George Miles Arnold

Inducted on August 2, 2003

Brother George Miles Arnold was born August 27, 1851, in Troy, New York, and was raised in Mobile, Alabama. He entered the University of Virginia in 1869, his chief studies being Latin, French, and mathematics. His facility for languages led his friends to call him “the Little Spaniard.”

Brother Arnold was the first Grand Master of the Zeta Chapter. He began a course of medicine at the University of Virginia in 1870 but withdrew from Virginia in February 1871, to enter the Medical College of New York where he completed his medical education. Founder Arnold lived at East Range while a student at the University of Virginia.

Brother Arnold had a busy but short medical career. On January 25, 1890, he died from pneumonia. He was the first Founder to join the Chapter Celestial.

Arnold’s son, Robert Miles Arnold, became at Kappa Sigma at Gamma-Zeta Chapter at New York University.

George Miles Arnold was very active in the Fraternity during its infancy and throughout his life. One of the other Founder’s said of Arnold, “he gave nearly his whole time to the society.”