Luke J. Schissel

Inducted on August 2, 2003

Brother Luke J. Schissel was initiated into the Epsilon-Nu Chapter at the University of Southern Mississippi on May 16, 1962. Brother Schissel served as a member of the Supreme Executive Committee from 1979 through 1985. Brother Schissel was the Worthy Grand Master for the Centennial Supreme Executive Committee installed at the 1983 Grand Conclave in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Brother Schissel along with Past Worthy Grand Master John W. Ryan was responsible for the creation of the Jackson’s Men Program for the Kappa Sigma Endowment Fund. The Jackson’s Men Program has proven successful as the most significant development program for the Endowment Fund in its history. Brother Schissel served as Chairman of the Kappa Sigma Endowment Fund.

By profession, he was a judge and an attorney in Greenwood, Mississippi. Brother Schissel’s son Luke James Schissel, Jr. was the Model Initiate of Kappa Sigma Fraternity at the 1989 Grand Conclave in Orlando, Florida. Brother Schissel was a visionary for the Kappa Sigma Fraternity and provided significant leadership in the modern-day growth and development of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity. He wore Jackson’s Men Pin #1.