(DALLAS)—During its Tenth Annual Benefit and Gala, SEAL Legacy Foundation recognized Kappa Sigma Fraternity for surpassing $500,000 in lifetime donations to the charity. Kappa Sigma recently donated $100,000 in June as part of its Military Heroes Campaign.

“What’s special about the Kappa Sigmas is just this: they give me hope for a brighter future,” said retired Navy SEAL Commander Mark N. McGinnis, Founder and Managing Director of the SEAL Legacy Foundation, during his gala remarks. “These young men have the Military Heroes Campaign, where each chapter is charged with raising funds and committing so many service hours towards military-centric foundations. We’ve partnered with the Kappa Sigma Fraternity for the last five years, and young men, just like you see in the back corner right now, in just five years, have donated over half a million dollars to the SEAL Legacy Foundation.”

Founded in 2011, SEAL Legacy Foundation is dedicated to providing support to families of wounded and fallen United States Navy SEALs. This active group offers support through educational assistance for SEALS and their families and other charitable causes benefitting the SEAL Community. SEAL Legacy Foundation is based in Austin, Texas. More information on SEAL Legacy Foundation is available at www.seallegacy.org.

Including direct donations from Kappa Sigma undergraduate chapters, the Kappa Sigma Military Heroes Campaign raised $320,347 for veterans charities in the United States and Canada during the 2019-2020 academic year.

The Kappa Sigma Military Heroes Campaign was launched in 2007. It’s mission then and now remains to give back to those who serve our country. The Military Heroes Campaign is primarily funded by Kappa Sigma undergraduate chapters and their alumni through their philanthropic fundraising efforts. The funds are aggregated through the national campaign so that significant donations can be made to charities verified to be 100% veteran-focused. As a result, 100% of funds generated by the Military Heroes Campaign go to support veterans.

Anyone who wishes to donate to the Kappa Sigma Military Heroes Campaign can make donations online at www.MilitaryHeroesCampaign.org.

Video of Commander McGinnis’ gala remarks is available HERE.