Worthy Grand Master Adam J. Merillat outlined specific goals for the Fraternity for the 2021-2023 Biennium and the centerpiece for the undergraduates was to have Champion Quest remain a major focus for our Chapters and Colonies.  The Goal to pledge 20,000 men in this Biennium was presented and at the halfway point of this biennium, the Undergraduates have made significant progress in this most important area of operations for all fraternities and sororities. 

For the third time in a five-year period, the Kappa Sigma Fraternity has pledged over 9,000 men and finished the year close to 10,000. The number of pledges currently stands at 9,909 for the year. At the Grand Conclave in Nashville in the summer of 2021, the leadership of the Fraternity saw great promise for the Fraternity for the academic year as a result of the spirit and camaraderie that was on display. The Brothers and Pledges who were in attendance reflected a commitment to building strong memberships that would result in an increase in the presence of Chapters on their respective campuses, provide additional manpower to carry out the work of the Order, and strengthen the financial resources of the Chapter. 

As a result of that spirit and the efforts of those undergraduates 53 Chapters had record-setting years on their campuses and many others were in the top tier of recruiting for their campuses. The Kappa Sigma Fraternity entered the pandemic as the largest college fraternity, the Fraternity maintained its position as the largest college fraternity throughout the pandemic and the Fraternity emerged from the pandemic as the largest and most preferred fraternity. 

This result did not occur by accident, but instead by a well-orchestrated plan of resources and leadership. The Fraternity must extend thanks to Champion Quest Commissioner Jody L. Bailey (Theta-Zeta, Eastern New Mexico University ’87) and Director of Recruitment & Expansion Leo J. Brown, IV (Theta-Theta, Western Kentucky University ’04) for their leadership and vision and to the area Recruitment Management Team who helped focus the Chapters and build their recruitment efforts among Kappa Sigma’s Undergraduate population. Brother Bailey summed up the key to Kappa Sigma’s success:

“The Chapters were coming out of a challenging two years, and they responded by deciding to make the most of the opportunities presented to them. The Area Recruitment Managers also played a key role in coaching and mentoring. It once again shows the power of Kappa Sigma when Brothers unite themselves and decide to find success instead of settling for failure.” Brother Bailey also offered the focus for Kappa Sigma for the 2022-2023 academic year, “Kappa Sigma Chapters need to continue to do what they are doing that has made the Fraternity successful. For those Chapters and Colonies that are still challenged by rush, reach out to your Area Recruitment Manager, and let’s make things happen. For the Chapters that had success, continue to push yourself. One year does not make a great Chapter, let us not rest contentedly. Every Pledge can make a difference and help your Chapter dominate your campus. Recruitment is the lifeblood of the Fraternity and each Chapter so let’s make sure we start strong and carry recruitment success over to all parts of our Fraternity”.

The results are remarkable and speak for themselves.