Fall 2013 rush is in full swing for chapters and colonies across the U.S. and Canada, and Kappa Sigma is proud of the efforts being made to recruit quality men.  The Fraternity will highlight success stories over the coming weeks, starting with a few recent accomplishments:

  • The Alpha-Phi Chapter at Bucknell University has reported 22 new men (pictured)
  • The Kappa-Chi Chapter at the College of Charleston went from 15 pledges in fall 2012 to 37 this fall, while other fraternities on campus were only able to recruit approximately 10 or less.
  • The Delta-Sigma Chapter at the University of Utah has recruited 27 new men this fall, an improvement over last fall’s 18 man pledge class. The chapter is having these new men recruit others in hopes of pledging 10 more quality guys.

As pledge reports roll in, it is easy to see that more men continue to choose Kappa Sigma over any other college Fraternity.