WE DID IT! A record 11,621 brothers donated $241,153… a historic achievement.
Special thanks to the 250 ambassadors who led the way in this unprecedented campaign. In the coming day’s we will announce the chapter standings.
Kappa Sigmas have demonstrated once again, why the Kappa Sigma Fraternity is the greatest in the world! Each of you has made our brotherhood stronger, and for that, we are eternally grateful.

SAJAbout Stephen Alonzo Jackson

Stephen Alonzo Jackson (Zeta Chapter, University of Virginia) is regarded as possibly the most important man in Kappa Sigma’s history. Through his efforts, a struggling local fraternity became the most preferred fraternity in the world. He was the architect of our Ritual, writer of our Constitution, and was our first Worthy Grand Master. Jackson died on March 4, 1892. During the Fraternity’s second Grand Conclave in 1878 Jackson expressed his ideal and goal of an enduring and expanding brotherhood as he addressed the Order:
“Why not, my Brothers, since we of today live and cherish the principles of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity, throw such a halo around those principles that they may be handed down as a precious heirloom to ages yet unborn? Why not put our apples of gold in pictures of silver? May we not rest contentedly until the Star and Crescent is the pride of every college and university in the land!”