Jake Brown (Upsilon-Zeta, Middle Georgia State University, ’21)

Jake Brown sat down with HQ and answered a few questions as part of an introductory interview for his new role with the Undergraduate Advisory Committee (UAC). Learn more about Brother Brown below!

What is your hometown?

Cumming, GA

What are you studying in school?

Aviation Science & Management 

What leadership positions within your Chapter have you held?

A Greater Cause Chairman, Grand Master of Ceremonies, and the Current Grand Master

What other organizations are you involved in on campus?

Off campus, I serve in the United States Marine Corps Reserve as an infantryman. Going on 3.5 years in the service.

What’s the best advice for Kappa Sigma Chapters that you can give? 

Kappa Sigma Fraternity is truly the best fraternity in the world and I fully believe that you get what you give. If you throw yourself in fully, you reap the benefits tenfold. I highly encourage you to volunteer to serve your Chapter and your community with your time and energy and then you will see what Kappa Sigma truly has to offer.

What is the Undergraduate Advisory Committee (UAC)?

The UAC serves a critical role within the Order by ensuring undergraduate viewpoints are presented to the Supreme Executive Committee (SEC). Through the UAC, undergraduate Brother’s voices are heard directly. Each member of the UAC serves a one year term, and is elected by active Brothers in one of five geographical areas at either the biannual Leadership Conference or Grand Conclave.