Philip Burns
Beta-Mu (University of Minnesota) ’04
Lance Corporal – United States Marine Corps
Expeditionary Airfield Systems Technician – MWSS 471 (-)

Remembrance And Celebration

There are a few holidays or days of remembrance that we celebrate as Americans. Each distinctly different but pridefully the same. On Memorial Day, July 4th, and Veterans Day we are invited to look at and point to the greatness of our country, and more specifically, what has made it great.

  • Memorial Day is a remembrance and thanks to the veterans who gave it al to help ensure the country stays Free.
  • Veteran’s Days is a salute to current and former service members, as their service has helped ensure our countries freedom stays in tact.
  • The 4th of July is a salute to our first veterans of the United States of America.

On this day, our freedom began.

America’s Greatest Parts

These holidays hold their own special meanings, but each are part of our history and are incredibly important to me as they represent the greatest parts of our nation. Without our 1st veterans, this all just doesn’t seem possible.
With age and experience, your viewpoint, just as mine has, may change and evolve to a deeper appreciate for what all this means.

Honor To Serve

Words like “Courage,” “Honor,” and “Sacrifice” continually gain more importance and meaning as we come to a deeper understanding of what we have. I can’t describe the honor it was to serve our country. I am humbled by those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, and I have great pride in the courage our veterans continue to exemplify just as our first veterans exemplified.

A Call To Continue

Live up to the honor, courage and sacrifice our first veterans showed us in your own way, not just on the 4th of July, but each and every day. Our country’s greatness depends on it and, with another level of pride, I think our brothers are continuously showing they are, everyday! AEKDB!