Kappa Sigma proudly welcomed the Gamma-Iota Colony in Syracuse, NY, on Sept. 6, 2014. The colony has 66 men on its roster. The DGM for the district is Brother Brett J. Warrick (Alpha-Kappa, Cornell University, ’98) and the AA for the colony is Brother Nicholas P. Budka (Sigma-Zeta, Northwood University, ’12).
“We cannot express how excited we are to have Gamma-Iota back as a Colony of Kappa Sigma,” said Rob Ranley (Xi-Beta, Northeastern University, ’05), Colony & Expansion Commissioner. “They are a very impressive group of men, who will undoubtably become one of Kappa Sigma’s top chapters.”
Colony Grand Master Peter DeCarlo said, “After waiting a full year, all my pledge Brothers and I are extremely excited to finally be apart of this fraternity. We take great pride in having the opportunity to reestablish this 108 year old chapter. All of us understand the task in front of us and are ready to work hard to achieve success.”
WGM Hugh Robert (Epsilon-Mu, Tulsa, ’95) and Executive Director Mic Wilson (Beta-Nu, Kentucky, ’78) both assisted with the kickoff of Kappa Sigma’s newest colony.
Gamma-Iota was originally founded on May 15, 1906 and has initiated 1,098 members in its 108 year history.
To learn more about Gamma-Iota or to volunteer please reach out to Director of Chapter Services Leo Brown.