Kappa Sigma Fraternity is excited about this new partnership with Greek Capital Management and the services it brings to all undeJuly usually brings Kappa Sigmas together at a Grand Conclave or Leadership Conference. This year is a little different, and we must be extra diligent to ensure that we engage with one-another, as an in-person gathering on a scale worthy of Kappa Sigma isn’t feasible with the COVID-19 pandemic. Brotherhood can’t be quarantined and this July brings new and exciting opportunities for all Kappa Sigmas.

The Alumni Development Commission is pleased to announce that 10 training modules are now live on KappaSig.net. Completing this training will take under a half-hour and will ensure that every new and existing volunteer will have a common grounding in the modern Kappa Sigma. These modules cover topics ranging from the general roles and responsibilities of each volunteer (DGM, ADGM, AA, and AAA), the Fraternity’s biennium goals, resources available on KappaSig.net (including walkthroughs), and more.

The new academic year is right around the corner and the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the landscape on our campuses. It is especially critical that each of us steps up to support our undergraduate brothers in their transition to what we hope is a temporary “new normal.” Let us not rest contentedly as there is work to be done and the training modules are a key resource. Completing your training will elevate your Kappa Sigma volunteer experience as well as the support and guidance you provide to our undergraduates.