Brother Isaac E. Lipscomb, (Omicron-Zeta, University of Hawaii at Manoa, ‘10) serves the Order as the Colony Development Commissioner and is responsible for shepherding interest groups across North America into Kappa Sigma’s newest chapters. is stepping up to the plate to ensure even our Colonies are like no other. Brother Libscomb joined us to answer a few questions about his experiences within Kappa Sigma and beyond: for some quick questions in today’s post.

What is your professional title and employer outside of the Order?

“1. National Account Manager for Blue Sky, and 2. I’m the owner/CEO of IEL Properties.”

What is your favorite Kappa Sigma event you attended?  

“My favorite event was the Grand Conclave in 2019, our 150th Anniversary.”

Why do you volunteer for Kappa Sigma? 

“I’ve always had the desire to give back to the organization that gave me so much in college. I also find joy in mentoring young men in my community while serving as a DGM & now Commissioner. My hope is that I help prepare undergraduates for life after college and give them tools they can use for years to come.”

What’s the best advice for Kappa Sigma Chapters that you can give? 

“Practice ‘Servant Leadership.’ Even if you don’t have an official Chair or EC position, always go above and beyond for your Brothers. If everyone in the Chapter focuses on doing whatever they can to make the Chapter succeed, then you’ll be unstoppable.”

Thank you, Brother Lipscomb, Brothers everywhere are excited to join you in aiding our colonies. You’ll do great things this upcoming biennium! AEKΔB!