An EPIC Showing This Stephen Alonzo Jackson Weekend of Giving – A Letter From WGP Justin Hansen

Published March 5, 2018

You have once again answered the call. Stephen Alonzo Jackson Weekend of Giving was a record-breaking and historic effort.

In 72 hours, 12,500 brothers, motivated by their love of the Order, raised a record $313,000 for undergraduate scholarships. It was an amazing display of Kappa Sigma brotherhood. And even now, hours after the Campaign’s close, we are still receiving donations online at
You made a difference and reminded all yet again in the fraternal world that Kappa Sigma is number one.
More undergraduate brothers will receive scholarships because of your record-breaking effort. You made Kappa Sigma better. Take a victory lap, because this one is epic.
Justin Hansen
Worthy Grand Procurator
Kappa Sigma Fraternity