Joseph David Waggonner, Jr.

Inducted July 30, 2011

Brother Joseph David Waggonner, Jr. of Epsilon-Gamma Chapter at Louisiana Tech University. Brother Waggonner was initiated into Kappa Sigma Fraternity on May 17, 1941. He was a revered statesman and served the state of Louisiana as a Congressman. It was in that role that he helped put forth the legislation for Title IX that allowed fraternities and sororities to remain single-sex organizations as well as other organizations like boy scouts and girl scouts and several other service and fraternal organizations. Brother Waggonner served on the Supreme Executive Committee from 1975 until 1981, holding the offices of Worthy Grand Master of Ceremonies, Worthy Grand Procurator, and Worthy Grand Master. He was named the Kappa Sigma Fraternity Man of the Year in 1973. Brother Waggonner joined the chapter celestial in 2007.