This past Sunday, Kappa Sigma kicked off its newest colony at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. A school of roughly 40,000, McGill University is recognized as one of the top universities in Canada and is currently home to 7 other fraternities. The young men in the Colony chose Kappa Sigma to establish something great on their campus, recognizing it as the largest and most preferred in the world.
Grand Master Brooks Taylor felt that the current Greek community at McGill did not have what he was looking for in a fraternity. “There is enormous potential to cultivate something both unique and compelling [at McGill]. With top priorities of aggressive action and community involvement, Kappa Sigma rose above other fraternities as the perfect fit for my founding brothers and I.”
The Colony began as an interest group only two weeks ago and currently has 33 members, most of whom speak both French and English. There is also a large international presence in the Colony: they have members from the United States, Canada, France, Italy, Pakistan, Iran, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates.
In addition to Brooks as Grand Master, the Colony will be led by Grand Procurator Jake Horne, Grand Master of Ceremonies Patrick Cheiban, Grand Scribe Ethan Pather, and Grand Treasurer Luke Corbeth. When asked why he chose Kappa Sigma, Grand Treasurer Luke Corbeth said “Kappa Sigma has the resources and processes needed to propel our group above and beyond the expectations within the McGill Greek community. We’re trying to bring together diverse members from around the world with varying studies to make a difference in as many lives on campus and in Montreal as possible.”
To kickoff this new colony, Colony Development Commissioner Rob Ranley was in attendance, accompanied by Area Recruitment Managers Daniel Kennedy and Kirk Sasaki. There is a lot of potential with this young Colony and we are excited to see what they will accomplish!