The Supreme Executive Committee and Kappa Sigma Endowment Fund announced today that 2015-16 Alumni Dues giving has increased a record 40%, topping the best year ever in Kappa Sigma history.
The Alumni Dues initiative is part of the new Kappa Sigma Endowment Fund plan that focuses on building individual undergraduate Chapter Scholarship Funds.
“We are appreciative to all brothers who have paid their annual Alumni Dues in support of undergraduate scholarships,” said Kappa Sigma Endowment Fund Chairman Thomas P. Bishop. “Fifty percent of these funds have been allocated to each alumni donor’s Chapter Scholarship Fund.”
It’s not too late to pay your 2015-16 Alumni Dues… click here for more information.
The Endowment Fund initiative has been integrated with the alumni development effort recently launched by the Supreme Executive Committee. Its objective is to significantly increase alumni involvement and giving, thereby creating a lasting “culture of giving” in Kappa Sigma.
“We know that chapters with strong alumni involvement and financial support almost always succeed,” said Worthy Grand Master Derek Marchman. “Through our new Alumni Advancement program, we are committed to seeing all chapters benefit from this vital support.”
Next month, Kappa Sigma will launch “A Day of Giving” on Stephen Alonzo Jackson Day (March 4) as part of the plan.
Brothers will be encouraged to donate $3.40, $34, $340 or $3,400 on 3/4. One hundred percent of funds raised will be allocated to each donor’s Chapter Scholarship Fund. More details coming soon.