William Cornelius Bowen

Inducted on July 25, 2015

Brother William Cornelius Bowen was initiated into the Zeta Chapter at the University of Virginia on March 18, 1871. Finis K. Farr stated, “If the entire active membership of Zeta Chapter turned out to the meeting recorded as of March 18, 1871, there were present, founders Boyd and Rogers with North, Thomas, Toadvin, and Whitford. They could not guess that it was the work of that Saturday night which was to make sure the future of the fraternity . . . ” on that night brother William Cornelius Bowen was initiated. His initiation was important as he was the only brother to return to the university in the fall of 1871 . . . He preserved and saved the Fraternity and set out on a course to rebuild the membership of Kappa Sigma, coining the phrase “Bowen kept it goin…”