Dear Brothers,
Kappa Sigma continues to enjoy historic successes in all areas. Represented by more than 17,000 men on more than 310 college campuses, Kappa Sigma is the largest Fraternity in the world. Our undergraduates continue to dominate in intramurals and scholastic pursuits. The War on Hazing continues, with chapters rejecting negative behavior and reforming themselves.
And I am proud to note that, for the first time ever, more than half of our undergraduates have earned at least one certificate of ritual proficiency by committing our Ritual to memory. Our Brothers are living by our four Cornerstones of Scholarship, Leadership, Fellowship and Service.
Kappa Sigma Provides “A Day of Service”
Service remains a key component of our Cornerstones. Today, like never
before, our Brothers have committed themselves to Service above self, to their communities and to their campuses. Our chapters and alumni have come together on an unprecedented scale to hold our first ever Day of Service, bringing together thousands of Brothers across the continent to give back. I’m proud to say that Kappa Sigma has made a difference in a way no other fraternity ever has, and I am sure you will enjoy reading about those efforts.
Wittliff Celebrated as 2012 Man of the Year at Tau Chapter
This past January, more than 200 Kappa Sigmas came together at the
amazing Tau Chapter lodge at the University of Texas-Austin to celebrate the life and career of our 2012 Man of the Year, Brother Bill Wittliff. A legendary screenwriter, producer and photographer, Brother Wittliff wrote the screenplay for such classics as The Perfect Storm and Lonesome Dove. Read about the event in this issue, and you are sure to marvel at both Brother Wittliff’s accomplishments and the Tau lodge!
We are proud of Brother Wittliff, and all of our alumni who bring honor
to Kappa Sigma every day with their careers, in their communities, and with their families, and we were privileged to honor several alumni with the John G. Tower Distinguished Alumni Award. This issue will recognize many of them, and the recent significant anniversaries that our chapters have celebrated.
The Campaign for Kappa Sigma
Our undergraduate Brothers continue to make our alumni extremely
proud with their good works on campus and in the community. However, the rapidly escalating costs of college continue to threaten the opportunity for men to afford a college degree. Kappa Sigma can, and must, make a difference in this area. We can make college more affordable for our members.
The Campaign for Kappa Sigma will secure the future of our Order, and will provide valuable scholarships to our
undergraduates. Already, generous alumni have stepped up to the plate with incredible contributions, including a Scholarship-Leadership Award that has been established in the name of Worthy Grand Scribe Greg Hunt and a $100,000 gift from Brother Emmet F. Bellville (Beta-Omega,
Colorado College, ‘95). We are proud to highlight the generosity
of some of our donors in this issue, and look forward to sharing
more details on The Campaign for Kappa Sigma.
In this issue, you will also read more about the winners
of our 2012 Scholarship-Leadership Awards. These young men
represent the best and the brightest on college campuses
today. We are proud to recognize them in this way, and
contribute in another fashion to their college experience. They
are why we give back.
Brothers, we are truly experiencing the greatest period in the
history of our Order, I have never been more optimistic about the
future of Kappa Sigma. Thank you all for your leadership, and I look
forward to seeing many of you at our Grand Conclave this July!
S. Christian Nascimento
Worthy Grand Master