This is the time of year we celebrate with our family and loved ones and it reminds of all the things we have to be thankful for. The commercial world celebrates this special time of year with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but what better way to give back and demonstrate your appreciation of the Order than on Giving Tuesday.

We, as a fraternity, are fortunate enough to have a second family to call our own.  As we head into the season of giving, think about your fraternal family and how thankful you are to share that brotherly bond with so many men across the world! On this day, let us all take a look back on the wonderful memories and lifelong friendships our Fraternity has provided us. With the programs the Kappa Sigma Endowment Fund has introduced, there are many ways to give back to Kappa Sigma and your home chapter.

As we usher in the next generation of Kappa Sigmas, let us be certain that our colors never fade for want of wearers. On this day, join your Kappa Sigma Brothers to ensure that the Star and Crescent remains the pride of every College and University in the land, and thrives for many years to come.