Ronald J. Webb

Inducted on July 27, 2019

Brother Ronald J. Webb was initiated into the Beta-Theta Chapter at Indiana University on April 13, 1957. Brother Webb served his country in the United States Air Force in 1960 and served until his retirement on May 1, 1985. Brother Webb served as F4 Pilot with the 390th Tactical Fighter Squadron at
Da Nang Air Force base in South Vietnam from May 1967 until he was forced to eject over North Vietnam and was taken as a prisoner of war on June 11, 1967. After spending 2,094 days in captivity, Major Webb was released during operation homecoming on March 4, 1973. He was briefly hospitalized to recover from injuries at Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland, and then attended Armed Forces Staff College at Norfolk, Virginia from August 1973 to May 1974. He then served as a T-39 Sabreliner Pilot at Langley Air Force Base, Virginia from May to October 1974, followed by service as a Staff Intelligence Applications Officer with Headquarters Tactical Air Command at Langley from October 1974 to November 1975.

His next assignment was as Chief of the Intelligence Division with the First Tactical Fighter Wing at Langley Air Force Base from November 1975 to August 1977. Colonel Webb then attended the Industrial College of the Armed Forces from August 1977 to July 1978 followed by his service as a Navigation Intelligence Operations Officer with the Federal Aviation Administration in Washington D.C. from July 1978 to September 1982. His final assignment was Director of Joint Services Support Directorate with the Air Force Intelligence Service at Fort Belvoir, Virginia from September 1982 until his retirement from the Air Force on May 1, 1985.

After leaving the Air Force, Brother Webb served as Executive Director of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity from 1985 until 1987 and served in various assignments with the F.A.A. between 1988 and 1995. Brother Webb served as Worthy Grand Master of Ceremonies of Kappa Sigma Fraternity from 1983 until 1985 and served on the Centennial Supreme Executive Committee that was elected at the Grand Conclave in Knoxville, Tennessee. He would also go on to serve as Worthy Grand Scribe of Kappa Sigma Fraternity from 2001-2005 and in 1999 was named Kappa Sigma Man of the Year. Brother Webb has been a role model for Kappa Sigma and has been a patriot to our country.


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