As Halloween approaches many chapters are planning events for Thursday night and the weekend to follow. I would ask that any events held by your chapter be handled in an appropriate and safe fashion. All events and activities must follow the Code of Conduct and the rules and student conduct codes for your college or university.

Please make certain that Brothers are cognizant of the importance that any and all costumes are appropriate and are not offensive to any person, groups of people, the academic community or general community. Remember that your actions on your campus are not only a reflection of your chapter in your community but also a representation of over 20,000 undergraduate members across North America. This is a time to have fun and enjoy fellowship and not to be abusive, insensitive or disrespectful. That behavior is not the Kappa Sigma way and will not be tolerated.

Have fun and be safe.


Adam J. Merillat
Worthy Grand Procurator