Jacob J. Wilson (Kappa-Mu, Tennessee Technological University, ’06) – Central Tennessee District

Professional Title and Employer:

CEO of Morrison Industries.

First Grand Conclave I attended:

70th Grand Conclave in Las Vegas.

Why I volunteer for Kappa Sigma:

My experience in Kappa Sigma helped me mature and build lifelong friendships. My life is undeniably better because I am a Kappa Sigma. I want to pay it forward and help create that positive experience for as many young men as possible in my district. I want Central Tennessee to be one of the great districts of Kappa Sigma with a large number of brothers that care about the good of the order.

Best Advice for Kappa Sigma Chapters:

A large part of growing up is realizing the effect of consistent effort towards a goal. That perseverance is what separates the good from the great. As a chapter, focus on the effort based achievements first, and everything else will come together.