On November 18th at our 3rd annual Champions’ Weekend, our WGM Toby Taylor presented Veterans Moving Forward’s Executive Director, J.P. Stevens with a ceremonial $50,000 check, in honor of the donation made in August of 2017 on behalf of our Military Heroes Campaign.
Veterans Moving Forward is an organization that trains canine therapy and assistance dogs and then provides them at no cost to veterans with physical and mental health challenges. Veterans Moving Forward (VMF) makes a meaningful difference in the lives of disabled veterans throughout the Nation. Harnessing the collaborative efforts of dedicated volunteers, donors, and strategic partners, VMF’s highly trained assistance dogs are instrumental in helping disabled veterans achieve increased safety and independence and function more effectively within their homes and communities.

Since 2014 the Military Heroes Campaign has donated $182,000 towards the efforts of VMF, and as a token of appreciation Kappa Sigma was given a shadow box featuring the vest and picture of our newest Military Heroes sponsored service dog, Mickey sporting a Kappa Sigma patch.
The Kappa Sigma Military Heroes Campaign is committed to supporting ongoing care for our military veterans and their families. We aggressively pursue opportunities to assist our nation’s veterans with financial and organizational support to help them overcome the battles they fight every day.
The Military Heroes Campaign is rooted in the idea that every veteran deserves a stable life and an active community of supporters. We do this through the generous donations of thousands of donors just like you and work with trustworthy organizations to ensure that donations go directly to those veterans who need it most.