The 73rd Biennial Grand Conclave in Nashville will be a Kappa Sigma gathering like no other! As we draw closer, we will be highlighting several of the fun events taking place during the Grand Conclave this year.

The 73rd edition of the Grand Conclave will feature an event like no other in recent Grand Conclave history: a Kappa Sigma Reception aboard the General Jackson Showboat!

Friday evening during Grand Conclave, Brothers will have the opportunity to board the historic General Jackson Showboat in Nashville for one of the most unique fellowship opportunities you will ever experience!

Our Kappa Sigma Riverboat Reception will let you experience Nashville as it can best be seen from the beautiful Cumberland River. Brothers will enjoy stunning views and great food aboard this storied boat.

The General Jackson Showboat is named after the first steamboat to operate on the Cumberland River in 1817.
Built by the largest inland shipbuilder in the United States, Jeffboat, located in Indiana, the General Jackson was launched on the Cumberland River on April 20, 1985.

One of the largest showboats ever built, the grand General Jackson is an elegant triumph of American ingenuity. With its stately design, the boat is reminiscent of the opulence of the American Victorian era. Showboats have long been a colorful part of our nation’s history, and this unique Nashville attraction epitomizes the grace and grandeur of the South.

The Kappa Sigma Riverboat night is sure to be one of the highlights of the 73rd Biennial Grand Conclave!

If you haven’t registered for Grand Conclave yet, you still have time. Visit our online registration site to reserve your Grand Conclave package or an individual ticket to our Kappa Sigma Riverboat Reception!