The secret work of Kappa Sigma is cared for by Kappa Sigma’s Ritualist, a Brother who is dedicated to preserving our history through our ritual. Brother Sawyer I. Coleman (Rho-Omega, Stevens Institute of Technology, ‘14) serves as the Ritualist and is Master of the Ritual #707. He sat down with us to discuss his experience in Kappa Sigma.

What is your professional title and employer outside of the Order?

“Looker Data Analyst at Known.”

What is your favorite Kappa Sigma event you attended?

“2017 Champions Weekend in Charlottesville, VA.This was my first time visiting Headquarters, 46 East Lawn, and seeing all of the history and work put into such an amazing home for our great Order. It was a great experience to meet other top leaders in Kappa Sigma and form strong new friendships.”

Why do you volunteer for Kappa Sigma?

“To help undergraduates have the best experience possible and challenge themselves on an individual, chapter, and general fraternity level. Other Brothers inspired me during my undergraduate years (still do as an alumnus) and I hope to motivate others to become their best selves. Also, helping the general fraternity in matters of Ritual excellence and improving its value and modernization is something I am passionate about.”

What’s the best advice for Kappa Sigma Chapters that you can give?: 

“Put in the work and the rest will fall into place naturally. It is true that whatever you put into Kappa Sigma, you get back far more and the whole purpose of our Fraternity is to create a strong brotherhood and utilize that in other areas such as personal development, community outreach, philanthropy, etc. As many of us have heard and said before, ‘work hard, play hard.’ Having something to celebrate feels so much better than just floating by; this will translate everywhere in life outside of just your Kappa Sigma career.”

Thank you, Brother Coleman! We appreciate your time and service to Kappa Sigma! AEKΔB!