Kappa Sigma Fraternity maintains certain personal information on its members so we can stay in touch and notify you of news and events related to our organization.  Kappa Sigma Fraternity values that personal information and keeps any sensitive information retained private. From time to time, Kappa Sigma Fraternity will enter into partnerships for products or services that are of interest to our members.  These partnerships may require the transfer of only the contact information of our members.  All agreements governing these transfers of information to our partners require the deletion of member information upon expiration unless that member engages in a product or service offered by the partner.  Any member may opt-out of participation in these partnerships and elect to not share his information.  Kappa Sigma Fraternity does not sell member information.  If you desire to opt-out of participation in the partnership programs or otherwise request any deletion or restriction on the use of personal information, please send a direct request to [email protected].  We do not accept requests from third parties as they are difficult to verify.  All such requests must come from the member directly.