Brother Nick Wilson (Beta-Nu, University of Kentucky, ’11) went home last night a million dollars richer after winning the title  “Sole Survivor” of Survivor, Season 37: David vs Goliath!
This season of the long-running reality show competition featured 20 contestants divided into two tribes embodied by two biblical figures, David and Goliath. The “David” team composed of ten “underdogs,” who constantly have to overcome obstacles, and the “Goliath” team, composed of ten “overachievers” who have used their advantages in life to excel in their fields.
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Brother Wilson, the Public Defender from Williamsburg, Kentucky and former Grand Scribe of the Beta-Nu Chapter of Kappa Sigma,  was the last remaining member of the “David” team pleading his case before the Tribal Council consisting of voted off members from the show.

“I was a David the entire game and I had to find whatever slingshot I could, whether it be the social game, the strategy game, the immunity wins, an advantage, an idol, new relationships, old relationships. Whatever it took, I had to find my slingshot and I had to find as many stones as I could find because I think I was the underdog most of this game.” 

Check out the moment that Nick gets the news below!
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