We are excited to share that you’ve made history. We have once again set the record for most pledges in an academic year!
More men choose Kappa Sigma than any other fraternity. Some believe that this just happens on its own, but the reality is that steadfast commitment from each of you has brought Kappa Sigma to where we are today. Thank you for everything you do for your fraternity.
As we surpass 320 campuses it is important that undergraduates and alumni alike continue to work to make Kappa Sigma’s good name the choice for men striving to be something bigger than themselves. We have only begun to scratch the surface of what we are capable of as an organization.
We must continue to raise The Fraternity Standard.
As we wrap up this school year strong and move into the next, we must stay vigilant if we want to continue our dominance. I know all of our Chapters will continue to challenge ourselves to do better, do more…as we are Kappa Sigmas, the best fraternity in the world!

We have higher mountains to climb and with your help, we will reach the summit.