Brother Brandon Y. Leung (Gamma-Upsilon, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, ‘11) serves as the Communications Commissioner for the 2021 – 2023 biennium. In this role, Brother Leung is responsible for Kappa Sigma’s branding, social media, internal and external communications, the Kappa Sigma website, The Caduceus, and more. He also serves as the District Grand Master for New Jersey.  He joined us for a brief interview:

What is your professional title and employer outside of the Order?

“Planning Consultant at Fidelity Investments.”

What is your favorite Kappa Sigma event you attended?  

“Grand Conclave 2013 was my first conclave, and I remember being in awe of the strength of our brotherhood, but the best part of the Conclave was seeing Mic Wilson get inducted into the Kappa Sigma Hall of Honor. The 150th Celebration in Charlottesville is a very close second.”

Why do you volunteer for Kappa Sigma? 

“I had some amazing mentors as an undergrad that have helped me succeed in all aspects of my life, and I want to pay it forward and give back to the undergrads today.”

What’s the best advice for Kappa Sigma Chapters that you can give? 

“The power of many is significantly greater than the power of one. Share Kappa Sigma brotherhood with as many men as possible through Champion Quest. Want to help more people and have a more significant impact through A Greater Cause? Get more guys. Want to have a larger budget for your social events? Get more guys. Want to create a larger network for professional advancement? Get more guys. Champion Quest is the lifeblood of Kappa Sigma and feeds more than just our headcount. Prioritize Champion Quest and you’ll have a phenomenal experience.”

Thank you for your dedication to our communications and for your service to Kappa Sigma, Brother Leung! AEKΔB!