For the first time ever, Kappa Sigma raised more than $1.28 million from March 1-3, 2024, with more to come from additional donations, corporate matches, and challenge gifts. Our Chapters across North America worked tirelessly to raise money for Chapter Scholarship Funds and create named scholarships to honor some of Kappa Sigma’s most beloved Brothers.

As a result, 16 new named Scholarship-Leadership Awards will be awarded every year in perpetuity:

$50,000 Named Scholarships ($2,000 Awarded Annually)

Thomas J. Clifford Scholarship-Leadership Award (Delta-Mu, University of North Dakota)
Greg A. Hopeman Scholarship-Leadership Award (Epsilon-Mu, The University of Tulsa)
D. Malcom McNair, Jr. Scholarship-Leadership Award (Xi, University of Arkansas)
Craig D. Melvin Scholarship-Leadership Award (Alpha-Nu, Wofford College)
Vann S. Mullis, Sr. Scholarship-Leadership Award (Chi-Omega, University of South Carolina)
Craig R. Poole Scholarship-Leadership Award (Beta-Beta, University of Richmond)
Leroy D. Peer Scholarship-Leadership Award (Theta-Zeta, Eastern New Mexico University)

$25,000 Named Scholarships ($1,000 Awarded Annually)

David M. “Boo” Ferriss Scholarship-Leadership Award (Delta-Chi, Mississippi State University)
Moby G. Goodwin Scholarship-Leadership Award (Theta-Rho, McNeese State University)
Frank W. Harrison, Jr. Scholarship-Leadership Award (Gamma, Louisiana State University)
Dr. James W. “Doc“ Johnson Scholarship-Leadership Award (Kappa, Vanderbilt University)
Nolan D. Pearson Scholarship-Leadership Award (Omicron-Zeta, University of Hawai’i at Mānoa)
Coach Bill SanGiacomo Scholarship-Leadership Award (Theta-Xi, Trine University)
Edward G. Sponzilli Scholarship-Leadership Award (Gamma-Upsilon, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey)
Andrew Stuper Scholarship-Leadership Award (Gamma-Tau, University of Colorado Boulder)
Lynn M. Welker Scholarship-Leadership Award (Theta-Omicron, Muskingum University)
Dr. Nicholas S. Hagen Scholarship-Leadership Award (Rho, Arizona State University)

Record breaking is the understatement of this weekend; we broke a new record with more individual donors participating with more gifts than any previous SAJ Weekend. Our Undergraduate Brothers also set a record with 76% participating in this worthy cause.

In its nine-year history, SAJ Weekend has now raised more than $5 million towards Chapter Scholarship Funds and named scholarships, which will provide hundreds of additional scholarships for our undergraduate Brothers. The impact of these gifts goes beyond undergraduate support because they honor the legacy of Brothers that have had a significant impact on the Fraternity. A great example of this is the following excerpt from a letter received from the mother of Brother Nolan Pearson. Brother Pearson joined the Chapter Celestial in 2019:

“A couple weeks ago I received a message from a friend of Nolan Pearson ‘s. I truly love hearing from Nolan’s friends. Well, this message turned into…a huge blessing outcome…not for us…but for someone…hopefully many.

“Nolan attended the University of Hawaii @ Manoa and was a member of Kappa Sigma Fraternity. This weekend… it’s an honor to share with you that they are fundraising to establish a scholarship in Nolan’s name. 

“This is March…Nolan’s birthday month. We’ve tried to think of things nice to do for others in his name these last 4 years…perhaps THIS is that nice thing! We know he would think this wonderful. And the fact that it will forever benefit students is a win-win in so many ways.”

Kappa Sigma has one of the fastest growing Endowment Funds in the fraternal world, and this weekend we showed everyone that the Kappa Sigma Fraternity is truly A Brotherhood Like No Other! We made history this weekend, but the real reward will come this Fall as we award these new named scholarships, and Scholarship-Leadership Awards! 

If you missed out on donating this weekend, there is still time to make a tax-deductible donation in support of our undergraduates. Please visit the Kappa Sigma Endowment Fund website to learn more.

Thank You to everyone who has donated this weekend!

The Supreme Executive Committee and Endowment Fund Trustees