Maurice M. Comer, Jr. (Sigma-Mu, Colorado Mesa University, ’14) – Rocky Mountain DistrictBusiness Systems Specialist, WellBiz Brands Inc.I attended: 2017- Las Vegas, NVI volunteer for Kappa Sigma because it changed my life. I would not be the leader I am, in my career or personal life, if it weren’t for the opportunities I had in Kappa Sigma. I want to continue to share that, and help others grow.My best advice is to make sure everyone is involved. EC officers need to be leaders, but you don’t need to be an EC officer to make a difference in your chapter. Also, follow the structure that has been put into place for you. There is no need to search for “the secret recipe” when this has been developed, and proven time and time again. Last, utilize your resources. Communicate often with alumni volunteers, area recruitment managers, and local alumni.