Membership Status for Existing Pledges and Plans for Future Initiation:

All Chapters who have pledges on their roster from the Spring semester of 2020 should move forward with initiating pledges if your institution allows you to do so and in a manner that does not conflict with COVID-19 restrictions of the institution. Please do so at your earliest opportunity. If any of the pledges from last spring did not return to the university/college this Fall, then please remove those pledges from your roster immediately.

All Chapters of Kappa Sigma that have existing pledges from last Spring who cannot initiate in person should submit a Membership Card and the $150 initiation fee for any of your returning pledges who have not been initiated. Please remember to vote on their final ballot for membership if you have not already done so. You can do this over a ZOOM Chapter meeting. This will allow them to be placed in a pre-initiate membership status until such time that we are able to initiate these men in the proper fashion and not have any conflicts with COVID-19 restrictions by your host institution. While these men will be moved from pledge to pre-initiate status, they will not be able to attend formal (ritual) Chapter meetings until such time that they have actually been taken through the initiation ceremony, but they can attend Zoom Chapter or informal meetings.

Voting Privileges for Members and Initiated Brothers:

Only initiated members are allowed to vote in formal meetings that are conducted with the use of the ritual. Members who have not yet been initiated may vote at informal meetings but cannot vote or attend formal/ritual Chapter meetings.

These men have earned the privilege of being moved to pre-initiate member status, and we should conduct their initiation ceremony as soon as possible. These men will be considered members awaiting initiation.

Should you have questions regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to contact your District Grand Master or Alumnus Advisor.

Last Spring’s Pledges Who Are Remote:

If your Chapter has pledges from the spring who need to be initiated, but are away from your Chapter or remote, those pledges may be initiated by another Kappa Sigma Chapter. In this case, both Chapters must agree to the initiation and the Executive Director must approve prior to the initiation.