One of the best parts of our Leadership Conferences and Grand Conclaves is our Awards Program! Kappa Sigma loves nothing more than to recognize the chapters and brothers who exemplify and exceed the high ideals of our order! Some awards require no application. Others require a simple letter of recommendation and, in some cases, some supporting documentation like pictures or videos. The deadline for these written applications is May 15th.

Click HERE to view the Awards Applications

Here are some best practices to make the most of Kappa Sigma Awards season:

  • Chapter Executive Committees should review the list this week and determine for which awards they qualify.
  • Chapters should apply for all awards for which they qualify!
  • Chapters should also consider recognizing and honoring their outstanding alumni volunteers with applications for alumni awards as well!
  • Grand Scribes and Awards Chairmen are the natural officers to write these award applications.
  • DGMs and AAs should work with their volunteer teams to determine for which awards they will submit applications in addition to the undergraduate applications.
  • Start writing now so you have plenty of time to get multiple applications prepared.
  • Have all your applications and supporting documentation complete and gathered before preparing to submit in KappaSig.net.
  • Add documents when prompted (ADD ALL DOCUMENTS BEFORE SAVING/SUBMITTING).
  • ONLY SAVE/SUBMIT once all your applications are uploaded.

Chapter awards that can be applied for include:

  • Outstanding Communications Program Award
  • Chapter Intramural Achievement Award
  • Outstanding Single Community Service Award
  • Outstanding Single Military Heroes Campaign Event
  • Most Improved Chapter Award (DGM Letter of Recommendation Required)

Individual undergraduate brother awards that can be applied for include:

  • Undergraduate Brother of the Year
  • Outstanding Grand Master Award
  • Outstanding Grand Procurator Award
  • Outstanding Grand Master of Ceremonies Award
  • Outstanding Grand Scribe Award
  • Outstanding Grand Treasurer Award

Alumni volunteer awards for which recommendations and nominations can be submitted include:

  • District Grand Master of the Year Award
  • Outstanding District Grand Master Award
  • Assistant District Grand Master of the Year Award
  • Outstanding Assistant District Grand Master Award
  • Alumnus Advisor of the Year Award
  • Outstanding Alumnus Advisor Award
  • Assistant Alumnus Advisor of the Year Award
  • Outstanding Assistant Alumnus Advisor Award,Commission Member of the Year Award.

Details on each of these awards can be found in the Awards Manual on KappaSig.net. If you have any awards questions, contact Awards Commissioner Daniel Murdzia at [email protected].