Brother Lionel L. de la Houssaye, Jr. (Theta-Rho, McNeese State University, ‘83) serves as the Brothers In Action Commissioner overseeing Kappa Sigma’s membership development programs. Brother de la Houssaye joined us to answer a few questions about his involvement in Kappa Sigma and more.

What is your professional title and employer outside of the Order?

“Lionel L. de la Houssaye Jr., D.V.M. at de la Houssaye Animal Hospital and Bayou Country Animal Emergency.”

What is your favorite Kappa Sigma event you attended?  

“My favorite event was the Grand Conclave in Charlottesville, VA. for our 150th Anniversary.”

Why do you volunteer for Kappa Sigma? 

“Besides my birth, marriage, children and family, Kappa Sigma is the best thing to ever happen to me. My father helped to initiate me, and I helped to initiate my son! The friendship and brotherhood I have developed over the years is priceless. I know that those before me who volunteered their time and treasure have made that possible. It is only fitting, and my pleasure, to do the same for those who follow after me! There is no better feeling than to ‘pay it forward’!”

What’s the best advice for Kappa Sigma Chapters that you can give? 

“Brothers, take care of your chapter business and each other promptly! Do not rely on the other guy or group. People are watching, show them why you are the best! When all participate, the workload is small and the enjoyment of the finished product is great! And last but not least… as I tell my district Chapters—‘procrastination is not your friend’!”

Thank you, Brother de la Houssaye. Pledges, undergraduate brothers, and alumni are excited to see how you will develop our Brotherhood Like No Other! AEKΔB!