother Craig D. Melvin (Alpha-Nu, Wofford College, ’98)! We were pleased to celebrate with Alpha-Nu undergraduates, alumni from across North America, Brother Melvin’s family, and members of the Wofford College faculty, including President Dr. Nayef Samhat.

Check out this clip of Brother Melvin discussing the evening from the 3rd Hour of the Today Show on May 6th.

The event was held at the Jerry Richardson Indoor Stadium on the campus of Wofford College in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Chairman of the Endowment Fund Thomas P. Bishop, Esq. (Alpha-Beta, Mercer University, ’79), and all five members of the Supreme Executive Committee were in attendance. The program was led by Executive Director Emeritus Mitchell B. Wilson (Beta-Nu, University of Kentucky, ’78).

We are very thankful to Alpha-Nu Alumnus Advisor Brother David Pittman, Ph.D. (Alpha-Nu, Wofford College, ’91), Dr. Blanding Jones (Alpha-Nu, Wofford College, ’89), and the Chapter leaders at Alpha-Nu for their assistance in making this a special and unforgettable evening.

Congratulations to Brother Melvin, a most deserving Kappa Sigma Man of the Year!