On behalf of the Supreme Executive Committee and the Champion Quest Commission, we are excited to share with you that today is a monumental day for the Kappa Sigma Fraternity.  After 12 years of continued dominance in the fraternal world, many of our competitors have begun betting against Kappa Sigma thinking that “our run is over”. They simply do not understand how we continue to beat them every year. The simple answer is: You.  We have enjoyed these dozen years of dominance because of our strong bonds of our Brotherhood and strong work ethic are why more people chose Kappa Sigma than any other Fraternity in the world!

Kappa Sigma, again, has pledged more men than any other fraternity. In fact, we will also initiate more men this year than ever before. The reality is, more men choose Kappa Sigma than any other fraternity. It is our brotherhood that allows us to stay strong and the work each of you put in daily is what makes our beloved fraternity a powerhouse in North America.

This past weekend, our Xi Chapter at the University of Arkansas, one of our historic Chapters celebrated its 125th anniversary. Xi isn’t just the largest Chapter in Kappa Sigma with over 290 men, but the largest Chapter of any fraternity in North America.
Chapters like Theta-Zeta at Eastern New Mexico University continue to dominate with 94 pledges, tied with Xi. Our Delta-Delta Chapter at the University of Florida pledged 80 and sits at 183, and the Delta-Xi Chapter at University of Mississippi pledged 72 and shares brotherhood with 272 men. These are just a few examples – many of our Chapters are winning and have a very strong and vibrant Brotherhood.

As Kappa Sigma approaches 320 Chapters in North America ask yourself what you can do to make your Chapter better. Do you dominate your campus to the extent that you can?

As we move forward, it is important that as undergraduates and alumni alike that we continue to work to make Kappa Sigma’s good name the choice for men striving to be something bigger than themselves. We need to continue to raise the fraternity standard.
There are still some Chapters finishing rush and several other interest groups who will become colonies before the end of this school year.  We will not let up, we will not slow down, we will look forward to the next school year and next biennium.  We must continue to stay vigilant if we want to continue our dominance, I know all of our Chapters will continue to challenge ourselves to do better, do more…as we are Kappa Sigmas, the best fraternity in the world!

Brothers, thank you for everything you do for your fraternity. Some believe that this just happens on it’s own, but the reality is that steadfast commitment from each of you has brought Kappa Sigma to where we are today. We have higher mountains to climb and with your help, we will reach the summit.

Hugh M. Robert, EM ’95 (Tulsa)
Worthy Grand Master
Twitter: @KappaSigmaWGM
Justin A. Hansen, Xi Beta ’01 (Northeastern)
Champion Quest Commissioner
Twitter: JustinHansenKS