Dr. Austin Temple, Jr. a 1959 initiate of the Epsilon Chapter at Centenary College of Louisiana, unfortunately, contracted an illness in 2017 which caused him to have many surgeries and placed him in the ICU for five months. His condition made traveling almost impossible, but after hearing that his grandson Jeffrey Brainard, II had just pledged Kappa Sigma at LSU he was determined to attend his initiation as he did his son Dr. Austin Temple, III’s.
It was a difficult recovery, and disappointment set in when he began to realize that he would not be able to make the voyage to Baton Rouge, LA to attend his Grandson’s initiation into the Gamma Chapter. Unknowingly to him, arrangements had been made for his Grandson to immediately leave after his initiation and travel the four hours to Natchitoches Rehabilitation Center in Natchitoches, LA in order for his Grandfather to pin his badge on him that has now been worn by three generations.
Pictured above is that moment where Brother Austin Temple, Jr. got to pin his badge on his Grandson and now Brother Jeffrey Brainard, II.
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